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  1. Well, I am shamefaced to confess that, in violation of my sacred vows to CMBN before God, I have been wantonly flirting of late with the Vassal version of AH 'The Longest Day', which is at a scale where the above kind of strategic question is more relevant.
  2. On this item, I regret I remain unconvinced. Nigel Hamilton being a bit controversial himself, we'd need to consult the primary sources. However, this American historian seems to have done so: https://www.nytimes.com/1984/03/11/books/the-ally-we-loved-to-hate.html Mr. Hamilton's version denies that a large-scale British offensive seeking the rupture of the German lines on the eastern flank was ever contemplated. Unfortunately, the effort to confirm Montgomery's mastery of the battlefield through this argument does not square with the evidence. I have examined planning documents origi
  3. http://history.army.mil/brochures/normandy/nor-pam.htm The Americans would take the western flank closest to Cherbourg while the British operated to the east, on the approaches to Caen. Logistics determined the arrangement. American forces had arrived in Britain via the country's western ports and had positioned depots in those areas. It made sense for them to operate near those bases. In addition, responding to the congestion in Britain's ports brought on by preparations for the invasion, American logisticians planned to load ships in the United States for direct discharge onto the beach
  4. Merci bien for the on the ground perspective! And yes, I too am trying to be fair to Montgomery. To the Lord Protector: I don't own Hastings, but I dipped into Wilmot (I may own the only extant copy in the Philippines, now a bit mildewed). Ch 18: In April 1944, Montgomery wrote that British Second Army's initial role was to "protect the eastern flank of First US Army.... In its subsequent operations, the Second Army will pivot on its left and offer a strong front against enemy movement towards the lodgement area from the east". But its stated objectives were to shield the US opening
  5. Since this thread is already a bag of cats, I'll toss in a 'what if' history question: 1. Was it a foregone conclusion that the British should take the left flank of the Normandy lodgement (the traditional BEF position, next to the Channel), leaving the Americans on the right? Any ideas why? 2. Was there a case to be made for reversing the roles? Let the British and Canadians systematically clear Cherbourg and the Brittany ports* with their heavy guns, naval support and 'Funnies'. Meanwhile, the US First and Third Armies take the 'Colossal Crack' to break Rommel's panzer troops in a
  6. This is brilliant news, if true. I've never liked that you could sit at a distance and shoot men out of hard cover. It may lead me to finally acquire CMSF2, although work hasn't allowed me any gaming time in many months.
  7. Just don't put BFC's IP in the hands of some private equity smartass who promptly decides this community is too old and 'nichey' to be worth investing in and kills the whole thing. I mean, not without a nine figure payout anyway.
  8. Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring Another Half a Pint (there's some kind of foliage back there)
  9. Interesting offroad tires on the ammo carrier (?) there.
  10. Ah ha, just as expected, the Lord Protector is now caught in a subtle schoolmanly dodge! worthy of his august grandsire (who looks strangely like Rumpole of the Bailey, but isn't so nice). THE ARGUMENT 1. You didn't explicitly say the images had to be still photos. And is not a film, by definition, really just a collection of still images? 2. You haven't debarred newsreel stills, nor recoloured photos, nor heavily staged non-combat shots (e.g. the OP photo is clearly some REMFers tough guying over a kid someone else killed). 3. So now we reach the crux of my Clever Kn
  11. OK, totally pushing all boundaries and loopholes here, but desperate times demand desperate measures, and the truth must be attended by a bodyguard of lies! 1. Sing, Sing, Sing by Lou Prima 2. As Time Goes By, by Herman Hupfeld 3. Lili Marlene, by Norbert Schultze
  12. Hmm, Puritans aren't keen on participation trophies, are they? All those sumptuary laws and whatnot. Bugger....
  13. Lucille Bogan, 'Til the Cows Come Home' (1935). I didn't provide a link to the song, whose lyrics are extremely NSFW.
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