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  1. Without a helmet, if I correctly calculated your height ~ 175 cm. In theory, it should have been easier for you. But I am already problematic with my height of 183 cm. Apparently, when they created combat vehicles, the designers did not expect how war would change.
  2. When the BMP-1/2 and BMD-1/2 were created, the average height of the soldiers was ~ 170 cm and then there was still no body armor and other equipment. The maximum that the soldier was carrying was an assault rifle, 4 magazines for the assault rifle, several grenades, an OZK with a gas mask and a duffel bag. The BMP-3 is actually only soviet vehicle that was made taking into account the equipment of a soldier and his height, which by that time was already an average of 180 cm.
  3. Hi, I have a question for those who found themselves in their country when they canceled conscription into the army, for voluntary service under a contract. 1) What this foreshadowed and became the reason ? 2) How did the army prepare for this and start a recruitment program on a contract basis ? 3) Were there opponents in the army to cancel conscription ? It will be interesting to hear the opinion of those who know how it all happened.
  4. The ugliest and sexiest tank at the same time.
  5. I have not read, but saw how it was in 2008-2010. Soldiers who did not require specialized training (shooter, machine gunner, grenade launcher) were sent immediately to the active military unit. Maximum of such soldiers passed the YOUNG FIGHTER COURSE for 1 month. Then they received experience during military service, this applied to both a conscript and a serviceman. In fact, the training of soldiers then turned a blind eye still. And then BUM burst out in the middle of 2010 with big reforms, then a lot of people were fired due to non-compliance with military service. After 2010, for military specialties that do not require special training, the COURSE of a YOUNG FIGHTER was increased to 2-3 months. And the serviceman were required to additionally undergo a survival course for 1.5 months, the conscripts were not required to do this. For specialists, the training period remained before 6 months. Unless, of course, this is a highly specialized military position. YOUNG FIGHTER COURSE is a course during which a soldier is prepared physically, emotionally and mentally for military service. The soldier literally breaks his previous thinking and adapts to military service. The soldiers are taught how to respond correctly to commands, how to walk correctly in a squad-platoon-company formation. And they give basic knowledge of the AK-74 / PKM / RPG-7 weapon used. SURVIVAL COURSE - they teach you how to survive with a minimum of tools and then throw you into a deep forest / mountains / steppe on the seashore for 2-3 weeks. Those who can't stand it are given another chance, and if they can't stand it again they are dismissed from the service.
  6. @John Kettler Demobbed "ДМБ" - this is a funny banter about the army, but close to what it was in 90s and early 2000s. My senior commanders told me what was happening in the army in the 90s, I wanted to laugh and cry.
  7. @AmedeoIn principle, any towed cannon can fire with direct fire and they all had armor-piercing shells. There could be certain conditions, the batteries of M-46 or D-30 guns were ordered to work only as anti-tank artillery. But the only specialized anti-tank gun for 1982 was the MT-12 (2A29).
  8. Combat regulations of Ground Forces USSSR Part II. Battalion, company [1982] Alas, on Russian language.
  9. In general, the base T-72 had at least 4 turret options: 1973-74: adapted from T-64A with a combined filler of high hardness steel 1974-76: homogeneous (probably this variation is in the game); also, apparently, their large backlog was partially used after the 76th, especially for export 1976-78: combined, with an insert of heat-strengthened quartz ("sand rods") 1978-79: similar to the previous one, but without a tide under the TPD-2-49 sight due to the complete transition to the quantum TPD-K1 (which was partially installed since 1976 in socket for TPD-2-49 with a bore of the sighting channel and a plug of the right window under the optical rangefinder tube) True, the documentation in the public domain apparently is not for all of them, especially for the filler, so it will be more difficult to prove here.
  10. Is a mission fix worth waiting for in next patch 1.02 ?
  11. 1) Will there be a patch on Steam next week ? 2) Will Steam version be synchronized with BFC version ?
  12. In some missions at soviet army, there are no air observers, although there are planes and helicopters on the map. The new player will not understand why he cannot use aviation due to the absence of an air observer. List of scenarios: 1) US Campaign Scenario A Hill to Die On (Blue or H2H ONLY) 2) US Campaign Scenario Dollbach Heights (Blue or H2H ONLY) 3) US Campaign Scenario Route 66 (Blue or H2H ONLY) 4) US Campaign Scenario The Citadel (Blue or H2H ONLY)
  13. Where to write about mission fixes ? In some missions at soviet army, there are no air observers, although there are planes and helicopters on the map. The new player will not understand why he cannot use aviation due to the absence of an aircraft observer.
  14. Probably the developers will take a break after the release of a large DLC and a separate game. So I think it's worth waiting for the middle or end of summer.
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