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  1. One problem with a 'public' bug reporting system (using publically submitted bugs) is how much duplication there is in reporting and the quality of that reporting. Even among the beta-testers this happens on occasion. This causes a bit of 'noise' in the reporting, where the developer has to sort through the multiple reports trying to find the best or most workable reports. There is also the issue of attempting to confirm the bugs. Some issues may not be bugs or the details aren't sufficient to reproduce the problem and that clutters up the reporting system. With publically submitted bugs this
  2. What Windows version are you attempting to run this on and what version of CMBN are you trying to install ? The 1.x versions of CMBN will generate this error since the copy-protection version in this version of CMBN isn't compatible with Windows 10. If you are trying to install CMBN, you may want to use an installer for a newer version (2.0 +) and that should hopefully get you running.
  3. Are you comparing CMBB (CM2 - Barbarossa to Berlin) to one of the newer games like CMBN, CMSF2, etc ? The GOG version/distribution is exactly the same as the one Battlefront used to sell (version 1.03); other than the lack of copy-protection on the GOG distribution. Admittedly the interface on the newer games make selecting units and passengers quite a bit easier compared to the older games. Perhaps change your view ('numbers 1 - 6') and see if one of the overhead views makes selecting passengers any easier.
  4. Open a ticket with the Helpdesk (click on the blue '+new ticket' button in the upper right). I'm not sure what they require for the Paradox base games, but they should be able to sort you out for activating CMSF2.
  5. With CMBN you will need to purchase the '3 + 4 Upgrade Bundle', which will upgrade you all the way to 4.x. Once this is purchased, downloading and installing the 'full installer' will be a replacement for the current CMBN + MG install.
  6. Unfotunately this appears to be a long-standing problem with the Intel OpenGL drivers and bitmapped text. No setting within the Intel driver control panel disables this aliasing effect. The only way for BFC to 'fix' this issue is to completely re-vamp the 2D graphic presentation system utilizing non-bitmapped text, a very significant programming effort. Or Intel could simply set an option within their driver to disable their aliasing/'smoothing' or bitmap compression.
  7. When CMC was in development it was initially aimed at CMBB. A special version of CMBB was necessary in order to get the stats from a battle and to possibly read the battles that would be created by the Campaign game (which required all of the maps for the campaign to be pre-made in CMBB). Right now I don't think any of the CM2 games has any code like this at the moment. The 'military contract' versions of CMSF2/CMBS put out some end-game stats and, I assume, have the ability to have some weapon behavior/data modified. The end-game output stats however may not be of the type that would be most
  8. Login to what, the Battelfront Store ? If so, when you login (from the main page, upper right, 'Login' button), there is text below the dialog boxes for entering your email and password, "Lost your password ? Click here to reset it." Click on the 'Click here' text. If the email account is not recognized you'll have to figure out what account it actually is. If you can't figure it out, open a ticket with the Helpdesk (blue button in upper right '+new ticket') and they may be able to get you connected again (with some additional personal identifying info).
  9. The only other content for CMBS is the 'Battle Pack'. Use the 'Activate New Products' shortcut for CMBS and use the Battle Pack license key and see if that activates. I don't think the 4.0 Upgrade should have gotten rid of that activation, but you can simply activate again. I'm not sure what CMSF2 would do if you only successfully activate the 'old v1' license keys and not the new one(s). Basically it should have played with just the 'base game' and 'base game v1' license keys, but something seems amiss here. If the list of activated license keys is correct, then you're missing all of the
  10. I assume you have the old license keys, is that correct ? If not, the Helpdesk can possibly help you there too. Hopefully you have an idea what email accounts you've used in that past since the old Store account should be associated with one of those. Your old accounts should have been moved over to the new site (even if you haven't logged into them in a long time).
  11. You definitely got a weird result with CMSF licensing. The 'old v1' refers to CMSF1, which is a bit distinct from later CM games that had Upgrades available to them (v. 2.0, 3.0, etc.). CMSF1 never had any 'upgrades' until CMSF2 was released, which provides completely upgraded content (and has the the 4.x game engine). The upgrade that you purchased was the 'CMSF1 Big Bundle Upgrade' for US$35, correct ? If you didn't purchase the NATO module in the past, then this Upgrade will NOT provide that module (since it would require the CMSF1 NATO module license key). I'm not certain how the licensing
  12. For CMSF2 you'll need both the Upgrade license key(s) and all of the CMSF1 module license keys that you have. I would have assumed that it would have worked with just the base CMSF1 license key and the Upgrade license key; giving you access to just the base CMSF2 game. If you activated the Upgrade modules, you will need to put in the license keys for the original CMSF1 modules ? You should get a 'success' window when a license key is activated and it should have green boxes with a text description in each one that lists what has been activated. Did you get this and do you recall what boxe
  13. Not sure what you're expecting... I don't think any patch is slated to come out to increase the performance of any of the CM games. Such changes are probably beyond what Battlefront would consider a 'patch'. Sometimes an 'engine upgrade' will improve the performance, but what most people may be expecting in performance increases would require an engine re-write, a task that can take years. Most recent patches have addressed data/behavior issues with the game.
  14. Perhaps respond to the ticket one more time asking for an update. This should make the ticket pop up in the ticket management system and John may respond with what he knows at the moment. I don't think there is any intentional slighting going on here. The ticket is still open and he may simply be waiting for assistance that may not be very timely in a support situation. I don't know the volume of support tickets that John deals with and it may simply be an unintentional oversight not to inform you of the status. He very likely has no idea what the time line may be for any answers from the DRM
  15. If you've been working with John on this for awhile, it may come down to some strangeness with your system and the patch. He may be trying to get Charles, the programmer, to possibly look at the issue and that may take some time. Or even more likely the issue may have been forwarded to the DRM provider's support to see what they can figure out. In either situation the response time is out of his control and he may simply be waiting for some sort of reply (and thus no new information to relay back to you). Ever since CMBN eLicense is no longer the DRM system in use (it was used for CMSF1).
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