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  1. @Erwin, you can try my PvE standard battle arrangements: Zero casualties (not all maps can be played to this). No Javs No UAVs No use of air or off-map artillery support One use of reinforcements or in the worst case only when there' s no way not to use as per point 1. The problem is I feel this produces mighty efficient but nonetheless no very useful gamestyle to what one can see in PvP games.
  2. Did you play D 120mm is WAY LESS accurate than 155mm. Depending on the prerequisites I either fire 2 or 3 shots. 2 shots make it a 60-65% probability to immobilize and 3 - to 80-90%.
  3. You don't speak Russian, do you? You did an image search on the picture, right?
  4. So you say the difference in length is due to the fact they added one meter to the chamber but it's covered by armor so we cannot see it? One whole meter of length to the volume of the gun chamber? Are you kidding? It'll blow up the whole tank not just the gun.
  5. https://dfnc.ru/orugie/152-mm-pushka-dlya-t-14-aktualnost-i-perspektivy/ etc. Everywhere I look it's stated as 7000mm. Only the reposts of your table state it at 6150mm. But it seems I have the idea why it's so - and you are probably way "more right" than me My current impression from going through the "weird" GRAU article numbers there was an "old" 2A82 that was designed for rearming T-90 and there is the "new" Armata gun - 2A82-1M. Initial 2A82 is at 52 calibers and Armata's -1M is at 56 calibers. So they put an "old" 2A82 into Armata instead of the one designed for it - 2A82-1M a
  6. That's exactly the point. T-90 on the picture is not a T-90M - it's an older one that has 2A46 as it should by the design. And there's no difference in tube length because Armatas are rolled out with 2A46 as well. Because we have troubles producing 2A82 in quantity. Now you say we should believe some propaganda article in the Russian Army newspaper. Though magically they yet to show a single photo-shoot of an T-90M with 2A82. And they go to great lengths and produce Armatas with the old 2A46 though it should only come with 2A82 by design. Do not you think there should be a strong reason why th
  7. Can you post here some photos of T-90M with a 2A82 gun? Again one meter of excess length of the tube is unmistakable. And if you cannot find these and T-90M on all parade pictures in all official propaganda brandishes only the old 2A46 may be there's a very compelling reason why it is so?
  8. Sorry, I don't want to spend time answering questions of FSB investigators. If you post it here yourself - I'll discuss it happily. But I won't do it myself. Again it's not arrogance - just simple precautions.
  9. I have provided you with a source that proves that when people responsible for the tank development in Russia make statements those statements should not be taken for their face value.
  10. Without knowing the enemy positions in advance it's kinda difficult IMO. Upper part of the bigger town has good overwatch positions just like the woods between the bigger and smaller towns on your right. You'll need to really put a lot of smoke. Plus the smoke tends to be uneven - your armor rolls out of it still blind yet already being targeted by enemy force. I'm now trying to play to zero casualties so I prefer to be extra cautious. But that's just my personal choice. Battles tend to be very long.
  11. ***SPOILERS*** To be honest it's been a quite while since I played it so I may miss some specifics by now. As far as I remember the only real thorn in the flesh was T-90AM that overwatches the bridges. Both roads to the bridges are too obvious and possible overwatch positions are too enticing so I didn't take them at the start. But that was the first time I met T-90AM and I was too used to Russian tanks having poor situational awareness. So I lost half a squad to T-90's thermals 😭 Sudden onrush of tank reinforcements in the big town was unexpected but since I'm very careful when clearing
  12. You get information about enemy positions. But IMO in "Cry Havoc" you don't really need a Raven. All the bad moves you can potentially make that an UAV can prevent are bad per se - Raven or no Raven. And for the good moves having a Raven does not help much in this scenario.
  13. Simply sending the bird and then turkey shooting with "Precision strikes" would be dull and uninteresting, don't you find? For me the average lifetime for a Raven with Tunguska(s) present is something between 2 and 4 minutes. You can try to harness the maximum from this period by pre-positioning your forces near the suspected SPAAG sites and then listening carefully for Tunguska fire. Normally it takes more than one burst to take down Raven so you can quickly relocate Raven's mission to the suspected site and with some luck get a bean on Tunguska before it kills Raven. But I wouldn't expect Ra
  14. If a scenario designer writes "it's a cakewalk" I always read it as "we will kick your ass as hell" 🤣 Because if it's really that simple they do not write anything I guess if you JUST go through the field or say the long paved road to your right you'll be scorched. I didn't try but from the Bradly position I got on my one and only play of this scenario - it should have pretty good oversight of the field. So here comes the ditch that's deep enough to hide even BTRs. But I personally would rather spend my time on AD Myrne Roadblock. Bradley is really straightforward and with Myrne
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