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  1. We agree on that. Another example is that sometimes, a tank will fire at an enemy tank, but then enemy infantry will appear, and your tank will start to fire at those instead. I think the answer is not to add another command, but to tweak the TacAI to be more focused on taking out the bigger threat.
  2. I understand well what you are saying and it makes sense in a rational way. I just don't think average soldiers in WW2 could always keep their cool like that. You're in a platoon of what, 30 really young guys? They haven't slept for days and they have been shelled and maybe lost friends. Now suddenly Germans walk past. Who knows if there will be a guy with an MG. Who knows if the next moment, they'll spot you and your mates?
  3. Easy to give the order maybe, but do you think average Joe Trooper will keep his cool and calmly let those German armoured cars roll by? I think regular WW2 troops would be pretty jittery when getting overrun. Executing a normal ambush would be hard enough, cherrypicking enemy targets would be even harder.
  4. If you set one,they will ignore all infantry and only fire at armour inside the arc. This is very useful, also to defeat "dirty tricks" like the one you described above.
  5. OK, I see. But that kind of fine-grained situation is getting into special forces tactics. You'd need very well trained and led troops to set up such a specific ambush. And even if you did have a special "target only heavy armour arc" you'd get into many grey areas. Many armoured cars are basically small tanks on wheels. Should they be targeted? How about the German halftracks with heavy guns? How about a Stuart, is that a real tank or should the command wait for a Sherman? Or a Firefly? I'd still say the best would be to set a short target arc to prevent firing. Hide, then watch the
  6. Not sure. I'm no expert. But I assume that light armour was often used in a screening role, which I guess also means to keep pushing forward as long as the enemy doesn't put up any serious resistance. When the main line of defence is found, that's when you bring up the real tanks. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. You have some hit decal mod active that doesn't show penetrations?
  8. I understand it's frustrating to waste a valuable AT asset on a halftrack or armoured car, but I actually think it's a valid gameplay design decision to have it work like this. It allows the attacker to use light armour to bait the defender into revealing his positions. If you really want to prevent firing at lesser targets, you can make a very short arc, and then manually give a target order once your enemy's prime asset rolls into view.
  9. Ok, I understand where you're coming from. Of course my intention was never to break anything - I was just explaining the point I made about foxholes above.
  10. I'm already quite well acquainted with the game. Maybe when you also get more familiar with it, you will see there's some sense in what I'm saying.
  11. Great catch. I hereby nominate you for the most obscure nitpick prize
  12. Whether or not it's realistic to see 37mm penetrate depends of course on the exact gun, ammo, and model of the Pz IV. If you want to play around with the combinations, here's a good site for it: http://www.wwiiequipment.com/pencalc/#
  13. I've seen Greyhounds knocking out Panzer IV's frontally from 600m plus. The Panzer IV is a rubbish tank in this game, IMO. Probably it's modelled correctly - I honestly don't know. But you need to play it as an armoured car because it's so fragile. The only real problem I have with it is that it seems way overpriced in terms of points in the game for what you get.
  14. I agree they do give some protection against artillery if you give a hide order. The problem is you need to give that order in a game system where you can only give orders once every 60 seconds. The troops can't just duck down like they would in real life. Also, if a shell lands close to the troops in the foxholes, they will now be suppressed and 'cowering', which doesn't give them the protection bonus of the foxhole, and at the same time, you lose the ability to give them orders. So because they are trying to hide from artillery, you can't give them the order they need to actually do it.
  15. WW2: Arty falling on top of buildings doesn't penetrate the thin roof to explode inside the building. Troops are safe on the top floor against even 150mm shells. Bunkers can be taken out quite easily by 75mm HE rounds. Foxholes and trenches offer little protection. Flamethrowers are redundant in this game, as there is no defensive position that can't be easily destroyed by 75mm HE direct fire or even small arms in many cases. You can order any vehicle in the game to go to a location and open fire from there (by giving a target order from the last waypoint). But this do
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