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  1. La referencia a la versión 4.03 sugiere que en realidad se trata de CMBN en lugar de CMCW. Si tienes un "CD antiguo" de este juego, es probable que tengas una versión anterior del juego (posiblemente la 1.0) que no puede usar el parche 4.03 directamente. De hecho, la versión 1.x de CMBN no se puede usar con Windows 10 debido a una incompatibilidad con el sistema de protección contra copias, si esa es la versión de Windows en la que estás intentando ejecutar el juego. Los últimos parches requieren la compra de actualizaciones del motor del juego CMBN. Para la versión 4.03, necesitaría tanto la actualización 3.0 como la actualización 4.0 (asumiendo que la versión base del juego es 1.xo 2.x). La clave de licencia original no sería necesaria con la actualización 4.0. Si su copia de CMBN es una versión 1.x, entonces puede comprar una combinación de las actualizaciones 3.0 y 4.0 para usar el último parche: CMBN 3.0 + 4.0 Upgrade Bundle
  2. Para ser claros, ¿tiene un problema con CMCW (que se lanzó recientemente este año)? Cuando ingresa la clave de licencia, ¿le está diciendo que no es válida o recibe un error diferente durante el proceso de activación? Si está 'sin activaciones', puede abrir un ticket con el servicio de asistencia técnica (haga clic en el botón azul, '+ nuevo ticket' en la parte superior derecha) y proporcione su clave de licencia y ellos pueden agregar una activación por usted. ¿Se trata de una clave de licencia impresa en una pegatina que viene con las compras de 'solo envío por correo'? Si su clave de licencia está en línea (listada en su cuenta de la tienda), y la está copiando y pegando, tenga cuidado con exactamente lo que está copiando (sin espacios en blanco adicionales, etcétera). El último parche para CMCW es 1.01. Aplicarlo no debería afectar la validez de su clave de licencia. No sé si la descarga completa está en 1.01 todavía.
  3. My only guess is that it may have been a 'content issue' where the scenario or an unit in the QB is from a module that your opponent doesn't have. However I was under the impression that as long as one player had a license for the material and both opponents are on the same version (using an all-in-one installer so that all resources files are present on both sides) that it should have worked.
  4. How are you transferring the files back and forth, simply as attachments to emails or via DropBox or some other file sharing service ? Typically it shouldn't be necessary (and it adds a bit more work to the whole process), but you can possibly have your opponent zip or compress their turn (with separate compression software, such as 7zip, etc.) before sending it to you and see if that makes any sort of difference. You will, of course, have to decompress that file before bringing it into the game.
  5. Unless your purchase of the CMBN base game was at version 3.x or 4.x (or it was a Commonwealth/CMBN bundle), then YOU DO NOT NEED THE v. 1.0 LICENSE KEY. If your purchase of CMBN was a 'pre-order' or a 'download + mail delivery', then the license key was emailed to you and/or it is listed with your purchase in your Battlefront Store account (you'll need to find the order, which may be pretty old). The only items that got a printed license key were the 'mail delivery only' copies (I assume that is still the case).
  6. The 'manual activation' process is DEAD as far as I'm aware. I think after the 2.0 Upgrade it didn't work anymore since it was a slightly newer copy-protection system and it no longer supported the manual activation process. It will point to a dead page on the site (or generate a '404 error'). What version of CMBN are you trying to activate ? If you've installed a 4.x version of CMBN, then the 1.0 Base Game and 2.0 Upgrade license keys are not needed and will not be recognized (as far as I'm aware). So I assume that may account for the error you're getting if you're trying to activate with the 1.0 Base Game license key. If you're installing under Windows 10, I would NOT bother to install starting from 1.0 and applying each module, upgrade and patch to reach 4.03 (which you would have to install in a specific sequence or you will find content disappearing). Just use the 4.0 Upgrade download to install. I don't think you're going to get any different of an outcome by slogging through all of the modules, upgrades and patches compared to just using the all-in-one installer. The 1.x version will not run under Windows 10 due to the incompatibility of the copy-protection system and you would be unable to activate any license keys while running as a 1.x install. If you're installing CMBN 4.x, then you only need the 4.0 and 3.0 Upgrade license keys to activate the base game (both will be needed for the game to work at all). The other license keys (Commonwealth, Market-Garden, Vehicle Pack, Battle Pack) can be activated at any time and they just activate the content that is already present. In other words the game can run without them, but you will not be able to access the specific content until that license key is activated. I'm not sure what may be going on in the game not coming up with a license activation process on launch, especially if it only does that sometimes. The license activation windows should come up as long as the base game is not fully activated (in the case of 4.x that would mean activating the 4.0 and 3.0 Upgrade license keys). Activations remain in place even when you perform an uninstall of the game. They only disappear if you reinstall Windows (especially if done 'from scratch'), upgrade your hardware significantly (this may result in a 'license error' or the game simply not running), possible version upgrades of Windows and logging into Windows with a different account than what the game was activated under (that was the case in the past, I believe).
  7. As others have pointed out, yes, you can install the download version and use your CD-based license key. However, as Redwolf pointed out, what exact product is that license key for ? If this is the original 1.0 version of CMBN, then the license key is useless for a CMBN 4.x installation. For that you would need at a minimum the 4.0 Upgrade and the 3.0 Upgrade license keys in order to activate the base game. The 1.x or 2.x Upgrade license keys would not be needed and would not be recognized. If you were to install a CMBN 3.x installation, then the 2.0 Upgrade and the 3.0 Upgrade license keys would be needed. Installing and activating (or attempting to activate) the CMBN 1.x installer/license key will NOT work under Windows 10 since the copy-protection system for that version does not work with Windows 10 (Version 2.x or possibly 3.x would be the minimum that would work with Windows 10).
  8. In the past (I'm not sure if this is the case currently), if you had USB headphones plugged in while activating the license key, then you would need those headphones plugged in to run the game. The USB headphones became part of the 'hardware ID' associated with the license key for activation. If things changed enough that the 'hardware ID' didn't quite match, then the game wouldn't run - most likely resulting in a 'license error', but it could also end up with the game not running. The 'hardware ID' was an effort to prevent the game from being copied to another PC and running it there. At some point with one of the Engine Upgrades the 'tightness' of the hardware ID info was loosened and that may have reduced some of the issues with USB devices (possibly). Is your 'new sound system' an USB device (headphones or external sound chip/amp) ? Is there no other sound card/on-board audio that is enabled with this system ? If your system lacked any sound, then I can only guess that CM considers sound a necessity and won't run without it (?).
  9. In the past I've added profiles within the Nvidia Control Panel (3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings tab) for CM games. This should usually get the game to run on the Nvidia hardware when it is launched. However it is interesting that CMCW is running fine and CMRT is having an issue (assuming that you don't have a profile already setup for CMCW).
  10. As Redwolf was hinting at... You probably need to activate the 4.0 Upgrade license key. CMRT came out as a version 3.0 engine and the Fire & Rubble module requires the 4.0 Upgrade. There's a mild possibility that your base game could already be a 4.0 version (if your purchase of the base game was after the 4.0 Upgrade was released), but from what you're experiencing I would assume not.
  11. With a download link, there should be a license key listed in your Battlefront Store account, assuming you purchased a 'pre-order' or a 'download + mail delivery' item. If the license key is not there, then contact the Helpdesk (click the blue, '+ new ticket' button in the upper right). You will probably need to provide your sales order number (or whatever proof of purchase there is) and they can possibly help you out with a license key.
  12. For CMBN 4.x to work you have to activate both the 4.0 Upgrade and 3.0 Upgrade license keys. Depending on when you purchased CMBN the base game's license key could be anything from version 1.x to 4.x or you could have an Upgrade license key that is a combo of 3.x and 4.x. I assume you've had CMBN for awhile and you have the 3.0 Upgrade and 4.0 Upgrade. Activating those to license keys will get the basic game running (no modules). Use the 'Activate New Products' shortcut (located in the game's main folder/directory) to activate any further license keys (modules and packs). The 1.x and 2.0 Upgrade license keys are NOT necessary and do NOT need to be activated. For CMFI it is a similar situation where you'll want to activate the 3.0 Upgrade and 4.0 Upgrade license keys to get the base game running at version 4.x. And again using the 'Activate New Products' shortcut to activate modules, etc. The 2.x base game license key should NOT be needed.
  13. Erwin is correct. The current copy-protection system does NOT have an unlicense feature and doesn't require an uninstallation of a previous install. CMSF1 and CMA use the eLicense system that supported up to 2 concurrent activations. With that system if you needed to install on another computer you needed to unlicense at least one of the previous activated installations. The current system (since CMBN) comes with 4 activations per license key and they just get 'used up'. If you run out of activations you can contact the Helpdesk and request an activation be added to your license keys (that you'll need to provide).
  14. If you're downloading and installing the 'all-in-one' installer (CMBN 4.03), then you DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL ANYTHING ELSE. By installing the Market Garden module you're replacing the 4.03 executables with an older version (CMBN was at 2.x with Market Garden). The all-in-one installer already has the Market Garden content, you simply need to activate it with your license key using the 'Activate New Products' shortcut, which MIGHT be on your desktop or in your main game folder/directory.
  15. Can you locate the file that you just downloaded (often in the 'Downloads' folder for most browsers) ? What is the name of that file ? Typically downloads will NOT be directly executable as some previous posts have pointed out. So your browser offering to 'run' what you just downloaded is not going to do anything. Your download is likely a compression archive (.zip or .rar) that needs to be extracted which will produce the actual installer files that you can run to install the game. Follow Sgt. Squarehead's advice above to get things running. If you have followed his advice, then tell us exactly at what point you're running into an error and what that error is.
  16. On Windows, typically all of the games after CMBN will install a number of their files in the user's 'Documents' folder in a path like (for CMFI in this case) 'C:\Users\{user name}\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\...'). CMBN also installs files in the Documents folder, but in a slightly different path. The main game executable, graphics and audio files (in .brz files) will be installed to the 'Program Files (x86)' directory (or elsewhere if you specified a custom directory), but the data files (scenarios, campaigns, saved games, mods, etc.) will be within the 'Documents' folder for that user account (even if you specify a 'custom' directory for install). Moving the data files from the Documents folder over to the game's main folder does NOT work (but I'm not fully certain on this). The files are expected in the Documents folder and the game will not look for them elsewhere, even if that is within the game's own executable folder.
  17. Windows Update causes some mysterious issues sometimes. The KB5005031 update applies to Windows 10 Enterprise v. 1909. I have the Windows 10 Pro v. 21H1 equivalent (KB5005033) installed and I didn't run into this issue myself with the CM games not running. This fix primarily addresses a vulnerability in a particular print management system, requiring elevated permissions to install drivers/printers - something seemingly totally unrelated to the running of a game. However there are probably other little security fixes that may inadvertently affect other programs/functions. Were any of the games launched with 'Run as administrator' (typically requiring an 'acknowledgement dialog' before running the game) ? So with the update installed, using the 'Compatibility Mode' for Windows 8 allowed it to run, and then uninstalling the update allowed CM games to run without the compatibility mode setting, correct ?
  18. Interesting. It looks like the 3D portion of the bocage on the bottom is not part of the LOD model or there is a version without it. In the third picture you can see the middle set of bocage having a rise from the ground to meet the foliage texture, whereas the two on the sides completely lack that 3D portion. In the 4th picture all of the bocage sets have their bottom 3D portion. It looks like it is just a matter of choice for the game engine to use a simpler LOD model at that distance for some of the sets to lower its graphic rendering/memory load. Somewhat like trees and other items on the map that disappear depending on your zoom and the camera distance.
  19. If you have any older saves than the one just before the enemy surrenders, try those. My guess is that all saves for the Objective Diane scenario may result in an eventual crash. As galling as it may seem, you may want to try SURRENDERING at some point within the Objective Diane scenario and see if it allows a play through to the next mission. Without casualties to your core force it might be possible to continue on.
  20. I'm not sure exactly what may be causing this. The MS Visual C++ Runtime library appears to be something used with the Steam version as the BFC version doesn't utilize/require the Visual C++ Runtimes to my knowledge. The original CMSF series had problems with the Task Force Thunder campaign crashing around the Night Stalkers or Dagger Fight mission loading up (usually 'Night Stalkers'), which occurs much later. With CMSF2 the campaign structure was changed to my knowledge (with 'branching' of specific missions being eliminated). I'm not specifically aware of any issues with the current Task Force Thunder campaign, but there's still a possibility that there may be some. Do you have any previous saves of the campaign that you could load (most likely not, I would assume) ? If you do, try one of those and see if it loads up. If it does, then you may need to play the campaign from this file and see if it eventually runs into the same problem with the Objective Normandy mission (Mission 9) loading up. Do you have problems playing any QBs or scenarios with CMSF2 ? If you don't, then it would appear to be an issue with the campaign save file. If you DO have issues playing QBs or scenarios, then you may need to experiment with some game settings such as your video display settings (within your video driver's control panel) or possibly the Options within CMSF2 (such as 'shadows', etc.).
  21. Typically 'blurry text' in CM is due to video drivers. However, this usually manifests itself in a majority of CM's text on-screen and not in just one location. With Intel integrated video (often seen on laptops and sometimes desktops) there is no workaround since the issue is built-into the drivers. With Nvidia GeForce it is often caused by FXAA anti-aliasing, which can be turned off within the Nvidia Control Panel (either a 'global' setting for all applications, or specifically for CM if you have created a 'profile' for it, but this would apply only to that game which has a profile created for it). If you are seeing this problem in only one spot, then you may need to DECREASE the resolution that CM is running at since the text and graphics are 'fixed' in size and will appear quite small with higher resolutions. This is especially true with 'greater than HD' resolutions (those typically above 1920 x 1080), though the size of the display may help a bit. If you want to change the resolution, then there are only a few 'discrete' resolutions listed within the 'Options' menu. Anything not listed there would have to be set within the 'display size.txt' file within your CM main folder (this would be true for each individual game). The format for resolutions there would be: 1920 1080 60 This is a format of: horizontal resolution vertical resolution vertical refresh rate A space between each resolution component and no additional lines (like 'Enter') after the vertical refresh rate. This needs to be saved as a simple text file, so no editing with MS Word. Vertical refresh rates are often 60Hz for most displays, but there are displays that support different (often higher) vertical refresh rates. Make sure you know what your display is capable of if you put in anything other than 60.
  22. I tried screen captures under Windows 10 Pro v. 21H1 using a Radeon RX 480 and the 21.6.1 AMD drivers. If your Radeon R7 is a built-in GPU on a CPU/APU such as the A10-7700K, then you will probably max out with the 21.5.2 AMD video driver. 'PrintSc' failed to capture an OpenGL screen (which is par for the course and to be expected) and the same was true of Window's 'Snip & Sketch' (desktop captures only). I also failed to get a screenshot with the Radeon software's screen capture utility (Ctrl + Shift + I). I don't know if I had it misconfigured or if the utility doesn't support OpenGL applications well. The 'XBox Gamebar' (usually installed with most Windows 10 installs) mentioned by 'chuckdyke' DID manage to work. However it doesn't automatically copy your capture to the clipboard to paste into an image editor. You first have to go back to the utility (via the 'Windows key + G'), highlight the capture that you want from the visual listing and then press the 'Copy to Clipboard' button in order to paste it into a paint program such as Corel Paint. The nice feature here is that there can be any number of screen captures that you can highlight and then 'copy to clipboard' (I assume 'one at a time'). So you can capture multiple screenshots without having to Alt-Tab out of CM each time in order to paste that capture in a program. Programs like FRAPS should also work for screen captures (though the last update was 8 years ago). OBS Studio is another program that supposedly works well (though I haven't used it myself).
  23. Can your opponent open the file that they''re sending ? It will obviously prompt for your password, but see if it gets that far or not (they will need to manually move it to their 'Incoming Email' folder). If they can't open it, then it has been generated as a corrupt file (though there may be other issues with possible corruption beyond the initial load). If that is the case, then they will need to regenerate the file again (re-issuing orders or whatever is happening). I suggest that your PBEM opponent zip/compress the file and then send it to you via DropBox. You will of course have to uncompress that file and move into the appropriate game folder. Hopefully that will work.
  24. I've heard of the 'spinning camera' issue a few times, but I've never known what the true cause is. Do you have more than one input device hooked up (i.e. - more than one mouse or a joystick or other input controller) ? If you do, disconnect it (shut down CM first) and then see if the problem continues. If this is a laptop and you're using a mouse, attempt to disable the trackpad in the Device Manager (this may be kind of hard determining which 'Human Interface Device' it may be, hopefully it might be listed under the 'Mice and other pointing devices' section, if it exists). If this still doesn't work, then restart your computer and run CM and see if the issue continues. There's also a mild possibility of a stuck 'arrow key' on the keyboard, but this seems to be a rare possible cause.
  25. The 3.0 Upgrade came out some time around October 2014 (based on my purchases). IF you purchased the base game or a bundle that included the base game AFTER that point, then the base game would be a 3.0 version. However, I assume that IS NOT what happened here. If you're absolutely sure you cannot find a 3.0 Upgrade purchase in your purchase history (and your 4.0 Upgrade purchase is not a '3.0 + 4.0 bundle'), then you'll need to purchase the 3.0 Upgrade (CMFI 3.0 Upgrade, US$5.00). Once you've done that, I suggest using the download link from your 4.0 Upgrade of CMFI for your installer. This installer should be patched to the latest version and should not require any other files to install. If you're satisfied that your current install is up-to-date, then activate the 3.0 Upgrade with the 'Activate New Products' link (that MIGHT be on your desktop or within the game's main folder) and put in your 3.0 Upgrade license key. You should get a confirmation screen with the green boxes listing every product/license key that is currently activated for CMFI and the 3.0 Upgrade should now be among them.
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