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Battlefront Christmas Video

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Unexpected (was really hoping for tankodesantniki, though, for Op Bagration--and got them!) and very cool! As a military-technical observation, I think the artillery fire was made using ammo from a sabotaged ammo production line in the Greater Reich. Why? The density of the shell impacts is such that the tank riders would be turned to chutney at anything like that close a spacing between shells which were operating at full effect. Also, I believe we'd see a lot more in the way of explosions and great gouts of earth erupting skywards. In fact, I'm starting to think that's why the Soviets, later the Russians, started naming tube artillery for flowers. When the projectiles from them detonate, flowers bloom. Deadly flowers!

Am afraid I'll get all lyrical and florid describing the tankdesantniki, what they're doing, how and why, so I'll just effuse "Thank you, BFC!" and let it go at that.

We can argue over the correct pocket comb later!


In my defense, I claim a) being gone for hours and B) having passed out.


John Kettler

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