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  1. After watching this, you'll learn something quite remarkable about the terminal ballistics of the first cartridge and will understand part of the reason it's a favorite of snipers. https://www.facebook.com/kentuckyballistics/videos/2493198490948835/ Regards, John Kettler
  2. MikeyD, Did some digging, and NVA T-54s were destroyed by ARVN M41 Walker Bulldogs and M48A3 Pattons. In one battle I'm trying to recall, the ARVNs were killing T-54s from so far away (well outside of their own effective range) the T-54 crews thought they were in an antitank minefield. This juicy morsel was from intercepted radio traffic from panicked TCs. Offhand, I don't recall how much better protected the T-55 may've been than the T-55. Regards, John Kettler
  3. Here's the one on artillery effects. Sobering! Also, this was done before US shoots done Soviet style shockingly revealed the Soviet norms for destroying AFVs, tiny as they were by US ammo expenditure figures, were in fact correct. FA of 150 mm and up is far more lethal than we imagined vs tanks. Regards, John Kettler
  4. One of my CoC colleagues found and posted this British Army 1983 training film on fighting the Soviet Advanced Guard. In my 11+ years as a Soviet Threat Analyst, I never saw anything like this. It's fantastic, and that's an understatement. This sort of thing was my bread and butter at Hughes Aircraft Company Missile Systems Group, since we built both TOW and Maverick and were involved in work on what eventually was the Javelin, as well as deep strike systems, such as Assault Breaker and WASP. Regards, John Kettler
  5. Here's a T-72B3 firing. This looks a lot more different than what you see when an Abrams fires, which is surprising to me, since they're both smoothbores. Strongly suspect at least part of the difference lies in the propellants used. Looks like something the modders might be able to use, too. Regards, John Kettler
  6. StieliAlpha, Thanks. I defer to your language knowledge. I recognized APOTHEKE immediately as APOTHECARY but had no idea what the other word meant. Regards, John Kettler
  7. Vacillator, Presuming the picture is legit, what I see is a Coelian, not a Kugelblitz. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2-germany-leichte-flakpanzer-iv-3-cm-kugelblitz/ Ts4EVER, All true, and there's excellent coverage of these online, but I first saw the T-34 Flakpanzer in the Fedororowicz tome on that unit. Want to say that was the 653rd Schwere Panzerjaeger Abteilung. Regards, John Kettler
  8. Captured or maybe defected?! Regards, John Kettler
  9. In his phenomenal Four Stars of Valor, Thorndyke describes a terrifying encounter the 505th had near Groesbeek, Holland. It was described as a Mark IV with the turret removed and two cannon fitted that could rotate. Cannon size wasn't listed, but believe reasonable options would've been 37 or 40 mm. Firepower was devastating, and the AFV was found to be hard to kill because of the screens on its sides. A Moebelwagen can't possibly be what's described because a) neither had a twin mount of the sort of weapon described by the lucky to survive it paratroopers and b) have never seen a pic of one w
  10. Here's what a tank that hasn't had proper maintenance for a long time looks like. Frankly, I find the shape the cannon's muzzle in to be shocking, but the overall appearance of the tank shows it's had a harsh life and lots of exposure to the weather, almost certainly amid a sea of other rusting Cold War relics. The crew has made an effort where possible, but it's easier to paint slogans than it is to deal with the results of prolonged exposed outdoor storage and being in the field. As a bonus, you get to see a defensive position for the tank and some crew related detritus, too. The kitten is a
  11. Their teacher sent me these today of the kids in the strategy club hard at it--a sight to gladden a wargamer's heart! Regards, John Kettler
  12. bardosy, Huge thanks for this information, which I almost certainly wouldn't have ever gotten otherwise. Regards, John Kettler
  13. Bufo, Fair point. Shall watch your link to see what was actually presented. MOS:96B2P, Glad you found it so. fireship4, Appreciate the info! Regards, John Kettler
  14. Obviously, this is well outside the timeframe of CMBS, but if BFC ever decides to do something beyond then, this might well come into play. In any event, believe this will be of real interest to many. Beware of a defect in digital VO which the AI wrongly translates the "L" of caliber lengths as liters. Someone in marketing at Rheinmetall deserves a hiding for not catching that one. Regards, John Kettler
  15. Russian combat engineers training on mine clearance, building takedown and more. Some great AFV footage. Also, it looks like the combat engineers are now using a special shield fitted with stroobing high intensity lights. Regards, John Kettler
  16. WW II historian Geoffrey Roberts talks about the contributions of Russia and Stalin to winning WW II. Interview was evidently made on the 65th anniversary of Victory Day. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but this interview is well worth watching. Regards, John Kettler
  17. Bufo, Was laughing so hard I could barely type! Frankly, it never occurred to me to consider the possibility you raised. Was referring to Chain of Command, by Two Fat Lardies. It's a WW II skirmish game that's typically played with a reinforced platoon. Like CM, it rewards smart play and mercilessly punishes bad tactics, but there is considerable scope for bad runs of luck, good luck and unforeseen developments, for the game is not deterministic but probabilistic. It is emphatically a leader driven game, and it's leaders who make things happen. Game tracks Force Morale, Shock accumulatio
  18. This is how BFC gained a new customer (or will be gaining one soon). One of our CoC colleagues wanted a WW II computer game at CoC level, so a number of us (myself included) pointed him squarely at CM. We told him it was a military grade tactical sim that modeled a wealth of things CoC didn't. In no way did we blindside him. To assist him in figuring out where in WW II he wished to fight, we told him where the demos were for all the games and that there was lots of coverage on YT, too. Somewhat later, he told us that CMBN was what he wished to play, so we naturally pointed out the numerous a
  19. This is part of an epic (War and Peace of WW II) film which is Included with Prime or available by 30-day Free Trial. Regards, John Kettler
  20. This is from a Russian 2012 film called The Life and Destiny. It splendidly depicts what an absolute nightmare it would be for BFC to depict melee combat. If you've got PTSD, you may not want to watch this--ugly and intense. Things like this only make we wonder afresh how they can get people to subject themselves to this stuff? Regards, John Kettler
  21. Sniper31, During Barbarossa, Grossdeutschland did NOT have fire discipline and in fact, fired with such wild abandon it used up all its ammo. Disgusted, higher left the Regiment effectively unarmed through a very long night in enemy territory before remunitioning it the next day. Thereafter, GD was a model of fire discipline. Regards, John Kettler
  22. On a separate note, if anyone's interested, I can provide the full breakdown of Lance Corporal Jones's awards and medals. Regards, John Kettler
  23. Sgt Joch, Seems to me that every time the bayonet is again decreed to be useless, along comes a war in which it assuredly isn't. Soldiers have a visceral fear of being gut stabbed, and yes, I used that adjective deliberately. As Lance Corporal Jones many times averred of the bayonet on "Dad's Army" ref fighting the Fuzzy Wuzzies, "They don't like the cold steel up 'em." The British assaulted an Iraqi unit firing from a trench using rifles and bayonets in a 4-hour action and sustained no losses but killed 30 enemy soldiers--2004! StieliAlpha, there are plenty of accounts of vicious had-to
  24. To those of us who do historical wargaming in miniature (or know those who do) this is a terrible blow to our hobby, for there are few such stores in the entire country. Search FB under "Panzer Depot" to find the particulars. Would post the FB link directly, but info on that page includes extensive product listing and prices, so am not going to push my luck with the Mods. Deep-super deep discounts, depending on what the product is. The store sells minis and everything else to work on them, paint, base and play, including rules and small tools. FB page has contact info, and the store will ship
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