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  1. @BFCElvis I still don't hear South African voices - (PC version)
  2. Thanks for the maps @Freyberg I've only played 1 map so far but it looked great and was a fun battle
  3. Great topic, however I can't see the jpg's Freyberg posted? I'm quite keen to try his suggestion so would be nice to see the suggested AI plan
  4. Does anyone have working South African voices (*.wav files) for R2V module? I exploded the .brz file and found many of the *.wav files for the South African voices were misspelled and/or were stereo files (only mono files seem to work) and the *.wav files that were o.k. were very quiet and needed to be amplified. The artillery confirmation voices were missing entirely. Pretty weird since one of the R2V campaigns includes the South African army. I raised a ticket on the help desk about it over a month ago and was corresponding with @BFCElvisbut the ticket has been closed now without any conf
  5. Yeah - the larger bit rate 1411kps files I have checked are stereo which I need to convert to mono otherwise I get the white noise too
  6. Using Rez explode I have looked at the SA *.wav files ( e.g 'south african move fast 00.wav') and they are definitely quieter than the corresponding Indian and Brazilian files. I amplified one of the file so it is similar to the Indian file and renamed it with just one zero not two ( 'south african move fast 0.wav') and I can now hear it - though it still seemed quiet compared to the sound file of the feet on grass and ambient sound etc. So getting rid of the extra 0 in the name seemed to be the difference for me being able to hear the voices. Also I noticed the file structure, number of files
  7. Regarding the missing S.A voices. I exploded the brz file and the S.A files are definitely there. So I loaded up the S.A files into an editor and can confirm the amplitude is way lower than the Indian or Brazilian voices. I wonder if the sound card is supposed to 'normalize' the volume and my particular sound card isn't doing that? My sound card is a Realtek that is built into the motherboard. What I might try when I get home from work is to increase the volume and save the files into the z folder and see if I can start hearing the voices.
  8. Yup no S.A voices too and blinking unknown contacts. I have created a ticket so Elvis is aware of it.
  9. Yeah I noticed the Archer has to be reversed into a firing position because it has a fixed turret which points to the rear - so probably not a bug. . Not sure if Hull down command will work (probably not??). Not ideal but I don't use the hull down command so not a biggie for me. On the plus side I guess you can do a fast retreat if need be!!
  10. I can concur, anecdotally I am still seeing this issue occasionally in multiple titles (though still most frequently and obviously with the bocage of CMBN). As RockinHarry stated: 'many unit "retreats" in fact are self applied "evade" commands' and to me they sometimes occur without much incoming fire or notable decrease in morale. I've seen it in real time games where if you spot the evade command been auto-generated you can grab the command line and move it's end point back to a more suitable location rather than the auto-generated one. On a positive note I just tried 18 platoon scenario a
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