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  1. Shouldn't the armband be on the upper arm?
  2. But the big ol' gun behind the sandbags is apparently invisible until it fires. Why the difference in spotting the gun and the sandbags? Both can be camouflaged.
  3. Isn't the reason that it's so slow that you have chosen to focus on modern titles instead? CMBS, CMSF2, Cold War.. and then also going forwards in time with CMFR and CMFB.
  4. But isn't this also the case for CM: Cold War? Didn't you also have to create all the new vehicles, tanks, soldiers, and weapons from scratch with this game? Isn't a Cold War title also kind of niche?
  5. Is it true that BFC has an aversion to the early war? If so, what might be the reason for that?
  6. I also believe I have seen several cases of troops starting to fire on friendly troops, which definitely didn't happen a couple of years ago. So I think some kind of friendly fire mechanism has been implemented recently. Or maybe it's a bug. I prefer to think it's a feature.
  7. Yes, this was what I discovered back then. But apparently BFC considered it a bug and "fixed" it. Later on I could not get it to work. Haven't tried it in the newest version.
  8. I think it's more about a lot of Americans wanting to fight the Communists, and Korea would be too.. ambiguous for them.
  9. More of the same mostly. It's not going to be much different from CMRT.
  10. I personally find decapitation more interesting.
  11. Ah, come on.. what's a little decapitation between friends
  12. However, in CM, it will usually hit the turret front, knocking out the PzIV H just as easily.
  13. It seems to me that tanks have firing-range accuracy in this game, while infantry accuracy has been dialled down a lot to simulate combat conditions. So in effect, tanks and infantry are playing by different rules.
  14. Looked into this out of curiosity, and it seems decapitating dead bodies is actually considered against the additional protocol to the Geneva Convention, but that was only adopted in 1949. That's the legality of it. Whether it's immoral to cut off a head of a dead enemy.. well I don't know. Throwing a grenade into his foxhole while he's sleeping is also pretty brutal, as is cutting his throat (but not cutting off his head), shooting him, etc. The thing in the story I could object to is the apparent sadism in sparing one of the Germans only to torment him with the sight of his decapit
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