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  1. This is a very rare bug, I also get it sometime.
  2. Manual is in russian, I think you can skip through google translit. 😃
  3. The beginning of the storming of Berlin on April 23, 1945. Probably it is worth waiting for the release on April 23, but this is my personal opinion.
  4. My question is, how motivated were Volkssturm? How often these units surrendered without a fight or at the slightest loss of personnel.
  5. To be honest, I recall the capture of Soviet warehouses by the Wehrmacht at the beginning of the 1941 campaign. Then a lot of small arms were lost, or the Wehrmacht melted all this weapons, or later lost everything.
  6. 2015 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2016 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2017 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2018 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2019 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2020 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 2021 - Russia will invade Ukraine. 202? - Russia will invade Ukraine. So when ?
  7. Probably Vyazemsky airborne operation was meant, then part of the 250th regiment was unloading into deep snow without a parachute. I can suggest that it was more of a fight against saboteurs, whom they liked to send behind the front line on U-2 (Po-2) aircraft.
  8. @Sophist_13 I think a lot of English-speaking players will be happy if the mod appears on thefewgoodmen.
  9. Interesting boots, is it part of a kit from toxic substances, biological agents and radioactive dust ? In our army, they like to use stockings from a protective kit in spring and autumn, when there is sticky mud everywhere.
  10. I read that the screens are sometimes removed, by the way, until now.
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