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  1. In my experience this is common to CM2 series games. I'm not specifically aware of any setting that minimizes the effect (I don't know if shadows get subjected to the anti-aliasing processes in the video drivers). To my understanding it is a limitation of the shadowing system in CM2. Nicer appearing shadows would have a more significant impact on framerates.
  2. Open a ticket with the Helpdesk (click the blue, '+New Ticket' in the upper right hand corner). With some financial proof of the purchases they should be able to set things straight.
  3. I'm not sure what causes this error. It may either be something wrong with the installation of the game or possibly something wrong with Windows. Assuming that you haven't gotten the game to run before, then you may want to simply uninstall CMRT, re-download the installer from Battlefront and reinstall it. If you have security software you may want to set exceptions/white-list the installer and then after the game is installed, do the same for the game directory (and/or the game executable) to make sure it isn't getting interfered with by security software. If for some reason the error co
  4. I believe using 'Balanced' for the 3D Model and Texture Quality settings will help the most with increasing the draw distance. However it probably won't help as much as you would like it to.
  5. The CMBN 1.x versions will NOT work with Windows 10. The version of the copy-protection system in that version is incompatible with Windows 10. If you have the 3.0 or 4.0 Upgrades, download one of those installers. So if the latest upgrade that you have is 3.0, then go to your store account and look for your 3.0 Upgrade purchase and download the installer from there. If you purchased the 4.0 Upgrade then use that one instead. These will have the latest patches for each and they are both compatible with Windows 10.
  6. CMBB should be capable of much more than 1024 x 768 (I think 2560 x 1440 or something along those lines might be the maximum). However it does utilize distinct resolutions that were typically of the 4:3 ratio that markshot mentioned. With current widescreen displays this may mean either the entire image gets stretched (usually horizontally) or there are black bars on each side (a 'letterboxing' of sorts). An important consideration is the vertical resolution of your monitor/display (the '768' of your current resolution). If the next higher vertical resolution is beyond your display it won't ge
  7. Is this a Mac or PC ? If it is a PC, what videocard do you have ? I'm not certain, but the 'white dots' may be an effect of some anti-aliasing settings. You may want to experiment with whatever settings you have in the control panel/utility for your videocard. If 'triple buffering' is available as a setting, enable that (though it may not make a difference to this particular issue). Try disabling any antialiasing/smoothing settings. With Nvidia, you can make a specific set of settings for each program/game.
  8. Are both CMBN and CMFB version 4.x ? Generally they should both work regardless of version (though CMBN would have to be version 2.x or later to be compatible with Windows 10). Generally if CMBN works, then CMFB should work Were you able to activate the license key for CMFB or did the game crash before allowing you to activate it ? Typically the games do NOT need to use the compatibility mode, though some users said it allowed the games to work for them. Was it necessary to possibly add CMBN and/or CMFB as an exception/white-list in your security software ? What security software do
  9. You purchased the CMFI 3.0 Upgrade or was your 'base game' the 3.0 version (it depends on when you initially purchased CMFI) ? This version refers to the 'Engine version' and doesn't directly apply to the 'game/patch' version (a different numbering scheme). You installed with the 'all-in-one installer' for CMFI or was it the 'upgrade installer' (which would be an option if you purchased the '3.0 Upgrade') ? Was CMFI previously installed and activated on this computer ? Did you install any 'patches' for CMFI before attempting to activate it ? The initial version of CMFI was the 2.0 (Engine
  10. One problem with a 'public' bug reporting system (using publically submitted bugs) is how much duplication there is in reporting and the quality of that reporting. Even among the beta-testers this happens on occasion. This causes a bit of 'noise' in the reporting, where the developer has to sort through the multiple reports trying to find the best or most workable reports. There is also the issue of attempting to confirm the bugs. Some issues may not be bugs or the details aren't sufficient to reproduce the problem and that clutters up the reporting system. With publically submitted bugs this
  11. What Windows version are you attempting to run this on and what version of CMBN are you trying to install ? The 1.x versions of CMBN will generate this error since the copy-protection version in this version of CMBN isn't compatible with Windows 10. If you are trying to install CMBN, you may want to use an installer for a newer version (2.0 +) and that should hopefully get you running.
  12. Are you comparing CMBB (CM2 - Barbarossa to Berlin) to one of the newer games like CMBN, CMSF2, etc ? The GOG version/distribution is exactly the same as the one Battlefront used to sell (version 1.03); other than the lack of copy-protection on the GOG distribution. Admittedly the interface on the newer games make selecting units and passengers quite a bit easier compared to the older games. Perhaps change your view ('numbers 1 - 6') and see if one of the overhead views makes selecting passengers any easier.
  13. Open a ticket with the Helpdesk (click on the blue '+new ticket' button in the upper right). I'm not sure what they require for the Paradox base games, but they should be able to sort you out for activating CMSF2.
  14. With CMBN you will need to purchase the '3 + 4 Upgrade Bundle', which will upgrade you all the way to 4.x. Once this is purchased, downloading and installing the 'full installer' will be a replacement for the current CMBN + MG install.
  15. Unfotunately this appears to be a long-standing problem with the Intel OpenGL drivers and bitmapped text. No setting within the Intel driver control panel disables this aliasing effect. The only way for BFC to 'fix' this issue is to completely re-vamp the 2D graphic presentation system utilizing non-bitmapped text, a very significant programming effort. Or Intel could simply set an option within their driver to disable their aliasing/'smoothing' or bitmap compression.
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