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  1. Strangely, the wikipedia article on moire says it "can be overcome in texture mapping through the use of mipmapping and anisotropic filtering". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moiré_pattern
  2. It's cool that the game keeps tracking ricochets, but that bullet would never hurt anyone after bouncing like that... If it flies up and then falls back from gravity, it doesn't reach a high enough velocity.
  3. You're right - for a moment I forgot that since I voiced an opinion about the price of a StuG, I shouldn't help answering this guy's question about a completely different thing.
  4. Historical rarity is handled by the rarity points system. The Luchs costs more than ten times more rarity points than the Stuart. If BFC then also makes the Luchs cost more basic points in order to represent historical availability, to my mind that suggests that they are confused about how their own unit price system was intended to work. They mix up apples and oranges. Here's another argument: Look at the price of a Puma. Also a historically very rare vehicle, but it costs less than the Luchs, and it's a much better AFV.
  5. It seems BFC are confused about their own pricing system. How else do we explain that a Panzer II with a 20mm cannon and 1 MG and no cupola costs 155 points, while a Stuart with a 37mm gun that can also fire canister rounds, 2 MGs, a .50 cal and a cupola costs 114 points? And that's before we add the whopping 1240 rarity points for the Panzer II, and the ... 114 rarity points for the Stuart. If a Stuart is still too expensive for you, there's also a Greyhound scout car which has most of what the Stuart has, but for 84 points and 0 rarity points.
  6. I did not know that and I didn't bother to count points. Interesting. Each formation starts with 50 points. Thank you! I am not sure how to use that yet but it looks like adding single vehicles to the existing formations might be better rather than adding a new formation with few vehicles. Just remember each single vehicle you purchase costs 15 points extra, unless it's already part of the formation.
  7. Correction to my earlier post: The M36 Jackson is not 360 points, but 277 points when purchased as a single vehicle. The point of comparing with a vehicle that's not in CMBN was mostly just to see if it could yield some clues to whether there's some formula for how points costs are calculated, and if so, how it works. In comparison, a Firefly is 248 or 249 points depending on model. As noted before in the thread, the StuG is 299 points. Another fun comparison: The light tank Lynx with its little 2cm gun is 155 points. A US Greyhound with a 37mm gun and a .50 cal is... 84 points.
  8. I think a more likely explanation for the weird pricing is simply that different units were added at different times as different games and modules were released, and the people who decided the unit price points might not be the same people between games, so you end up with a hodgepodge of different pricing decisions that maybe made sense at the time but not in the big picture later. Could it have been the same person who decided a Firefly should cost 240 points, but an M36 Jackson should cost... I think it's 360 points? Not at my computer right now.
  9. I think of it more like poker: A game of chance where you can increase the odds of winning if you know the probabilities of all the different outcomes. But sometimes you just get dealt a really bad hand. I played a small PBEM game where my opponent had a Panther and a Wirbelwind. I penetrated the Wirbelwind two times with 57mm - first from the front, then from the side. It just kept on going and chewing up my infantry. Later, I penetrated the Panther's turret from the side. It kept on running. Finally, my last hope was a bazooka team I hid at the bridge behind a small hedge. The Panther crossed the bridge through the armour arc, and passed right by the hedge, without getting spotted by the bazooka team. The Panther continued about 100 metres and then spotted the bazooka team hidden behind it, turned around and took them out. So, yeah, luck does play a big role in the game.
  10. How come the Firefly is only 240 points then, about the same as a Panzer IV? If the regular Sherman is only cheap because of its mediocre gun, you'd think that it would be very expensive when combined with one of the most powerful guns in WW2.
  11. Is this official or your own theory of how it works? A couple of comments: If minimum front armour makes a tank cheap, then why is the Panzer IV so much more expensive than the Sherman? Tigers don't really have bad mobility and side armour though. Ammo supply shouldn't make tanks cheaper than StuGs when tanks have much more ammo.
  12. The only reason more people don't really notice this is that the KT is severely restricted by rarity. But yes, going with the "points cost reflects general unit combat power", then 7 StuGs vs 5 King Tigers makes it pretty clear something is not priced right.
  13. I guess you mean it's "heavier" because the 3rd platoon in total carries 3xMG whereas the other two platoons carry 2 each. I think it would be nice if these relatively light squads were not named the same as the 'real' Heavy Sturm squads from 1. and 2. Sturm Zug. Maybe call them "Sturm Support Squad" or similar. Just an idea.
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