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  1. I have now advised IL-2 GREAT BATTLES SERIES, they are gradually developing the series. It seems that the next part is rumored to be devoted to battles in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Too bad, the Churchill is my favorite western tank during WWII. Maybe someday we'll go back to the early years on the eastern front.
  3. Sorry for the offtopic, but what is the audience growth after the release of CMSF2 in STEAM. It's too early to talk about CMBS.
  4. How many armored vehicles should be expected under Lend-Lease, will there be a Churchill tank ?
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1502380/Combat_Mission_Black_Sea/
  6. It's interesting, is there any material to read in the public domain ?
  7. BAE Systems has presented an infographic on its light tank being created as part of the Mobile Protected Firepower project. Compared to the old M8 AGS, upgraded BAE MPF turret with widened sides for the installation of the Iron Fist. The power plant, fire control system and vetronics were also upgraded on the machine. BAE MPF is armed with a 105mm M35 cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The crew consists of a commander, gunner and driver. The tank is powered by a new MTU diesel engine with an Allison 3040MX transmission.
  8. I completely agree with what was said, it would be worth working on this. In general, I hope that someday we will see CM during Cold War of the 70s and 80s with a hypothetical collision, without an exchange of nuclear strikes. When thermal imagers had just begun to be installed on armored vehicles.
  9. Actually, RPG-7 is a cool thing, even for a professional army. In fact, you have pocket artillery, the main thing is to replace the grenades with more modern ones. On my own behalf, for RPG-7, there is a very lack of a rangefinder sight for quick aiming, it would be useful.
  10. I will be riding a motorcycle in late spring, all summer and early fall. In winter I will use public transport or car. It's funny, but our winters have become warmer in european zone, the last cold winter in my memory is 2007-2008. During the service, I always took vacation in the winter of december-january and came home. And I was surprised that there was very little snow and warm enough for winter -5 - 0 ° C. Sometimes there is very heavy snowfall for a couple of days. Unfortunately, we also have a lot of aggressive drivers who don't like motorcyclists. I think this is a prob
  11. It turns out GOG last year released CMx1 series for modern PCs.
  12. Once playing with a friend in DCS, he asked how I feel about wargame, to which I answered positively. He showed me debriefings of past Combat Mission games, I immediately liked the game for its scale of battles, types of troops and various scenarios (historical and fictional), and I immediately took the full version of CMBN. After that I started buying other CMx2 games. P.S. In Russia, 1C SoftClub even localized CMSF and CMA, only the CMSF disk remained, the other one lost.
  13. Somehow I became interested in armored vehicles, which did not go into production. I was a little terrified what monsters were building, how engineers could build them. And how many have not yet been embodied in metal 😎.
  14. In Russian army, an artillery fire spotter is allocated at the company level. In platoons, platoon commanders are ready to direct artillery, but usually a few more soldiers are trained to correctly direct artillery, this difficulty was encountered in Syria when it became clear that more artillery spotters were needed. As a result of Syrian campaign, a couple of years ago, forward air controller began to be allocated to the company level, usually these are guys who once flew but they were written off due to various diseases, but there are already those who were trained in military schools.
  15. I agree, but if you make a trench manually in the editor, it protects better. But unfortunately, such trenches can be done in scenario, but not in QB. Maybe in the future there will be such an opportunity.
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