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  1. It says on the store page it is downloadable only.
  2. @Canuck21 - the above is bang on the money. Scenario creation is a journey - I've done heaps and am also on the Beta team. I am still learning stuff thanks to the feedback and help that is available from other designers. Keep shouting if you need help.
  3. And just in case you need to ask, a Wombat Shell is something that got carried around by soldiers, while being shouted at by an idiot of a Regimental Policeman, who had upset their superiors.
  4. Hopefully this will settle down the 'when I was gun club' debate. The following is from the British Army's Staff Officers Handbook 1975 so around the era that this title is set: ... Serial 1, column (g) refers ...
  5. Give it up mate - its been two years @MikeyD hasn't released it or updated this thread for heaven knows how long. I know he is super busy with official game content which may be a factor or he may have just decided not to finish it - who knows - tag him like I did.
  6. Guess who made their Imber Village map and scenario (image of the map in the fourth tweet from the top).
  7. From memory you stick another trench down - in a nearby action spot in the direction you want your trench to face. Your first trench will snap in that direction. It is as fiddly as hell and I wish there was an easier way to do it but I haven't seen one yet.
  8. You find your balance through Victory Point (VP) allocations relative to your mission narrative. There's no reason why 10 purchase points of UNCON can't beat 100 points of a US Stryker platoon (numbers are fictional). Get the narrative right, purchase what you think seem to be appropriate units, square away the VPs and test the thing. If one side wins every single time, it probably isn't balanced.
  9. Bloke I took over from in HQ 2 Infantry Division in 1988 went to 70 Intelligence Section to become the artist for Threat Magazine and associated publications like the one above using that 'brand.' I have been trying to find images online of the cartoon character Olga who was a scantily clad peace loving young lady from the USSR who featured in said magazine. I haven't come up trumps yet but have seen some very interesting search results ...
  10. All very well but had the Cold War gone hot you would have seen a battlespace with a sh1t tin of armoured vehicles. Any infantry unit that didn't have a decent anti-armour capability would have been toast. As NATO would have been defending, your average infantryman wouldn't have had to move very far, and if they did, they'd get in their APC/AIFV.
  11. No you can't make 8 reinforcement slots. You have two choices - either don't kill as many enemy as you have been or you are going to have to add some troops to the existing slots.
  12. You could just read this first ... Pre-orders for Combat Mission Cold War are now open. - Page 14 - Combat Mission Cold War - Battlefront.com Community
  13. At the risk of stating the obvious - have you read the manual?
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