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  1. I rarely use mods, and hadn't really thought about why, but this thread made me think about it. The point above about playing from on high applies to me, and that's certainly part of it. For example uniform textures... I really couldn't care less. I never even notice. If the Russians were wearing Japanese uniforms I'd be fine with that. I also find searching the mod sites a bit of a chore. Not to disparage the fine and valuable service to the community these sites provide, but actually finding the thing I want is not always easy. The only mods I search out for every title are UI mods
  2. Wow, this is some thread. The tribalism is strong. I've been playing Combat Mission for 20 years and I probably would NOT recommend it except for very specific players. I praise WEGO, the tactical battlefield, and particularly the spotting, C2 and ballistics. But for me virtually everything else is out of date or substandard, including but not limited to the transaction process (Steam takes care of this), the upgrade method (also good now with Steam I suppose), AI, campaign system, editor, UI, QMB, graphics, and more. How do I get Steam keys?
  3. +1, and it's a point I have made too But for me, the thing I most want out of Combat Mission is a new campaign system. Not necessary to go through in detail, but for me a new system and way to generate this content is what I would most like to see.
  4. MP, I guess? Balanceism CMx1 allowed setting the points didn't it? QB was more fun in CMx1 for me. There's a lot to like about Cmx2, but QB isn't at the top of that list in my view. Three things come to mind One, there is no longer a Combined Arms selection. This setting in CMx1 seemed to do a good job of getting the AI to pick reasonable force composition. If I let the AI pick in CMx2 it's usually a mess. And if I pick them I already know what they are. Two, no custom points, as above, arbitrarily restricting the scenarios that can be created using the QB Three, no
  5. Good stuff Simon, thanks for the detailed post. Maybe I'll pick it up on the next sale.
  6. This is a game I've been on the fence with. I hear things like omniscient enemy artillery and that sort of thing and it makes me think I'd see the good in the game, and the frustration over what could have been, in equal measure. Your last post Simon did more to make me want to buy it than all of the videos I've watched and reviews I've read. More of this please. In wargames, I really enjoy disparate or or assymetrical scenarios with a wide variety of possible compositions and courses of action, like what you describe here. And to have it all mean something in the larger, maybe opera
  7. Wut? Real time with fixed pauses sounds like turns to me. Is this a commonly held viewpoint here? I mean, if it's paused, and you can view unlimited replays how is it real time? And not everyone plays WEGO
  8. I've played all TW titles aside from the first Medieval and first Shogun, and Rome 2 and the new Chinese one. Of the rest, Napoleon was my favorite. I feel like gunpowder is a sweetspot, much more tactical than melee. Shogun 2 was interesting because it was a mix of gunpowder and steel. I really liked Attila too. Great campaign. But ya know what, despite my affinity for history, and despite my bias, I ended up trying Warhammer. Fantasy TW didn't interest me. Even back in the Med 2 days with the Middle Earth mod, I ignored it despite it's popularity (Stanless Steel mod was the one I playe
  9. And I believe I mentioned this as well a little further up
  10. You can choose either style. the turn-based is called WEGO and is brilliant for me. You can opt to play real-time as well.
  11. Which title are you considering? I won't get in to the growth question, but all scenarios are free, and how many really depends on which title you get. If bang for the buck is paramount, I'd recommend Battle for Normandy. The big bundle is US $110 so maybe that's the one you are looking at? Lots of content, and especially campaigns, relatively speaking. For modern, the bang for buck best bet is Shock Force 2 in my opinion. Not sure how I could convince you if it would be worth it to you, but try the demo. If you like it, then I reckon you'll get plenty of value out of the game, and e
  12. Mortal Empires is great, and better all the time! I doubt the idea being floated here would see the light of day, and I wouldn't buy it anyway. But it's an interesting discussion.
  13. For certain. I recall back in the day playing Electronic Arts' NHL '93 on Sega. I loved that game (and NHL '94 even more). The main issue I had with NHL '93 was the fact that it did not have any sort of season mode. It was single games only. But I really wanted to play a season, and have stats leaders, standings and playoffs, and a Stanley Cup champion. So I simulated it. Using the actual season schedule and copies of The Hockey News I simulated each and every game that the team I was playing, the Flyers, were not involved in. And then played out each of the Flyers games. I had notebooks
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