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  1. Make sure to get the latest versions of your purchases. If you have 'Engine 4.0' purchases for your games, then go to those downloads, since they will be 'all-in-one' installers with the latest patches for that game (all modules and latest patches). You will need your license keys for each game, module and the upgrades. Typically for a 4.0 Upgrade you will need the 4.0 and 3.0 Upgrade license keys (unless your for the base game/combo was AFTER the 4.0 Upgrade for that game was released - then only that base game/combo license key is needed). You will need to use the 'Activate New Products..' s
  2. I would assume that the Matrix/Steam release of any game will be close to what the Battlefront release will be (with whatever delays there are in releasing the patch to Steam). I HIGHLY doubt there will be any unique patches or features for the Steam releases.
  3. I think the registry settings will only list where the game was installed and put up an uninstaller in the 'Apps & Features' control panel. Patches MIGHT reference this registry entry to find where the particular game is installed or they may just use a default and not pay attention to any registry key. If you used a non-default directory, then simply knowing its path and providing it during the patching process would probably be enough. I would assume it would be safe to use the backup copies of the game (restoring both the game's main folder and any data folders for the game that re
  4. I'm not familiar with this particular display issue. Do you know what resolution you selected during the initial resolution selection process ? I believe the lowest is 800 x 600 and the most common maximum resolution is 1600 x 1200 (though with a 1920 x 1080 display, this resolution will NOT be available). However, I know of at least one additional resolution above that at around 2560 x 1440 (or something close to that). The resolutions that CM utilizes are standard 4:3 aspect ratios. So landscape displays (16:9 or 16:10) will either display the game in a stretched mode (covering the whole scr
  5. Have you tried BOTH 'Alt' keys on the keyboard, in case it is a defective key ? Do you have any other utility installed that might be mapping the Alt-Z and Alt-R keys. It's possible that your Radeon drivers may be mapping those two (possibly for the 'Overlay' functions). Although the 'Options' keys aren't customizable, do you have a customized Hotkeys.txt file (any changes from the default, whether directly to the file or via the 'Options' panel) ? If you do, then perhaps going back to a default one and seeing if that somehow works. Of course for this to be the cause you would have t
  6. The listing of CMBN in the Apps with a 'red X' through it simply indicates that it is an uninstaller and is completely normal. I'm not completely sure you can fully disable Microsoft Defender. If you have nothing else installed to replace it, then it might still be running (despite attempts to disable it). Supposedly stopping the 'Windows Defender Antivirus Service' and stopping the 'Antimalware Service Executable' as mentioned in in this article would do the job, but I'm uncertain. What makes this confusing is that it seems some people have no problems with Microsoft Defender, while othe
  7. What security software do you have installed ? You may need to add an exception within it for the game directory and/or executable file. Typically you should get some sort of warning that the security software has interrupted the functioning of a program, but I have seen instances where there is no warning from the security software what-so-ever when it has interfered. If you have nothing in particular installed, then you may have run into an issue with Microsoft Defender that some users run into (but not all). If adding an exception in this case still doesn't get CMBN to run, then you may wan
  8. This is very good news. I had seriously expected OpenGL support to be borked within Rosetta 2. I also didn't expect an ARM-based CPU to do well either compared to an Intel CISC CPU. Hopefully Apple keeps at least this level of support for OpenGL as it rolls out other M1-based (and later CPU iterations) Macs.
  9. What security/anti-virus software are you running ? You may want to add an exception for the CMBN main game folder and/or its executables to make sure that they aren't getting interfered with. It's possible (though not common) that security software might not have any issues with some CM games, but have issues with others. I assume that you haven't gotten the opportunity to activate the license key for the game with the crashing that you're seeing, is that correct ? With that first run it should prompt you with the license activation dialog box. If necessary, you can download and rei
  10. Yes, you will need to upgrade to the '4.0 Upgrade' for the module. I would guess that there will be a bundle of the new module ('Fire and Rubble') and the 4.0 Upgrade for those who haven't yet upgraded.
  11. Yes, the "FULL" download has all of the modules and patching to v. 2.03.
  12. I purchased the 'CMSF1 Big Bundle Upgrade' and for the PC download there was a folder named 'Windows FULL CM Shock Force 2' and within that was the actual file named 'CM Shock Force 2 v203 Installer.rar' that is 2GB in size. So I assume you got the correct file.
  13. It's unknown at this point if the CM series can be played on the M1-based Mac's. There's a significant chance that OpenGL is NOT supported with Rosetta2 and the M1 ARM architecture. My guess is that CM will NOT work with the M1-based Mac's and there will be no update to make them compatible at this point; which would require 3rd party API converters (that come at a significant cost to the developer) and recompiling the code - and it would still need Rosetta2. The graphics API going forward for Apple is Metal and OpenGL has already been officially deprecated. So it would be highly unlikely
  14. What license keys you will need depends on when you purchased the Base Game and what the Engine version was at that time. With CMFI the original Engine was 2.0. Purchases of the base game (which can be of a bundle with one of the modules) could have been 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0. So if your base game was purchased when the 4.0 Engine was current for that game, then you'll only need that Base Game license key to activate and you will be able to run the base game. If your purchase of the Base Game was when the Engine was either at 3.0 or 2.0, then you'll need both the 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrade licens
  15. I can't discern anything that is wrong with that screen shot. Going from a TV to smaller, dedicated monitor usually should be an upgrade image-wise, unless you have a very expensive TV with high-end image adjustments. Are you running at 2560x1440 in CM ? Typically this is done by selecting the 'desktop' resolution (the default) within the Options panel. The significant problem with increasing your resolution is that the user interface (UI) isn't scalable, so it gets quite a bit smaller. Looking at what you have in that screen shot suggests that you MIGHT be running at 1920 x 1080 and NOT
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