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  1. That does make more sense. I am no expert on Saddam, but autocrats tend to over-estimate their own importance. I'd play dirty, turn insurgent and use the Catch-22 of hiding behind civilians. Could Saddam train, equip and indoctrinate an effective asymmetric resistance before the Coalition or internal rivals got to him? Probably not. It's either that or hoping for the Miracle of the House of Brandenburg. I can see Saddam fancying himself as Frederick the Great, though.
  2. Most definitely. The Saddam's strategy did not hand him a decisive victory over Iran. He should have made the same conclusion as WW1 combatants. Instead he used the same tricks on a vastly more advanced force. Hindsight will soon be 2021. It was him against half the world, his only hope was to maximize attrition on the Coalition. By lining up his troops in the desert, then digging them in -- he maximized the effectiveness of the Coalition's main force multiplier. Sure, hiding wouldn't have won him the war, but at least it would have prolonged the inevitable. By the way, huge fan of your videos!
  3. Maybe, by the standards of 1916. He dug in static defensive lines in open terrain, against an opponent with vast air superiority. Even the germans in WW2 knew to hide from bombing. The Soviets emphasized speed, maneuver and air defence in-depth. Saddam should have hid in cities and valleys, rather than challanging the US to Verdun.
  4. Not a flattering photo, to be sure. Even with fancy paint and a new turret, it still looks like a junkyard pig. I think the 28 is underrated. It had a 3 man turret with a 76mm gun, a bad ass V12 bomber engine, and standard issue radios. I may fear this as much as an early war P4.
  5. I love the M1, it's like the 80's Tiger tank. Back on topic. Lots of cold war hardware got pitted together in the Iran/Iraq war, but they were still using WW1 doctrine. Trench lines, human waves and gas. Fascinating conflict, to be sure -- but I don't know if it is a relevant basis for comparison. I cry when I see Iraqi T62s dug into the ground like pill boxes.
  6. Sexy Jumbo: Big is Beautiful Ugly T 28: hit every obstacle on the Ugly Line
  7. In my experience, ATRs are rarely devastating. They can only disable a vehicle after a long time of target practice. I've seen them even struggle with marders, hanomags and even armoured cars. If your tanks are supported by infantry, or recon units, you can reliably eliminate AT rifles. Quicker than, they can cause serious damage. It all comes down to who can suppress who first. So, keep your heavy hitters close -- outside throwing range. Take it slow, and give advancing infantry plenty of covering fire.
  8. CW feels like the golden mean of CM2. You get two very diverse, very different, and yet balanced, factions. The lack of modern electronics makes combat much more personal. Great to see BS and SF toys placed in their original setting.
  9. Heavy: King Tiger. Very good armour, optics and gun. I think it's the best all rounder. Medium: Easy Eight Sherman. Good mgs, situational awareness and powerful anti tank gun. Light: T-70. Superb protection, sillouette, mobility and gun (cannister enabled). Recon team rides on the top. Going to keep TDs, and SPGs out of this for my own sanity. I assume, that I am also in command of the vehicle.
  10. Phase 3: Assault Major Chetty leads Task Force 1 into a hail of fire. Shermans supporting Major Jensen's Task Force 2, answering, in kind. All of the Battlegroup's Stonks are dumped on the defenders. Major Chetty speeds onwards. Infantry from Major Ntsimango's Task Force 3, advance under artillery cover. Jerry answers with artillery fire on Task Force 2's base of fire, as our own barrage ends. Task Force 2 gets bogged down in house-to-house fighting, not far from their objective. Major Chetty's gamble pays off, as Bravo is virtually undefended. Task Force 1 quickly moves to exploit the enemy's rear. As the smoke from Task Force 2's light mortars clears, the 88 is ambushed. Major Chetty scores a battlefield commendation. As the bullets crack over their heads, the German officers decide it's not worth it, after all. If only they'd had that revelation, earlier.
  11. I've managed to finish it before F&R dropped. Still have to select, crop and upload the images, and the new games have been keeping me busy. I'll post part 3, soon!
  12. Why do the Challengers have this glacis cut-out for the driver? Doesn't it present a shot-trap, in the most vulnerable place?
  13. I've been re-trying this mission for 2 weeks now... It's tough, real tough. Haven't gotten past the forest, myself. Maybe today will be different? I think the mission is beautifully made, and it's intended to be a suicide mission. Welcome to the Ostfront.
  14. Warhammer 40k was a tabletop wargame prior to 8th edition (arguably 7th too). The rule book presented a consistent framework, and codices had unique factional doctrines. Although, it may require a melee combat system. Star Wars is essentially a CM WW2 reskin, and therefore the most fitting universe. Jedi/Sith/Force are extremely rare. The models for some of the weapons are already there like mg34, mg42, panzerschreck. DUST 1947 (another tabletop wargame) could literally be a module for CM titles, adding mechs and other outrageous equipment for existing factions. In the book, a platoon of these power armoured, nuke tossing, troopers can capture a planet. The mobile infantry doesn't have any support outside of sappers, psychics and half-dog, half-man hybrids. Bugs generally stick to underground tunnels, and fling asteroids. I think the movie would fit better into the CM scale. Although, with a distinct lack of support too. IMHO, the Roughneck Chronicles would be the best fit for CM scale.
  15. I've noticed this in RT, as well. Since then, I started changing the save name. Thought it was just my crappy hard drive.
  16. Can confirm, it just happened to me. The OOB even had a check-mark for COUNTER-ATTACK!
  17. Is there any unofficial fix for this?
  18. Phase 2: Base of Fire Snipers sit atop the hill, in sturdy brick structures on Point Charlie. Shermans have to fill in as field guns. Sustained HMG fire is forcing Jerry to pull back from Point Bravo. This flank looks weak, Major Chetty is growing eager for an attack. Forward observers enjoy a great view, as spotting rounds fall on Point Alpha. All of the Battlegroup's howitzers are coming down on Celleno. Task Force 1 is poised to strike. Task Force 2 and 3 are waiting for artillery cover. Assault is imminent.
  19. I wanted to do my high school Remembrance Day speech about the Boer War. But because it was largely forgotten (ironically), it had to be about Afghanistan or WW1. The audience cannot be yourself, unfortunately. Cold War is hot right now due to 80's nostalgia and even Call of Duty is on that band wagon. I'm just happy that some saint decided to fund Fortress Italy, as it is often forgotten. From what I gather, BFC is going to give Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg some love next. I'd love to see those titles expanded, hoping to see USMC vs VDV and Commonwealth vs Very Late War Germans. This being said, the Eastern Front is the biggest and baddest front in history. I will buy any game set in it (WW1 & 1812 too). Who knows? We may see a Renaissance of '40s nostalgia in the next decade or so?
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