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  1. Yes, the game currently has it the wrong way around. It's either a bug or a design flaw. Thinking it's a bug since the manual says they should immediately drop down when shot at even if they don't see who's shooting at them.
  2. Also I think it is because in ancient war, if the guys on your flank start to retreat, you have to do it too, or suffer a horrible death. In WW2, in many cases, if one flank gave way, you would either be surrounded and/or you could surrender. Each individual soldier could often decide to surrender, and have a pretty good chance of surviving.. you usually couldn't do that on the ancient battlefield (unless you were a noble worth a ransom).
  3. I think the main difference is that in ancient battles, each soldier could see directly what happened to most or at least many of his companions, whereas in modern war, each soldier can't see the big picture. As long as it seems he and his mates are winning in their little area, morale is high, and if they are not winning, they die or get captured fast anyway.
  4. In FOGII, better units are also much less likely to fail their morale checks, so are less likely to get into a panic ripple. What does work is to target units that are disordered, rather than to attack units that are low quality. I find FOGII gameplay to be quite simplistic and more like chess than a simulation of ancient warfare. But about your question, I think that in general, both ancient and WW2 warfare was about isolating the enemy units and defeat them piecemeal. If you kill or drive off all the peasant spearmen, the small group of armoured elites won't be able to stand foreve
  5. It's not about waypoint discipline.. I always did it the recommended way with a waypoint before and after the bridge, and never really had trouble until now after the recent patches.
  6. Even if two teams are in the same square, they unfortunately can't point and say "Look, the tank is right there". The best they can do is to share the spotting contact info, which is supposed to make it easier for the other team to get a spot, but doesn't guarantee it. I think it sounds strange that the binoculars team could not get a spot even after six minutes, but it could be due to how the individual team members position themselves inside the square. If they went prone behind a short wall for example, they wouldn't spot anything, binos or not.
  7. Spotting info is shared almost instantaneously, but there's a bug in the system that means vehicle contact info isn't shared if the vehicle moved since it was first spotted. Maybe that's what you're seeing.
  8. I think they do tactical reloads though. Pretty sure I noticed once that some guys that had been sitting in the same spot without enemy contact suddenly started to reload. Was surprised because I thought it wasn't in the game.
  9. It's not really anything I'd prefer them to spend their time working on, since apparently they literally have a list of 10,000 other issues that could be fixed or improved. But a basic animation of stabbing with bayonets or the stock of a rifle and the outcome being determined by experience, fatigue, and morale + a random element could work.
  10. It happens sometimes in confused city or forest fighting. Happened in my bout with Josey Wales for example. Doesn't need to be prolonged either - sometimes they will only notice they need to reload once they enter the building and fire off a couple of shots.
  11. I think it was rare but probably happened more often than we think... both in urban fighting and when assaulting, sometimes soldiers could suddenly find themselves head to head with enemies at extreme close range, in a room of a building or when jumping into an enemy trench and being caught between reloads for example.
  12. They could buy ready-made animations for a whole lot less than a wheelbarrow of cash. It's not 1990's anymore. "A set of 53 motion capture animations of crouching and proning for a character with rifle." Price: €13.40 https://assetstore.unity.com/3d/animations?category=3d%2Fanimations&q=soldier&orderBy=1
  13. Problem is, in CM, troops do break, but they don't run. You can still order them right back into battle. And while they are not as good as fresh troops, they can still fight. I've completed some Normandy beach scenarios where all my teams were broken at the end, but I could still storm enemy trenches. Had to keep ordering them back, of course, but it could be done. I don't think any shouting from Napoleon would have won his final battle.
  14. The pipeline after RT, per Steve: CM Final Blitzkrieg Module. This will take the Western Front from the Rein to the Elbe. CM Black Sea Module. Picture US Marines, Ukrainian VDD, and Russia VDV forces added to the mix. CM Red Thunder Battle Pack. A bunch of battles for the late Summer 1944 time period was started a while back and is now moving forward again. At least one more Battle Pack, yet to be determined. I'm taking their pipeline with a pinch of salt. Especially after the military contract, I could imagine some of those priori
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