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  1. That's really neat. I wish the same could be done not only for tracers but also for the sounds of mortars firing ... displace the seeming origin by a 100 metres or so in a random direction to prevent the other player from pinpointing the location. Come to think of it, the same would be nice for snipers and even guns firing
  2. Here's Murphy in CM. This guy single-handedly saved the day by holding my left flank, and he lived to tell the tale. From a PBEM using Bil Hardenbergers's scenario "A rifle behind every tree".
  3. It's the bench. Troops always enter/exit through doors - even when there is no door, they will enter through where the door would have been. The destroyed wall is just a texture change of the building. This means that if there's a bench in front of where the door would have been, that's where they will try to enter, and if that spot is blocked, they find another route.
  4. I'm the guy who made this one. It's not recommended for H2H play - it's pretty devious even in single player (playing as Allied attacker). If you have the Commonwealth module, then I recommend my other outing "Contact Front!". Best player should play attacker.
  5. I think the way to help young people develop an interest in history is to present the real history. It's plenty interesting as it is.
  6. I think it's only fair that the actual people who fight real wars are also represented in game. So if I'm playing a game set in ancient Greece, I would not mind seeing the Sacred Band of Thebes make an appearance, just as I would expect to see female soldiers in a game featuring the modern Israeli Army. What I don't like is if different minority groups are inserted in times and places where they historically were not present. But that's another story.
  7. That's strange, because I could swear there were already different ethnicities represented in the modern CM titles..
  8. I'd be happy if the hunt command just did what it says in the manual: stop when fired upon.
  9. They don't go prone though. I have several savegames showing troops will continue to hunt for over a minute while a sniper takes potshots at them. I sent these savegames to a beta tester as part of what I considered a bug report (as the HUNT command doesn't work as it says in the manual).
  10. I meant that it would be comparatively easier too repurpose existing code compared to writing new code to add completely new functionality.
  11. We completely agree that it's an assumption. I thought it was implicit that of course I haven't seen the code base. When I wrote "It would be easy to", I meant "I believe it would be easy to". Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. I think the actual reason we can't enter windows in this game is a gameplay decision. If we could enter any window, then many of the more challenging city fighting situations would be made less challenging. It would prevent many of the funnels and kill zones unless the map designer made some really odd looking towns where most of the ground floors were bricked up for no apparent reason...
  12. It's what happens when you blow a hole in a wall. Notice how troops don't enter through the actual hole, but through the right side of the wall where the door usually is. It's just a wall texture change plus changing the parameter to make the wall enterable. The code is already able to handle this just fine.
  13. I never said it would be free or instantaneous to do. But probably easy (=not a lot of work compared to other changes) since the basic code for a wall with doors is already in the game They'd just need to change the bit "wall_is_enterable" from 0 to 1 for all the wall objects that contain at least one window.
  14. And if I had 1 dollar for every time I hear people assume something is probably too difficult to do, so why bother...
  15. Entering through windows would be pretty easy to implement. Just make the building sides with windows act like those with doors. Maybe with entering that way taking a bit longer. Troops could just "phase" through the wall like when entering doors, or if BFC were feeling fancy, they could use the "jumping across fences" animation.
  16. And this is also the reason why smaller AT weapons are less useful than they could be.. an AT rifle aiming for vision blocks, a small AT gun aiming for the tracks, etc.
  17. I believe he meant that I was right: Guns always aim at centre mass. But the aim point is shifted upwards when a tank is partially or fully hull-down.
  18. To my best knowledge, this is not correct. Guns always aim for centre visible mass. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  19. As for whether PBEM is outdated, I can see your point of view. I think it would be nice to have both a direct link turnbased mode for when you have an opponent who wants to dedicate some hours to sit down and play out a whole game in one go, and also a lobby-based system for when you both want to do just a couple of turns daily. I often like to set aside a whole afternoon to get a lot of turns done, and a direct link system would mean I wouldn't have to constantly load new turns, play, then quit the game, receive and load another turn, etc.
  20. I'm a bit confused about what you mean here. I would argue the exact opposuite: that playing WeGo needs much more careful order giving, since you're stuck with those orders for a whole minute, so they need to work, and you can't reply on the AI to find a path out of a telefone booth - if you're old enough to remember those
  21. Would be a long game where you mostly get hit by off-board mortars. After 10519200 turns, suddenly there's no more air support and then you lose.
  22. I think this may is a general issue with APHE in these games. @Drifter Man did some testing and found the US 57mm APHE had a bigger explosive effect than a 150mm howitzer shell if I remember correctly.
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