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  1. A geeky part of me want to see the technology go all the way to at least 1996-1997.....So I can then play out all those fun scenarios from one of my fave RPGs, Twilight:2000.
  2. What we're all doing right now.....And it's period correct!
  3. Awwww.....And here I thought it was a reference to a certain cyberpunk novel by Neal Stephenson.....
  4. Heh. La Cosa Nostra Pizza. Uncle Enzo and The Deliverator would be proud.
  5. The only downside is that since the berm is part of the terrain mesh you cannot have a Culin device push through it, nor can you have your demo team blow it up so vehicles can traverse it normally. Otherwise that would be perfect, and if nothing else it's still a perfect setup for most pre-Culin device scenarios since using demolitions to blow a path through took much longer then the 20 seconds for an engineer team to make a path....Good job!
  6. I would also like to see slow be a little more lenient on it's fatigue penalties. I know that crawling on your belly is pretty damn tiring, but slow can also model crawling on hands and knees or just trying to be as quiet and stealthy as possible, and I would like my scouts on the forward edge to not be exhausted just crossing a hedgerow-lined road.
  7. Just wondered if there is new voice acting for the Russians, or are they recycled from CMBB? Granted, it's been so long since I played CMBB I doubt I would know the difference... If any of you fine Beta people know, and also any descriptions on the quality? I guess I'm curious if I'm going to be mod shopping for a "Screaming Soviets" mod or something after release...
  8. MikeyD: I have been waiting to see one of those in action since I got a taste of the PPsh 41 in CM:Afghanistan........ If they can get a video of a platoon opening up, it will be the best late Christmas present ever!
  9. Also, I will also assume you will/have fixed the bolt handle on the Moisin Nagant...it seems you have the regular everyday Moisins with no scope using the angled bolt handle which was only found on the sniper rifle model to accommodate the scope.....Regular infantry model Moisins had the straight bolt....I know, since I actually own one. So do I get an award for first Grog complaint of the game? But seriously, fantastic news and I'm really excited by all the new features...will preorder the second my fat check for the month rolls in. Great work guys!
  10. ...I think you forgot to put the PPSH 41 in the Soviet small arms list. But since you have pics of little Ivans running about with them, I'm not terribly afraid you forgot to put them in the game. I want my SMG squads of spray and pray death, dagnabbit.....
  11. Eh, there will (probably) be no scavenging of enemy weapons per se, but I do recall that in CMBB that germans had PPSHs randomly equipped in their squads. So you will probably see them in German hands as much as you see them using Beretta SMGs in CMFI. And I for one have been waiting for Bagration to come out JUST for the Soviet SMG squads. They will be epically brutal.
  12. well, they did post that they hoped to have Bagration-era Eastern Front AND Modern Era "Shock Force" 2 out before the end of the year, although that is looking pretty suspect....
  13. Especially infantry. Several books that I've read paint the picture to me that enemy infantry is neigh invisible almost all of the time, even in the midst of combat. Most of the time people are just shooting at the area they think the enemy is firing from, and by the time you are advancing, they are already left at that point. And while I have never been in a combat situation, I have played a lot of Operation Flashpoint/ARMA. And even in a 100m close engagement, you will be lucky if you spot even one enemy to shoot at. And you almost never see the guy who shoots you. Frankly, I w
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