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  1. How did you do this if I may ask? I'm thinking of getting back into Combat Mission series (It's been 3 years) and I'm looking into the reinstall process.
  2. @HerrTom Beautiful AAR! Love your camera angles and narration is clear and precise.
  3. Excellent presentation. Been following all these videos of yours regarding this battle. I particularly like the fact that you explain reasoning for your tactics etc., it gives the viewer the appreciation of the depth of this game. Not just a point and click game but one which actually rewards thinking.
  4. LOL...hardly but I do appreciate the appreciation.
  5. Thanks. It was fun to do. I'm glad to be back playing these superb series of games. One of these days I'm going to do a video AAR like this but for a PBEM game.
  6. Ukraine Probes East! Best watched in full screen in 1080HD.
  7. Very well presented AAR so far. Looking forward to following this. Thanks for doing it.
  8. @kohlenklau If there was a medal for community service to this game community, you deserve that medal.
  9. Very, very cool. Personally I've always been of the mind that the map is at minimum 1/2 the fun of a scenario.
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