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  1. If not done already the aquiring mortar in carrier issue (the one that was solved through changing the mortar to the airborne type) requires reopening also. That was also fixed in one area but not another. Was fixed for the mortars that are in the Carrier Platoons vehicles but not fixed for the mortars that are in the Anti-Tank Platoons vehicles.
  2. I tested it also after the patch dropped and I was able to get the Vickers team with the British Army. But the thought comes to my mind that I may have only tested with the Mechanised Infantry, Armor and Airborne Infantry categories. As I tend to avoid the Infantry Only category due to the formations being ruined from having thier vehicles removed.
  3. A "gaming" mate was there. Just seen him in the video also. He played as the French.
  4. Do not have any specifics on numbers but safe to say the answer is quite alot. And should add that with the target command they do not of course realise your trying to demolish the bridge and so also waste a fair bit of rounds from thier Besa machine guns. Not an cheap solution either. Also do not think I've tried on anything so big as in the screenshots posted above either, more this sort of size; I sense a test coming on when I am on my time off work this month. Would be good to know specific numbers for various bridges. As then could have forces fighting the delaying action on the far side while the Sappers are pounding the bridge to near destruction. Pause the pounding in order to bring the forces back to the home side, and then have the Sappers deliver the last coup de grace rounds. Rather than the delaying forces being on the home side trying to hold the enemy back and protect the AVRE (hence the overwatching Cromwell in screenshot above).
  5. Tend to resort to using the demolition gun on the AVRE to deal with the bridges in CMBN. At least the Sappers task gets to stay with them rather than being outsouced to the Gunners then.
  6. Just seem to be your standard armoured crew or mechanised crew. Hard to see whether those are wearing the infantry battledress or the tanker overalls though so unsure which. Imagine you were thinking that they were something new and special, but to me just look like the same crewman that British vehicles have always had in CMFI.
  7. I was contemplating doing something similar (for just the British in CMBN and CMFI). I’ve no problem checking for information in the manuals. However the manuals are just the details panels for vehicles and weapons. But what I am more interested to know about when purchasing my forces are the number of soldiers/crew included in a unit/vehicle and the gear that they have on them.
  8. This. I quickly tried, but failed, to find where in the manual or elsewhere that I read about this. But yeah it's my understanding as well that units set to hide on the deployment phase get an buff to thier ability to hide, at least until they are then spotted or unhide themselves for what ever reason. So I agree that the suggestion given here is already in the game in an abstracted manner if not graphical manner.
  9. Are we talking about using the mouse to change the camera view with the click drag method or the screen edge method?
  10. I was going to state about that any unit or vehicle is always more expensive when purchased "singularly" compared to when its included as part of the "formation" anyway. The Lloyd (60 pts, standard) can tow guns. The Bren/Universal (71 pts, standard) cannot tow guns. I dare say that's the answer. The reason to choose the Lloyd over the Bren/Universal is because you want to drag some guns about. So role wise your sort of comparing apples and oranges here. Now compare the Lloyd against the other vehicles that can tow guns such as the Jeep (48 pts, standard), Morris (42 pts, standard) and M5/M9 (73 pts, uncommon or limited). Does not seem so expensive in that context now does it? Disclaimer: values taken as examples from the "single vehicles" on the quick battles force selection screen, your values may differ.
  11. Not siding with any arguments here but the bolded is not true, unless you are refering to solely bridge related bugs?
  12. Do my eyes decieve me or does the once "mythical" Parachute Battalion now exist within CMBN Quick Battles. Need to investigate some more though at the moment appears the Airborne Infantry category on the force selection screen now matches between Quick Battles and Scenario Designer. More hot fixes please.
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