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  1. Yo! 'memba me? 😄

    Gotta question-Is last module on Italian campaign worth it?

    Really miss modding this game-but don't like the troop issues on Updrade 4.0. Don't post much..but lurk alot. Play alot of Gravietem

  2. Hey Marc, could you please post a screenshot of your current UI? I'm using 2015 Juju’s CMRT UI and it seems to work all right in 4.0 :
  3. Thank you user1000, here's what I did found back then (like 4 weeks ago, man time flies!) https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=47141&sid=570c9b6f023b5ecf7d79552f8fb73190 The Organization and Order of Battle of Militaries in World War II: Volume ... - Charles D. Pettibone - Google Livres http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/italianarmy/Order of Battle/slides/Italian Army OB 065.html Not much on their envisioned operation or op plan though. I haven't really checked if there's a scenario that puts them on the stand.
  4. While getting to know Audacity for a work project, I came up with a little mod that changes the tunes played in various menu screens. Download (05 March 2019): https://drive.google.com/open?id=13pFdXHEKg_zBvVjd_Pmc8Mmvb26QtBkP All three music files have been downloaded from Youtube using SaveClipBro online converter then Audacity for the actual conversion to CMx2's required format (PCM 16 bits, 44100 Khz, Stereo for music files, mono for any other sound effect). It would work with the whole CMx2 series. - Main menu music (music intro file) from the "War Sound Effects" video
  5. Thanks a lot your Highness @The_MonkeyKing 👍
  6. Looks good Hastati, thanks for sharing it. I feel it works great in conjunction with Kinophile's modern UI. Could you show us the rest of your UI?
  7. - Issue: Referring to the Canadian Army's "Sniping" publication (B-GL-392-005/FP-001, dated from 2006-01-18), Canadian Sniper Teams (C3A, C14, and C15) may have an amount of ammunition that could be optimized. - Situation : From the aforementioned publication : 22. The detachment consists of two sniper teams, each equipped with a Medium Range Sniper Weapon (MRSW)(...)[or] with a Long Range Sniper Weapon (LRSW) for materiel targets or with a Short Range Sniper Weapon (SRSW) (...) 24. The basic ammunition load for a dismounted sniper detachment should be as follows:
  8. Have that mod been preserved to this day? @Ryujin, would you still have it?
  9. @Mousie, get the CMSF (1) Manuals, there are tactical considerations included. While there is no TOE in the manuals, effective ranges are mentioned. Edit: tailored for CMBS but still worthwhile in CMSF2
  10. Quite the opposite @Frenchy56, thanks to Bootie and Erwin, some long lost mods have already been recovered and made available there.
  11. Thanks to @Bootie it found a new home on CMMODS IV the Warehouse: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-vehicles/aris-marder-iii-m/ Thank you again @Doodlebug for keeping it all that time with its Readme and Decals. @Fuser you may last as long as the Internet
  12. From what I can deduce from the editor, the reinforcements are set to arrive in due time. Note that there are two versions of that mission, and it the first... [spoiler follows, highlight to read], the reinforcement arrives with a 5 min span for the two first and half an hour for the last.
  13. I couldn't replicate the issue you had in the campaign Howler. I cannot get the sniper team to have a missile. As you have observed, it seems that all U.S. Army's or Marine Corps' Sniper team have ammunition that doesn't fit with their weapon :
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