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  1. Yeah, certainly the close range for the bazooka gunners would be a risk worth taking. Most certainly when the tankcrew was distracted by the M8. There is even the possibility that another gun, being an AT gun or a Tankdestoyer or even a Sherman might have taken the killshot, maybe even hundreds of yards away. If I recall correctly this engagement took place on the 18th of december where confusion and chaos reigned. Scattered units all over the place, sometimes lost and not knowing where the enemy would be. We'll never know, I have my doubts on the m8 kill. But if they really pulled it off, I think it was brave enough for a medal of honor.
  2. While playing the game "Squad" I fired a shoulder launched rpg- rocket at an LAV. And though I thought the shot was aimed a little too short, and seemed to miss by an inch, the LAV exploded with a mighty bang. Wow, I thought rather proud, I must be a better shot than I imagined! But my pride disappeared quickly when further up the road another AT guy appeared. He had fired the killing round, not me. So I wondered: Might this scenario explain the "37mm killing the King Tiger" mystery? Could it be that something else shot the Tiger at the same moment the M8 did?
  3. Yeah, that "Battle of the Bulge" movie was the worst WW2pic I ever saw. Until "Fury" came out..
  4. My nervous tick? Sometimes I read about it, or see a photo of it, and thereafter I end up posting "Schwimmwagen?" every so often.
  5. Aragorn2002, I need to apologize. Reacted before I saw who wrote the comment (your comment) about Goumier and rape. Thought it was an ignorant rightwing "the Germans in ww2 hardly did anthing wrong, look how bad the Allies were" view. I should have looked before I reacted, because I know that you are a well informed and decent chap.
  6. Well, I could mail you all my holidaysnaps.. Bet you haven't seen them before.. 🤣
  7. Yeah, thank God the German Wehrmacht and SS soldiers never did anything wrong in WW2, because the " politically correct" wouldn't be able to play Combat Mission at all.
  8. Hey there John, Very interesting info ( as always ). Thank you. Watching ww2 war movies getting even more difficult now, because from now on I unvoluntarily will be looking for mistakes in how infantry carries their weapons! ( Next to my, already annoying, critical look at the correct use of vehicles, uniforms, weapons, armor, equipment etc.) Thanks for spoiling the fun!!😉 Btw, do you have info on friendly fire killpercentages during ww2? I once read that it was about 16%(!) in general. That's bloody unbelievable..
  9. Still no schwimmwagen. (That I never wanted or needed to be amphibious in the game. Just easy to make, converse the textures on a Kubel, eyecandy.) Looks like Battlefront really hates the schwimmwagen. Pity..
  10. Rarity, perhaps? Less available assets are more expensive, I think.
  11. With years of - waiting in vain- experience I used to believe that Battlefront would eventually give us the new CMFI bones "when hell freezes over", but with that climate warming- thingy even that won't do no more.. I'm 56, and still hope the new module will arrive before I'm a pensioner. Just another 12 years...
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