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  1. Jungle/dense forest fighting works as well as any other CM infantry fight, guys. It has its own unique and interesting tactical challenges. It's really no more (or less) of a micro hassle than fighting urban scenarios -- easier in a way since you don't have multiple building levels to deal with. And the tree toggle is handy. The main problem with the current game engine in modeling this kind of fighting is that it *massively* undermodels concealment (targets are wayyyyy too easy to spot), and even the densest vegetation types are still way too easy to see through. To offset this in my Makin scenario, I made extensive use of gapped low bocage segments which truncate LOS and allow lots of sneak and peek. It's also important to use Green troops on the US side, to reflect the exhaustion that rapidly sets in, requiring commitment of fresh forces.
  2. There are probably many ways to design for this effect, but yes: a capable sniper ought to be a major pain in the arse to spot and winkle out, capable of forcing an entire platoon to ground and holding up an advance, as happened/happens a LOT in RL, especially in urban warfare or bocage/woodland warfare. Not simply spotted and plugged after his first couple of shots, as is common in game.
  3. Yes, snipers are spotted and die too easily. Part of why I want a generic 'camouflage' cover that provides (invisible) Smoke like cover to units until they move or fire (exempting single shots). In CMSF1 scenarios, I used to colocate a Spy with the Uncon Sniper (solo) to retrieve and use his rifle after rendering Buddy Aid when he quickly bought it. Alas, BFC stopped Spies retrieving weapons in SF2, no idea why.
  4. Come now, you must look past the indifference to modern dentistry and the compulsion to boil all flavour and nutrients out of food, to see the lush and glowing beauty. The Centurion didn't quite make it to WW2 combat, but that one Saxy tank, Lesstenant!
  5. Beauty is only turret ring deep, but ugly cuts to the mantlet. The entire KV series is beaten senseless with an ugly stick. Same with the Churchill line; it looks like it ought to be amphibious, but isn't. Seems like they could have built 2 tanks with all that extra hull or sumfink. For ugly German tanks (ungainly SP artillery like the sIG38 aside), you'd need to go back to War 1. Although the Hetzer is kind of the Tyrion Lannester of the JgdPz series. Lovably ugly, kind of like a pug: the M3 Stuart/Honey. I also rather like the Cromwell, very steampunk with those rivets. And the Valentine. I like the lines on the M24 Chafee, and have actually sat inside one (unit "Bazeilles", I believe) on the Dien Bien Phu battlefied. Also my personal pick for which WWII tank would I fight in.....
  6. One of the best "Haunted Tank" issues ever, the epic duel between Jeb Stuart and General Priess.... Cliffhanger.....
  7. Well, isn't the thread topic the entire point of the Girl und Panzer anime series?
  8. Yeah, those Ottawa skate commuters really book along! ... And Ontario had even bigger plans, back in the day! Linky
  9. OK, this thread is now thoroughly unmoored and drifting helplessly on the currents of free association. Don't miss the jitterbugging!
  10. Next thing you'll be telling me that D-Day wasn't the most decisive battle of WW2. ....Anyway, didn't some Americans and early Shermans fight in Third Alamein? So our dear old comrade Vergeltungstenllungenwaffendopfelpflussferdschragemusikgericht is likely in the right of it, not that that should stop us taking the hvss.
  11. Agreed, light mortars are pretty much the only organic weapon Commonwealth rifle companies have to neutralize German MG nests. Trying to flank and storm them merely gets a lot of pixeltommies killed. GIs can at least hope to suppress using their M1s and BARs. That all reflects the documented history. I have noticed while watching (CMBN) playtests on the AI controlled side, on-map mortars firing indirect have a lot quicker response time than do off-map ones. Which seems sensible.
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