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  1. After pandemic, I want to learn to ride a motorcycle myself, just right for the city. Be careful next time.
  2. Something like AT-ST and AT-AT walkers, yes I'm a Star Wars fan.
  3. I wanted to ask for a long time, I know that in US Army and USMC machineguns are used disintegrating belt. In Russian army, non-disintegrating. What do you do with a machinegun belt after shooting at range ?
  4. Not only tanks, barrel artillery was badly damaged. There was a gap of 20 years, and this still reverberates in modern Russia.
  5. U.S. Marine Rifle Platoon (Planned) ? https://www.battleorder.org/us-marine-platoon-2020 I am surprised that, at last, an analogue of RPG-7 has appeared in squads, and not in weapons platoon.
  6. Why don't USMC take a closer look at project Griffin 2 ? Light tank within ~ 30 tons, firepower of M1 tank and excellent cross-country ability in difficult terrain. The same Chinese already have an analogue in form of TYPE15, in Russia Sprut-S is still being developed and it seems that Indians are looking closely at this light tank.
  7. Yes BMP-3M (ERA) is cheaper but by 1-3 points, but it has "RARITY" points. That is, you will not take many such IFVs.
  8. I have a question for developers of the Combat Mission, did you think about making a single CM launcher and selling DLC in form of armies, theaters of war, era (WW2, modern, etc.). The era is needed so that the modern army does not fight with army of Second World War. DLC control is done as in DCS World or MFS 2020.
  9. Given that Pentagon considers China to be a greater threat than Russia. And in cases of local conflict, battles will be fought for islands in Pacific Ocean. The effectiveness of heavy tanks in such a small space is questionable. As far as I know, there are no light tanks in US Army and USMC, with the exception of being sold as a cannon system based on Stryker, but tracks are still better than wheelbase. But it seems that USMC will receive in future land-based cruise missiles of the Tomahawk system.
  10. I wonder what ordinary people and soldier in west think about Afghan campaign in which NATO has been participating for 19 years.
  11. I agree that the T-72B will be a workhorse for another 5-10 years. Although I really like tanks with gas turbine engines, in early years of my service I worked with them together, what they get up to can not boast of the T-72/90 tanks.
  12. Yes, after graduation I received a diploma of higher education with a military and civilian specialty. Yes, I did, you can play interesting moments, you can use it as a teaching material for cadets. But in the field it is much better, there are too many variables that depend on people. I know that RF army uses "Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations". But I got the impression that US Army units have a faster reaction to the enemy in the game, detect the enemy faster and are less susceptible to panic, with the same settings. Any person is always afraid when they shoot at him, even a tra
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