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No specific announcements on 'upgrading' from CMSF1 to CMSF2. It has been HINTED that those who had purchased CMSF1 MIGHT get a discount on CMSF2, but that is the domain of speculation rather than a confirmed policy. Quite a bit of work has been necessary to bring CMSF1 up to the current standards of the CM series (3D models, textures, TOE, etc.). Scenarios and campaigns from CMSF1 have to be converted to run on CMSF2 (and this is being done), so CMSF1 content will not run directly on CMSF2.

In other words, CMSF1 will NOT be DIRECTLY upgraded with CMSF2 in the manner that current CM games can have their 'engines' upgraded.

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There are tweaks and changes necessary to get everything working. A number of things have changed with the game engines since CMSF1's days. More accurate TOE info and making it all QB accessible is a bit of work for Steve. Most of the scenario data is usable, but changes are needed here and there, especially with TOE changes and new map features/deprecations. I don't know if only the original scenarios will come with the game or if there will be 'ports' of popular scenarios that came afterward made by third parties. I believe, but don't really know, that a lot of conversions of scenarios/campaigns may be offered after the game's release (by beta testers and original authors). I don't know if there will be any sort of automatic conversion of current scenarios (I doubt it, but don't know), which if it does exist will likely require a bit of tweaking to get them to be what they were originally intended.

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