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  1. So using the Turn 40 that you provided me and performing the number of moves/orders I did, do you still frequently get invalid/corrupt files ? It's possible I've only been able to manipulate so much of the game that I'm not causing it to output a corrupt file.
  2. I'm unable to duplicate the problem with your Turn 40. Every turn I generate is fine (approx. 50MB file). I've tried no movement orders, a few movement orders, a few more movement orders and artillery/mortar fire adjustments and CAS requests. The only problem I had was when the game attempted to overwrite the same filename (I hadn't moved a file out of the 'outgoing' folder). The procedure I used was: 1) Load game, select 'Saved Games' and then the PBEM file. 2) Watched one turn of the playback (usually not moving the camera and not fast-forwarding through anything). 3) Issued o
  3. We'll want the last file that was good and the next turn that was bad and any passwords needed to open either. We're hoping that the first file will generate a bad one consistently (or mostly so). The other details requested will be helpful, though unlikely to be a factor in the problem. About how many attempts does it take to generate a good file ? Has the opponent confirmed that they are good (other than their size) ? Is this now happening consistently at this point in the game (i.e. - that you will generate bad files on every PBEM exchange) ? I assume that this was a QB, is that c
  4. So to recap; you were able to generate one or more turns successfully, by going back to the last valid PBEM file (50MB or so in size), but you have now experienced the same problem with the 1MB PBEM files, correct ? Though it may not resolve anything, try again (with the ORIGINAL last good 50MB file your opponent generated). However this time both you and your opponent should issue NO NEW ORDERS when it is your turn to do so. See if the files maintain their size or again drop back down to the 1MB invalid files. If this has worked (the files are now back to the proper size), then issue the
  5. I've heard of issues like this before, but I don't know what causes it specifically. It's best to go back to the player that first generated a 1MB file and have them redo their turn (that resulted in a 1MB PBEM file) and see if they generate an appropriate sized file. I assume that even if you do nothing, the files should still be fairly large. Make sure that the directory that the PBEM files get written into is 'whitelisted/excepted' within whatever security/anti-virus software you use, just in case it has truncated/messed up the file as it was being written. Such interference, with this
  6. The 'preferences.pfc' file is just the Preferences file that holds your settings such as those in the 'Options' menu and the last set of selections in a Quick Battle. To my knowledge the file will be created on a normal exit from the game. So run the game, checking the settings you want in the 'Options' menu and then exit the game. The file should get written. I don't think that the absence of this file would be causing your crashing. On my main computer I run a GeForce 2070 Super with NOT the latest drivers, so that likely isn't the problem. Some users have run into issues with Wind
  7. Are you looking at your 'order' in an email or are you looking at your Account online ? Both should include a link to the 'Sharefile' (hosting service) download of the game. The directions for finding the file are mentioned in my previous post in this thread.
  8. What file "downloaded" ? I'm not specifically aware of any update as of yet via Steam of CMSF2. Are there more details about the file that failed to "validate" via Steam ? Is CMSF2 currently crashing after the reinstall (the '1-2 hour crashing to desktop') ? Were you able to run it for more than 2 hours in the past ? Do you know if you updated some drivers or something that may have changed about your computer since it wasn't crashing running CMSF2 ? What anti-virus software do you run ? Sometimes 'disabling' it doesn't truly work (a number of anti-virus/security programs continue to
  9. I believe that would be the case once a 5.0 Upgrade comes out.
  10. With the latest 'Upgrade' installer it is typically assumed that you will need to provide the license key for that particular upgrade and the previous one. So in the case of the 4.0 Upgrade you would need the 4.0 AND the 3.0 Upgrade license keys. The exception to this depends on when you purchased the base game and what version was released at the time of purchase. So if you purchased CMBN and the 3.0 version was current, then your BASE GAME license key is version 3.0 and you would need that AND the 4.0 Upgrade license key if you are to use the latest installer. If you purchased the CMBN base
  11. Correct. CMBS and CMFB do NOT have a 3.0 Upgrade. Both games were Engine 3.0 at release. So only the 'base game' license key is necessary to get them working, if you have installed just the original game. If you have installed the 4.0 all-in-one installer, then it should need both the 'base game' AND the '4.0 Upgrade' license key to get it running.
  12. I made my purchase of the 3.0 Upgrade around October 2014. I can't recall if I was a little late to that release (i.e. - it had been released earlier than that). I believe CMBS and CMFB were originally released as Engine 3 games and thus only had the 4.0 Upgrade. With CMBN, CMFI and CMRT they had 3.0 Upgrades and would need those license keys too if you were doing a fresh install of the 4.0 Upgrade 'all-in-one' installer. So: CMBS, CMFB: Base game license key + 4.0 Upgrade license key CMBN, CMFI, CMRT: Upgrade 3.0 license key + Upgrade 4.0 license key This licensing
  13. If you have the 4.0 Upgrade for CMFI, just download that link (the 'all-in-one installer'). It will simplify things quite a bit. I can't recall exactly what version 1.20 is. I would think it is Game Engine 3.0, but I'm not sure. The original base game for CMFI is Engine 2.0, so there are 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades for it. If you purchased CMFI at release, then you would need the 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrade license keys to activate your new install fully (for the base game). R2V should require the 4.0 Upgrade to run (2.10). The latest patch/version is 2.11.
  14. Uninstalling and reinstalling with the full installers should NOT require you to reactivate any of those games and modules that you have already activated. For example, if you delete your install CMRT and reinstall it with the full installer that includes the Fire and Rubble module, you should be able to just run the 'Activate New Products' shortcut to activate the Fire and Rubble module and you should be good to go. You should NOT need to activate any other license keys. However if you're installing on a new computer (for the first time) or you have significantly upgraded your computer w
  15. You will need BOTH. This will be true for CMFI (which had 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades). CMBS and CMFB were originally released as 3.0 Engines, so the base game license key and the 4.0 Upgrade license key will be necessary for them.
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