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  1. Fine - sit there and imagine Steve rubbing his hands thinking 'let's bid for a military contract just so we can delay the module for a couple more months.' I agree that a comment was made that said that COVID had allowed BFC greater focus on development but those of us that create content and kick the tyres around things have had other concerns as outlined. Stuff happens and RL is complex - this has been a difficult year for most if not all of us. My wider perspective is that I'm lucky to be alive and therefore banging on about whether a game module is going to release in the next f
  2. Happy to talk about that if you want ... I haven't seen my mother for over a year now because of the pandemic and probably won't see her until next year because of it - in fact I fear that I may never see her before she passes away. I got stuck for three and a half months in Afghanistan because of the pandemic, I got quarantined for two weeks when I finally got home because of the pandemic. Three of my colleagues have died because of the pandemic and eleven have caught COVID-19. Obviously as you should know quite well from your wife - the whole time I was in Afghanistan I was wonderin
  3. Sure - but we could all take our tinfoil hats off about Steam, military contracts et al. The latter reminds me of those discussions when Shock Force came out ... remember those ... "It is a click fest", "Battlefront is chasing military contracts" Then remember that they all ended up in the Gamesquad Forum talking to each other and see how that went. Remember that the introduction of real time play was described as all sorts of doom and gloom while conveniently forgetting that WEGO was still an option and still is ... The brown smelly stuff bust bottom line is that this module is being
  4. Not in Afghanistan in the early days - ICOM radios were the comms means of choice and they were still heavily used after the mobile phone network spread across the country in about 2007. ICOM is still common today. As to knocking off Telecom towers, the low tech Taliban method is to find the representative of the phone company and tell them they'll get a bullet through their head if they don't turn it off when directed to do so. It is a very frequent occurrence and played quite a large part in disrupting the Presidential election in September last year.
  5. Not denying the existence of a possible bug - but the 51mm mortar is not called in - you issue it a target command.
  6. Graveyards up until tonight have been giving me a hissy fit - in particular, lining up the graves. I think I've found a solution ... Step 1 Make your graveyard boundary and select your grave flavour objects. My cemetery is a German military one so we need gravestone 4. Pick as many as you need and them plonk them on the map in the area of your cemetery. Step 2 Make a grid in your cemetery using the cross shape fence tile. Top tip - use a wire fence or one that you can see through rather than a wall or hedge. I have used a wire fence. Step 3 Go into 3D v
  7. Your lack of precision sent my irony meter off the scale. Have a like.
  8. 79% is for losers - mine CTDs at 25% - that's a hardcore scenario 😉
  9. As far as I know - the surrender trigger is overwhelmingly driven by the number of AI forces on the map and when the figure reduces to about 40% of the original force, the surrender is triggered. That is why designers use the 'reinforcements that never arrive' trick. Unfortunately, a lot of the early shipped and user generated content was made in the early days when designers were still getting to grips with the engine, hence a lot of early surrenders and player frustration. The issue with changing that figure, say to 30% of the original force is that all of the shipped content would ne
  10. It plays to a soundtrack of 8 inch naval guns 😉
  11. My Assault on Port Cros scenario is part of Dragoon so at least two scenarios out there.
  12. The chorus of this may be appropriate for your CMBN song thread then ... https://history.wiltshire.gov.uk/community/getfolk.php?id=942 Oh and I know - zero or minus points.
  13. If the mission statement or tasks require a threshold then anything above that is a fail as it is inherent to the mission or is a specified task. Otherwise my benchmark is to maintain above 75% CE which by many professional standards is one at which your unit does not need to be pulled from the line to rest/refit. Trying to achieve zero casualties or ridiculously low levels of casualties is unrealistic and unprofessional. I recall reading something in one of the Australian Army's professional journals which made the observation that practically every junior officer prior to a deployment
  14. Well that will probably depend on the specs of the scenario designer who created it. Bear in mind also that you may be loading content that was created 5-10 years ago by people owning systems that were at baseline system specs. Again - don't stress it unless the thing does a CTD. Go make a brew/crack open a beer/make your war face or whatever it is you do before playing a scenario while it is loading.
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