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  1. Don't really have any expertise or opinion on this matter. I moved out of Russia before I hit 18, but I am not too sad about missing out on the whole second chechen war and dedovshchina hype.
  2. It was two years, but became one around 10 years ago, if I recall correctly. And it was 3 years in Stalin times. Navy service is that +1 year
  3. Wonder what will / would BFC come up with for the red side...the obvious VDV, Naval Infantry and formations with T-80's? Or something more exotic like Belarus or Chinese expeditionary force?
  4. Combat Mission manual is pretty comprehensive and easy to read and understand, but I suppose, there are a few topics around like this one, that could make a nice addition to it
  5. Oh, I see, thanks for the info. Guess I noobed out on that one
  6. Just had a BTR pop smoke (on command, after a quick move) 160m(!) ahead of it, which is obviously not what I intended to do. Is there any way to control it?
  7. It really is annoying when a well placed atgm team misses a million dollar shot, by a mile. It seems to happen way too often with wire guided atgms and well trained teams not under fire. On the other hand, I am not an atgm operator myself so I wouldn't know
  8. lol yea saw it on my phone first, but i always play with alt-b so I thought it was that. Nice screenshots (esp the NVG one) either way, love that scenario
  9. There are people who prefer Snickers (a whole forum of them here) and there are people who prefer Mars - they are still competing each other for respective market shares, being chocolate bars that they are
  10. They are indeed different concepts and one (especially on these forums) can write many essays on their differences, does not make them any less of competitors - they literally target the same market segment, which is what Erwin is talking about.
  11. Sarcasm aside, I volunteer to defend Ukraine's honor, PM's welcome
  12. As in having the troop/team face the balcony side and not enter it? If so, do you mind sharing it?
  13. going from recon to chopping off penises all on one page - gotta love these forums (sorry, George MC)
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