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  1. Thank you, some really intresting pictures in there.
  2. I have experienced the same while defending as the ""BRITS"".
  3. And Lance Corporal Jones, fix bayonets and let em have it right up! they can't stand the old cold steel, they dont like it up em!
  4. Also before the patch the recce squadron with vickers k jeeps was in mechanized infantry instead of airborne infantry, it is now fixed.
  5. Nah, there was no "end of" but i didn't seriously expect them out before march anyways. But by the 18th of march i kind of did.
  6. What's the hold up on the patches? weren't they supposed to come out before march?
  7. I see, thank you for the clarification, for one small moment i had hopes.
  8. I completely agree with this, for me they just keep zig-zagging and it takes forever for them to cross the damn bridge.
  9. Sounds good, can’t wait for the engine 4 patches, that said I certainly hope that one of those packs will contain commandos! (I remember a special unit pack being considered)
  10. Sure would be nice for them to fix the pretty serious bugs they've introduced in the new engine 4.0 we've paid for after a year and half or however long it has been. Also i don't see any tank riders in CMBN 😋.
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