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  1. It takes me about a 1.0-1.5 minutes to load a "big" CMCW game like a Czechmate. Save is somewhat faster - 1.33-1.5 times faster, yet even for them 40-60secs is kind of unbearable. ARMA3 takes 15-20 secs to load a real 3D game with all its glitz. It seems current CM engine has waaaaay overstayed its welcome.
  2. Seems like everyone has to play CMBS before playing CMCW Specifically RUS vs US or at least UKR vs RUS. SPOILERS!!! PS CMCW is pure gold! Kudos to the team - arguably the best release ever!
  3. If they down one you'll see a tool tip over the lucky team
  4. I'd rather care more about MW relays.THAT would foot quite a bill if one factors is the inevitable consequences
  5. If one can do this one can get at least a coarse track on an F-35/F-22. Not so many nations have this capability
  6. That's why smileys were invented Apologies on my side for this misunderstanding. Let's leave it as lost in translation
  7. You don't know anything about me so don't patronize. Next time write in the post you're just venting your anger and not really seeking an advice. So we may duly disregard your creative thought.
  8. Delete the save file in File Explorer first. Then you'll be able to have a proper save under the same name. FYI @Kevin2k
  9. Try deleting your save file first via Explorer and then saving under the same name via the game. FYI: @Monty's Mighty Moustache, @umlaut, @RigTom
  10. Since you mentioned it CMCW screenshots that I've seen represent a Soviet Army field uniform. But in reality GSVG frontline troops were to fight in camo (Berezka at that time). Refer to Zapad exercises photos. For tanks/BMPs and other frontline equipment there were military district specific colors - e.g. GSGV and TurkVO used different ones. Comparing your and @BFCElvis screenshots - yours look perfect but for TurkVO (unlike GSVG) and @BFCElvis 's are kind of way off the mark. GSVG used a deeper green anyway unlike TurkVO. But most of all helmets are unnatural. They were colored at the production plant - so the same color for everyone and it was deeper green. If you want I can provide you the samples of old Soviet colors of 80s.
  11. I see now. The tank was looking (and was seen) through the tree trunks so with my preference for CMBS I didn't get the point. I'd say if someone has ever seen forests with little undergrowth (say mostly birch or many of pine forests) it would be an example of how CM is good rather than bad at representing concealment. In most (or rather all ) games we just get a generic forest with no differentiation between LOS through trunks or tree crowns. And in CMBS it does matter. PS Am I using "tree crown" correctly?
  12. Without a properly color metered display one can hardly guess.
  13. ? In my experience LOS in CMBS is pretty predictable. Just one needs to think not in terms of WYSIWYG but in terms of those ellipsoids-for-tree-crowns and tree trunks (that are not much of a concealment yet block the shells pretty well). IMO CMBS uses the best possible proxy for discovery - everything else would have increased the load hundreds of times for negligible improvement in gameplay. My guess is we have this discussion in CMBS thread because discovery in CMBS is maxed out so the difference between LOS and LOF is minimal. In my experience it's rather the opposite for CMBS - in many cases pixeltruppen tend to open fire having a clear LOS but no clear LOF. But guess there should be some logic in LOS-LOF buried deep down in the code. Yet TacAI way of thinking seems clear and predictable IMO.
  14. That's true. That's not true. Now speaking about CMBS. Trees have some sort of ellipses (that's my best guess as to approximating function ) to represent the tree crown. I don't have exact numbers from testing but in my experience they're different for different kinds of in-game trees. They're matched to visuals as best as humanly (CPU?) possible. Since it's a best match to the actual trees so tree crowns do not start from the bottom of the trunk. In many cases you can see through the tree crowns yet your pixeltruppen won't. Knowing when they won't one can use it to his/her advantage by moving behind those ellipses where you H2H opponent may see you yet have no way to shoot at you I'd say CMBS LOS is the best in class!
  15. Interesting. Does the smoke from the burning vehicles obscure both IR and "normal" vision or just the latter?
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