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  1. I have no military experience - I am just an enthusiastic reader of things military and wargaming so I am looking for feedback from gamers who have real world experience in this area. I have read many articles about how "disappointing" the Dragons were/would have been in a shooting war. The following is from the relevant wikipedia article on Dragon ATGMs. Penetration of the basic missile was disappointing, a mere 330mm. While later variants would improve upon this, the missile was never particularly effective. Dragon The basic missile, the Dragon has a 1,000 meter range and penetrates 330mm of armor. Dragon II A simple warhead upgrade, the Dragon II, originally "Dragon PIP", received a new warhead that offered a 85% increase in penetration, to about 610mm. Dragon II entered service in 1988. Therefore my understand is that the expectation was for a likely penetration capability of 330 mm of RHA in 1979. However, when I create a scenario, my Dragon teams and squads equipped with Dragon are easily killing T64B and T72s at over 1000 meters in frontal encounters - penetration of front turrets and front hulls. I understand that the T64B of 1979 vintage had frontal armor equivalents of between 500 to 570 mms against HEAT and T72s of 1979 vintage had frontal armor equivalents of between 490 to 500 mms against HEAT. On that basis, my Dragons should not be regularly killing these vehicles. However, in-game my Dragons are killing these tanks and creating catastrophic explosions and fires when they make hits. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Hi 37mm I am enjoying the mod. I have a further question. I have read the manual and think that I am following the instructions but cannot seem to access the "Fourteen building textures" referred to in the manual - particularly the rural/village huts. Whether I use the "ikke" tag of standard multi file tag and then go to the maps page and buildings section in the editor all I can access is brick or cement multi storey buildings - no Vietnamese rural village buildings or huts. What am I doing wrong?
  3. OK! Now my hopes are really up. Have you guys seen Elvis' last posting on the Grogheads Forum website? On 12 April "Zulu1966" posted: If cold war makes an April release i shall eat my hat and several other peoples as well. Today, Elvis posted: Ya might want to start looking for the tastiest hat you can find. Just sayin. Hope that is not a teasing statement. As an optimist I have cleared all social events from the calendar for this Saturday night in anticipation.
  4. Wow - we are cutting it fine! We are already into the morning of the last day in April here in Australia. Still hopeful and fingers crossed for an April release - especially with the weekend coming up!
  5. Thanks 37mm. Old but true story - if all else fails read the manual. I should have done that first. It is very clear and well written. Thanks again.
  6. Firstly, many thanks to the creators of this mod. It is an amazing piece of work. I do have a simple query. I have loaded the mod as per the instructions set out by 37mm in the first comment in this thread as it relates to the steam version. After doing that, I can access the standard scenarios, however, I like to create my own scenarios using the editor and that is where I have the problem. In trying to create a scenario I do not seem to be able to access the various modded units and vehicles (e.g. the US Army 1960s infantry). I can only basically access the standard CMSF2 Syrian campaign units and vehicles which appear to have been modified by the mod files to have "woodland" type gear instead of desert gear. The only exception is that I can access Vietnamese Uncon forces which have been changed by the mod from the Syrian Uncon models. I would like to create my own scenarios using the modded US and ARVN force models. Is anyone else having these problems with the editor? Am I doing something that is obviously wrong? Hope someone can help me with some ideas. Thanks.
  7. Regarding an Afghan Module for CMSF2, I have seen requests for this type of module but cannot understand the need for it. Can anyone tell me how this would be different to the current CMSF2 game and modules apart from having the Red Unconventional infantry shown in different clothing? The current scenario editor allows me to create steep hilly maps with the appropriate vegitation and buildings and the Marine, British and NATO modules offer the opportunity to model ISAF v insurgent fights. What would you see as being different? Instead, it would be great to see NATO modules for the proposed Cold War release.
  8. Thanks Dynaman216 For some (fortunate) reason - all of my CM 2 games are working (accessible) to me again without me having done any other changes! Good news. Thanks for your prompt response.
  9. All of my CM 2 series games have stopped working - will not load. My CMSF 1 and CMAfghan games are working without problems. Does this mean that I have a technical problem with my computer (happy to ask for a support ticket) or does this mean that the CM website is authentication process is not available because of the uploading CMSF2? If the former I will get a support ticket.
  10. Hi Guys Thanks for the tips. I followed your advice and it works really well. Also, thanks again to the authors of winter mods - very well done. - very professional and thanks for sharing.
  11. Hi Guys I have been using and very much enjoying the winter mods. I created a 'z' folder into which I have placed all of the unzipped winter mod folders (and the 'great coat folders') as sub-folders - and it has worked very well to date - see attached. I have not changed anything in terms of the folders since, but, for some reason, the winter mods have stopped loading. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone have any ideas as to a solution? CMRT - Mod folders.docx
  12. Hi Guys Thanks to all of you for your combined input. In particular, thank you John for taking the time to explain the realities and providing the web link.
  13. I created a blue-attack scenario using the editor involving the red force having a company of BMP3s and I attached 2 Tunguska using "single vehicles" from the editor. Blue force was a company of Bradleys, and I gave blue force 2 Apache attack helios and 2 F-15 ground attack FBs. The environment was clear, time was 9 am and and temperature was warm. I used the Ravens to locate the Red force and then I gave both the Apache's and the F-15s the "area" attack command based on a 700 m radius covering the the red icons. The result was that I lost both Apaches and 1 F15 in 8 minutes. My question is - are the Tunguskas really that good? If so, in real life, how does NATO deal with these systems if it does not have heavy artillery with precision rounds?
  14. Hi Costas Sorry to hear about your problems. I am located in Perth. I downloaded the game at 10am Perth time on Saturday. It took 2 hrs 27 mins without any problems - and I am not on the NBN - just standard iinet broadband. Hope you have more luck today!
  15. Hi Shootersix I had the exact same problem with CM RT. As Capt. Toleran indicated, the problem (for me) was AVG anti-virus. If you feel uncomfortable disabling the anti-virus why dont you try setting the CMBS folder as a "whitelist" or "exempt" folder in the anti-virus. I did the same thing when installing CMBS this morning and it has worked for me. Regards
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