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  1. The new qb maps Do Not Follow the numbered naming convention of the base game . they will be found at the end of the qb master list.
  2. certainly check the QB Maps for correct facing. Let me know if one needs fixing. But I think you are describing a bug with some (not all)AI units that setup up backwards sometimes. Next time it happens report it and attach a save file so beta testers can track exactly what unit type is effected during AI auto setup. I have run across this myself... but not recently. It does not show up for all players, all the time and that's problematic. But it is REALLY annoying when it does! By the way: I have seen the AI setup correctly but turn itself around after a turn or two. Thanks for posting.
  3. Players who believe they have uncovered a bug need only save the game file (must zip it) and post a comment on the forum dedicated to the game the bug was found. You should be able attach it to the forum post. I have attached a save file that was sent to me when working on the 2.2 patch here to demonstrate. Note that it is the 3rd turn of a Campaign. Or the player can send an email to specific beta testers who are responding to the bug report. When I think I can be of help I often ask the player to send a save file directly to me. Now to answer the question "Why do the testers need a save game file?".... Not only is it the best evidence, but also the fastest way to see what the player sees. The Scottish Corridor 003.zip
  4. So Interesting you brought this up. Hopefully, one day, you'll know why.
  5. Those titles are a part of PC Gaming History. Glad They've found an appropriate museum.
  6. Noted.... I will keep an eye out for it. Don't think I need a save file. Thanks for posting
  7. Oh my mistake... looked a bit more carefully with unit quality and no use of the M1 w/grenade launcher. I will bring this to TOE/BFC experts for an opinion. Thanks for posting!
  8. M1 Grenade Launcher May 1944 is Present and while I'm no TOE expert... Is standard issue at any date in this Title
  9. Information you have shown for QB Maps is not accurate. I suggest you start with the base game, open up the Quick Battle Maps Folder and note the number of maps. Depending on what you are actually after, know this: There are always 3 types of attack maps: Assault, Attack, & Probe. So a single map will have 3 variations. Meeting engagement maps have no variations. To best count QB Maps simply start any kind of Attack style game, use"Human" for map selection and count the maps. Then start a Meeting engagement and do the same. You will then have the ACTUAL number of QB Maps. Once you have counted the Base game. Add each module. Do keep in mind that all QB Maps will always play for any module of the base game title. Good luck
  10. LW Infantry arm/infantry have the traditional german army coal scuttle helmet with LW airborne wings markings. I believe this is correct. I am NOT a TOE uniform expert however. Airborne infantry wears the prized jump helmet.
  11. @ Waffelmann ...Not a Bug. The attached pics are from my copy of the game. I'd be interested to see pic from your QB LW TOE. It might be you have a corrupted install or use of fan made alterations in the game have created this art problem. Or perhaps my pics and yours don't match due to date/month. I used June 1944 for my pics.
  12. @Macisle Thank you for posting and especially sending me a save file. First I gotta say... Glad the AI and me are giving your boys a good fight! Now that I have that out of my system here are results of my elevation review: As you can see your Axis units are the x in the red circle... elevation 21. Your Allied attackers are in several locations. But it appeared to me some pretty effective fire came from across the river Elevation 23. Behind your units the elevation increases to elevation 22. Your 2 units under fire attempted to evade. one ended up back in those foxholes. the other sought lower elevation tiles and died trying. But I think we can all agree retreating North was all uphill. I took a good look at that House. Why wouldn't they just go there? While it offers good cover and concealment, it's a long way to run over open ground while under accurate automatic weapons fire from higher ground. Those poor lads had three bad choices... and the dice got rolled. ON A SIDE NOTE: My beta testing job is to provide my observations with supporting documents. My job is not to provide my personal opinion... BUT if you would allow me a slip of the tongue here. I get what I'm seeing seems counter intuitive... but it just makes such good sense when I examined that map. I been testing war games for 20 years. Over that time I've learned that it's Never about who's right but What's right that matters. That's why player questions and feed back matters. Thank you.
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