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  1. Mr. Neasbitt has learned the first lesson in How Not To Be Seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.... With regard to the OP, it seems fortification types are treated as immobile vehicles for certain purposes (though in some respects they are distinct). Therefore, they are spotted far more quickly than unfortified infantry. My longtime CM wishlist includes placeable abstracted 'camo' counters covering a single action spot. They do not hinder outgoing LOS but provide (invisible to the player) SMOKE like concealment to units in the square that have n
  2. Glad to see this thread still rocking out....
  3. "Team Yankee" is itself set within the future history backdrop of fomer BAOR commander John Hackett's "The Third World War: August 1985". Written in 1978 as a cautionary tale, it was a very influential book as the Brzezinski doctrine transitioned into the Reagan era. Klaus glanced down into the turret. It seemed to be full of blood and roughly butchered meat. There was an ugly smell of burning.. Hackett knew exactly what that looked like, from personal experience in M3 'Honeys' at Sidi Rezegh and later, at Arnhem.
  4. The building textures will work as is; the other mods would need reconversion.
  5. Yes, that occurred to me too. Especially since one possible gambit is to seize those tanks on the old airstrip and turn them on their former owners! Beats shipping them across lol and adds to defender confusion and demoralization. Providing your own side and air force knows that's in the plan.... Does anyone know if the Yonghu M60 has reactive armour?
  6. I'm reasonably good at buildings and other structures, as you know. Vehicles, not so much. @Erwin, do you happen to have that Korean war mod someone (@M1A1TC?) did for SF1? It had some good building textures: ugly green tilework, etc. My guess though is that this would become an offshoot of @37mm's H&E magnum opus, albeit with 'temperate zone' adjustments. BUT as I've noted elsewhere, work constraints strictly limit my ability to get sucked into another big project. .... But I was reading some (alarmist) stuff about how vulnerable Taiwan is to the New And Improved Xi PLA. And I w
  7. Agreed, and I was thinking you might be especially intrigued! The more time I spend zooming in/street view on GoogleMaps and Wikimapia, the more interesting little bits appear; for example, the disused southern airfield appears to be a tank park now. The workshops, though, are in the main base area, that cluster of hexes at the crossroads between the main city and the active airport.
  8. ... so I'm musing that the Longmen fishing port at the east end might offer a channel deep enough to run a modified cargo ship into, based on the bigger fishing boats moored there. You stick it fast in the entrance and unload across the mole. But it would certainly be a tricky operation, and wouldn't allow too many AFVs to be carried in. Transferring troops to lighters at sea (at night) to lighten the draft would be inviting disaster; the 'Black Ditch' channel running between Penghu and Taiwan proper is known to be a treacherous piece of water.
  9. I just spent several hours today pinning out a theoretical PLN Marine Corps coup de main against Magong Island, the largest in the Penghu (Pescadores) group. Magong, whose port was the key Japanese navy base and launch point for their 1941 invasion of the Philippines, sits about 30km offshore of the southern half of Taiwan. It would need to be neutralized or occupied by the ChiCom PLA as prelude or part of any invasion. Cursory research indicates the Penghu group is defended by 2 infantry brigades (likely reservists only activated in wartime) and the 503 Armoured Brigade with 60
  10. I haven't shared anything new yet, so whatever has gone to CMMODS are the CM1 editions. @Erwin, the file you're referencing is the Ramadi 'master' as it was in 2014. I've built a fair bit more since then to accommodate WICKED WEDNESDAY and some other stuff. ...Slowly I am starting to get the look I want; I don't want to choke my maps with thousands of objects but I want to convey an authentic atmosphere. No sterile generic looking maps for this expat.
  11. So I take it the CMCW hive mind does not place much weight on the Kharkovite monstrosity critique? 😝 Otherwise, we would have been watching 1/3 of your T64s "definitely to work as self-digging knifes" and not even to arrive on glorious field of battle?
  12. Merci bien for the kind words! The reason I gave up on DBP was that although bunkers have been hardened some since 2012, regular entrenchments don't provide anything like adequate infantry cover vs direct fire. So you can just stand back and blast infantry out of their holes, even with small calibres. Besides the lack of slit trenches, there are no embrasures or firing ports, even abstracted. Unpinned defenders 'prairie dog' up constantly to spot, and in time just get their heads shot off: law of averages. Alas, that hasn't changed much since 2012, as @RockinHarry and @Kaunitz have
  13. Ha! bon chance with this project, mon copain. Did the 1940 Armee de Terre have any special tactical strengths (intrenchment, mine warfare, use of field guns, etc.) brought in from their 1914-18 Calvary? ...This brings back memories of my 2012 effort to recreate a rather different AdT, at Dien Bien Phu. One possibly relevant point I recall is that the Hotchkiss and Reibel air cooled MGs and the MAC 24/29 LMG had quite distinct characteristics (although the Bren is probably close enough to stand in for the latter). Postwar feedback from Indochina: The 1924-1929 machine rifle "is
  14. I love the burning vehicle effects, with dense gouts of smoke and flame belching out. Far more atmospheric than CM which, being still at core a tactical wargame (animated ASL), uses the flames and smoke pillar as a marker.
  15. Hey, while we're fantasizing, how about a little Simon Stålenhag filter, for that 'Twilight of the Gods' feel?
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