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  1. Just don't put BFC's IP in the hands of some private equity smartass who promptly decides this community is too old and 'nichey' to be worth investing in and kills the whole thing. I mean, not without a nine figure payout anyway.
  2. Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring Another Half a Pint (there's some kind of foliage back there)
  3. Interesting offroad tires on the ammo carrier (?) there.
  4. Ah ha, just as expected, the Lord Protector is now caught in a subtle schoolmanly dodge! worthy of his august grandsire (who looks strangely like Rumpole of the Bailey, but isn't so nice). THE ARGUMENT 1. You didn't explicitly say the images had to be still photos. And is not a film, by definition, really just a collection of still images? 2. You haven't debarred newsreel stills, nor recoloured photos, nor heavily staged non-combat shots (e.g. the OP photo is clearly some REMFers tough guying over a kid someone else killed). 3. So now we reach the crux of my Clever Kn
  5. OK, totally pushing all boundaries and loopholes here, but desperate times demand desperate measures, and the truth must be attended by a bodyguard of lies! 1. Sing, Sing, Sing by Lou Prima 2. As Time Goes By, by Herman Hupfeld 3. Lili Marlene, by Norbert Schultze
  6. Hmm, Puritans aren't keen on participation trophies, are they? All those sumptuary laws and whatnot. Bugger....
  7. Lucille Bogan, 'Til the Cows Come Home' (1935). I didn't provide a link to the song, whose lyrics are extremely NSFW.
  8. For me, ditto on the above: there's really no point in tactical wargames in the era of CM. The only hex and counter games I play any more are operational command level: VG's Vietnam 1965-1975 and AH 1776 (which I actually pulled out and played solo a few months back). Everything else is multiplayer strategy games which non wargamers can be occasionally talked into playing socially: AH Amoeba Wars, KingMaker, Diplomacy, and the TSR classic Divine Right. All my tactical games are in the attic.
  9. How Not to be Seen Mr. Neasbitt has learned the first lesson in How Not to be Seen.... This will definitely take its place in my CMBN mod set, fantastic!
  10. Ha, and here is JasonC in classic form over at BGG, "racking and stacking" a thesis on the Roman debacle at Cannae.
  11. Erich Koch et al. slapping the bread and salt out of villagers' hands didn't help, certainly. But once Soviet authority was removed, all kinds of local warlords and opportunists were going to pop up to fill the vacuum, no matter how enlightened the Germans chose to be. The Reichskommissars had their orders to squeeze the Ostland dry, and were too racist and ignorant to understand that they needed to cut deals with a subset of these folks and play them off against each other, instead of treating them like dimwitted cattle (stűcke). But Nazis gonna Nazi....
  12. But that kind of very 'micro' technical topic is actually where "His JasonC" was at his weakest, and often made enemies here when challenged by insisting his Word be taken on faith, usually without troubling to cite sources. He has a extraordinary macroeconomic mind (Chicago school, works in very big brain OR), and so he was at his best in macro 'rack and stack' types of evaluations of men against fire over time, IMHO. Hence, tactics, operations and strategy. And at no time did I ever get a sense of him regurgitating Osprey books.
  13. Par for the course in irregular warfare, right up to the present day! And frankly, it's the norm for most regular armies as well. Kelly's Heroes and Major Minderbinder aren't entirely fictional.
  14. Yes, @JasonC left here of his own volition around 2015. He still posts regularly on a variety of boardgames and historical topics over at BGG. I don't recall him citing Zaloga much, but a great deal of Glantz. I got a lot of value from his stuff personally, although I've been at the pointy end of his lovable manner too. But then, I'm also married to a know-it-all, so that all doesn't bother me so much.
  15. Yup, pretty much the same reason I haven't bought CMSF2 or anything else new. I'd be deeply depressed trying to replay JOKER THREE with Marines constantly Keystone Kopsing around the complex streetscapes of Ramadi. When fellow realism junkies like @RockinHarry or @Kaunitz say it's safe to break 3.0 quarantine, I will. Not before then. Men under fire, even panicked, should get their arses down and stay put *by default*, unless they're in the middle of a runway or something. I'd sooner see them 'grow' some microterrain not previously rendered, or even sink into the terrain mesh to reflect
  16. Wow @Aquila-SmartWargames, I just watched your video end to end! Many thanks for making it, I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot from you. The 1943 Makin landing was very well documented (by SLA Marshall, no less!), and most of those bunker lines you had to slog through were in their historical locations. And it sounds like you encountered all the frustrations of a real life BLT commander, especially inability to access your plentiful-on-paper support firepower once ashore. The original design was that most of those ships and aircraft plastered the map in the first 5 minutes wit
  17. My Mum, bless her Old Empire Loyalist heart! read the review in the #FailingNYT and just knew this game was for her son. She was exactly right! Talonsoft got instantly kicked to the curb.
  18. Ha ha mate, I think your work has long surpassed my crude modding and hacking skills (now almost entirely forgotten). No more training do you need. ... I sometimes get tempted to pitch the Philippine Army to contract BFC to develop an officer tactical training aid, with scenarios based on Marawi, SAF-44 and various anti-NPA actions. (Which would incent them financially to cover off some longstanding issues like heavy/light buildings and proper foliage which would benefit the rest of us). Filipinos are brave, hardy soldiers (that goes for their enemies too, who are also Filipinos) a
  19. Hi folks, just a brief touch and go here: as usual, work and RL doesn't give me much leisure for CM, except in short single evening bursts. I'm pleased, and honoured, you are getting some enjoyment out of my 2012 burst of post-Ramadi CM creative hacking (Makin, Dien Bien Phu, Baba Amr, le Carillon), which several others mentioned in this thread contributed to. I'll mail you the mods over in a few days (they're on an old computer). But please don't look to me to fix anything, sorry. This stuff is strictly as-is, where-is. Feel free to alter and (hopefully) share it with those like min
  20. PM me with an email and I can send you them, along with the Iraqi Army mod by the same author. Please note that if you own CMSF2, uniform mods won't work, as the figure wireframes changed. These are CMSF1 mods only.
  21. A little more progress at last. I (re)wrote US and German briefings and worked up tactical maps for PURPLE HEART CORNER. Now to start playtesting.
  22. Agreed. Rural areas are also extensively cut up with small stream beds, rivulets, drainage ditches, and large boggy patches, in all seasons. Most of these won't entirely stop tracked vehicles -- tracks are designed for cross country after all -- but they do make movement slower and more chancy... and bottlenecked. These features, which also tend to be lined with trees and vegetation, also provide natural covered routes for infantry (although the TacAI won't put the guys into them unless one puts in a fence along the trace). That said, they were also some of the first things skilled minel
  23. Yeah, this is another venerable pain issue where your actual ability to see/shoot/be shot doesn't match the visual feedback or the LOS tool. Modeling real woodlands filled with many young trees and undergrowth would really tax graphics cards. I made my peace with it once I understood the 1/2/3 trunk visuals are mere abstractions of the actual trunk density in that forest tile. 'Old growth' trees, with the kind of trunk thickness shown would actually be quite rare anywhere near human settlement. But because I'm an infantry player, the 'steel trunk' phenomenon doesn't bug me so much.
  24. In a shooter, you want unnatural contrasts to aid spotting bad guys. Since CM units generally make their own choices what to shoot, we can go for photorealism (except maybe at night). These building collapse physics are badly wrong, like dominoes, but if shooter players just want to blow stuff up with ubertanks, who the heck cares? Sure, CM could use a modest overhaul of its building physics and cover values but this kind of eye candy isn't the solution.
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