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  1. Oh and I didn't know tanks could be used as lawn darts. Who knew? 😆
  2. Ah the old problem of the M1 tank outweighing the M88 tank retriever. If you get going too fast and try to slow down quickly or go down a hill, the weight of a M1 can shove a M88 off the road. So far as I can remember two M88's where attached to a M1. One towing and the other pushing and acting as a drag brake. There is two standard heavy tow bars. One is rated for M1 tanks and the other for armored vehicles of a lesser weight. If you look closely at the back of the M88 tank retriever you will notice a broken tow bar still attached to its tow pintel. It appears they used the wrong tow bar
  3. Here is a video on one persons suggested course of action to get pixeltruppen to use grenades.
  4. I think that I see the start of a behavioral patton developing from these posts "They are a scurvy race and simply savages. We could beat hell out of them.” (Hmmm, who does that sound like? I think he thought he was taking the heil road on this one)
  5. All I have to say is that we need to display the same spirit and attitude we have demonstrated in the past. Qualities that I feel makes up the average Battlefront customer. That spirit is faith that the BF folks are doing their best to produce the same quality which may take a little longer and we all know no development ever survives first contact with reality. Plus they have lives outside of work which as we all know, can influence job performance. That attitude is Loyalty. I like to think there are no "sunshine patriots" among our crowd. Through thick and thin, past and present, w
  6. https://www.song-list.net/videos/peteseeger/icomeandstandateverydoor This is a 1960's protest song that is very haunting. It is this poem by Nâzım Hikmet Ran, a Turkish writer, set to music. It was sung by many groups including the Byrds and folk singer Pete Seeger. The toll that war can inflict on the innocent can be applied to any conflict.
  7. So the "How to Fight" video during the T-62 comparison section, they mention the infantry anti-tanks weapons. At the 34:33 mark they mention the hand grenade. I find it interesting that this filmed representation of a hand grenade attack on a tank has a Soviet infantryman using a Soviet AT-Grenade with a shaped charge warhead. The uniform with the big buttons down the front and the shape of the helmet is a give away as is the type of grenade he is using.
  8. To answer AKD's question This first, to help you understand how a a Bradley Mechanized Infantry Platoon vehicles are organized. There are four vehicles. There is a "hull number" consisting of a letter designation and two digits assigned to each vehicle. Letter indicates which Company it is assigned to; A-Alpha Company, B-Bravo Company, C-Charlie Company. First number indicates Platoon; 1-1st , 2-2nd, 3-3rd. Second number indicates vehicle assignment within the platoon; 1, 2, 3, 4. Vehicles are further assigned to either Section A or B. For example: A Company, 3
  9. If you think living in the United States during the Cold War was scary think about the folks who were living in Western Europe. If you lived next to one of the many military bases then you had a pre-registerd artillery, air attack, nuclear, chemical (take your pick) target as a next door neighbor. You basically lived in a occupied country where hundreds of foreign strangers were rotated in and out. Strangers who you had to hope could be trusted to be good people because they drove your streets, visited your towns, communed with your local citizens. Where if hostilities broke out
  10. Your grasp of English is better than what I could probably do when trying to communicate in your language.
  11. Oh yeah and I forgot to add that NATO doesn't fear the Soviets! The U.S. Army had United Federation of Planets technology. They had "starships". 🤣 For those who remember this "wunderwaffen" 🙄
  12. Oh boy howdy, does that bring back some memories for this cold war veteran who stood on the line in Germany ready to face the "evil empire" (Salute to Ronnie Regan)" Great video! Covered a lot of the new material in a concise and entertaining way. Haven't heard a load up and start of a VHS machine in years! Felt like I was watching a Camcorder tape that some news crew had submitted of the build up during the saber rattling and commencement of hostilities. Like a previous post I totally loved the music. But my first guess was Jan Hammer of Miami Vice fame because of the heavy drum bea
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