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  1. As I've already said - I am no expert on QBs but it is probably worth taking a step back from leaping into the 'something must have been forgotten theories.' I've also chatted with Mark Ezra about converting maps and the process from the perspective of 'here's the map mate ... over to you.' The first question was always - 'what is your concept and what do the plans look like?' From there he knocked up the objectives and plans. Think about it from the player and not designer perspective ... as a player ... 'I want to play a QB' You choose the side, the map, the type of battle and t
  2. I suspect that you won't get a response - he's not been around for a while. Otherwise, I've only vaguely tinkered with QBs. The way I find stuff out about the editor is to go in and look at things. Crack open any of the QB maps that bundled with titles that came out after triggers were brought in. If any of the plans have triggers then it is clearly possible. If not I would suggest that it isn't possible. Alternately create a simple test QB and see if you can get triggers to work.
  3. No - but people wanted Red air and because Syria possessed an air force but the British did not possess Stingers, Syrian air got added. The latter is great for the sandboxers who want to create even more fictional Red vs Red 'somewhere in Africa etc' conflicts elsewhere.
  4. One day to play with it ... have you started Bidenton yet?
  5. Another failed joke ... maybe my wife is right as she keeps telling me I'm not funny.
  6. The standard MANPAD in the Falklands was Blowpipe. The SAS had a few Stingers. The Blowpipe replacement was called Javelin LML which in turn was replaced by the Starstreak LML which is what would have been issued during the notional 2008 Syria War. And no they can't just add Stingers, they were taken out because they're not part of the real world British TO&E for that era.
  7. Set the guns to have less ammunition then. If you need arty for stuff going on later add extra batteries as reinforcements.
  8. It is 2IC (Second-in-Command) not 21 C which would be an entirely different C/S.
  9. Building a training range shouldn't take you long so long as you're not looking for anything too fancy.
  10. Marginally incorrect ... 21 & 23 SAS (Reserve) | The British Army (mod.uk)
  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences and taking the time to make comparison shots - take a well-earned like mate.
  12. If we're using the doctrinal term for raid: "An operation to temporarily seize an area to secure information, confuse an enemy, capture personnel or equipment, or to destroy a capability culminating with a planned withdrawal," then I'm not sure Eben Emael counts.
  13. For CMSF-1 but the principles hold true ... MAKING OP NEPTUNE SPEAR – A SCENARIO DESIGN TUTORIAL (CONTAINS SPOILERS) - CMSF Scenario and Mod Design Forum - Battlefront.com Community Knock yourself out mate - heaps of pictures ...
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