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  1. Yeah that's right - if your mortar has got a 1,500m range then that's as far as it can be fired from the friendly edge of the map.
  2. Or you could remember stuff, stop assuming and read the briefings maybe?
  3. The honking great tunnel on the sausage side of the river will put the dampeners to that aspiration.
  4. You obviously haven't played any of my stuff then. I always add a ballpark of about 1/3 of the on-map force whenever I'm designing anything that I want to go to the wire. Most of my stuff is company and above so there'll be about a platoon of them every time.
  5. Red Army mission briefing .... Lie down comrades and hide your badges ... 😉
  6. QB objectives are 'occupy' you get the points for having troops anywhere in the objective so long as there are no enemy units in the objective.
  7. Bang on - usually lose the will to live within five minutes of watching a CM video with the narrator spending ages going through the briefing and then watching them plot all the flipping moves and lots of 'didn't mean to do that'. This guy nailed it, enough of the briefing to read you in - good initial overview and then a nice mix of beautifully shot vignettes interspersed with overheads to help you track it. All backed up with a narrative that explained what was going on ... left, center, right. Although everyone has their personal tastes - if I made a CM video, I would want it to be
  8. Exactly mate - start with a clear idea of what you want to do and stick to it - mission creep always ends in tears.
  9. Bit like this chap then ... https://www.paradata.org.uk/article/major-chris-keebles-account-goose-green Great idea btw
  10. @Sgt.Squarehead - as I've said before I think, stop noodling around with your stuff. There comes a point where chasing the 1% is counter-productive. Tidy them all up, write the briefings and square the maps away and kick them out of the door. One released and 'good enough for release' product is better than 200 sat on your hard drive. Taking Ap Bac or more correctly, 'A Miserable Damn Performance' as an example - it's done ... is it absolutely perfect - probably not, I don't know yet because it will bundle with the next H&E build so people haven't had a chance to play it and give t
  11. I thought you preferred the scuffed up, weathered look ...
  12. I don't play them much but then I spend most of my time in the editor knocking out content. It is also a long time since I played any of the CM1 titles. Some QB maps are better than others I guess is the best way to put it. Some people love them and some people hate them, a lot of the earlier QBs were a bit rough around the edges and a lot of people were put off by the enemy autopicks which quite often would just buy a shedload of anti-tank guns or some other crazy force selection. Most of the dumb autopicks have been eradicated over various patches but there are still some anomalies.
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