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  1. How did you do this if I may ask? I'm thinking of getting back into Combat Mission series (It's been 3 years) and I'm looking into the reinstall process.
  2. @HerrTom Beautiful AAR! Love your camera angles and narration is clear and precise.
  3. LOL...hardly but I do appreciate the appreciation.
  4. Thanks. It was fun to do. I'm glad to be back playing these superb series of games. One of these days I'm going to do a video AAR like this but for a PBEM game.
  5. Ukraine Probes East! Best watched in full screen in 1080HD.
  6. Very well presented AAR so far. Looking forward to following this. Thanks for doing it.
  7. Very, very cool. Personally I've always been of the mind that the map is at minimum 1/2 the fun of a scenario.
  8. You really got to love the detail of this map. It looks so damn real, particularly with the way the landscape folds into little gullies and hills, rolling and flowing like the real thing. Beautifully done. Makes you appreciate the tactical implications of the AO.
  9. Absolutely beautiful stuff! Thanks for taking the time to create and maintain that super site.
  10. Sorry to hear you are still having problems. I think opening up a ticket is the best you can do at this point in time. Two questions or thoughts if I may; one, it only happens with this particular scenario? No others? Two, could H2HH be doing something to cause this? Would it be possible for you to disable H2HH and see if that does anything?
  11. This is a wild guess but are you sure you are allowing sufficient time for the turn to actually be completed? It is (as you've noted) a very large scenario. Sometimes with these large scenarios, I wait a couple of minutes before I hit the "OK" button in order to complete the registered turn, giving the computer time to digest this big meal. Also something else to mention; in the past when playing extremely large scenarios, I've had the issue where the very first real turn, the turn where movement takes place, is extremely choppy and practically unplayable. Well, if I just get through the t
  12. Looking so much forward to this. Thank you for the work put into this.
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