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  1. Congrats guys! This first test pilot goes well may allow for another and so on. Best wishes for both parties involved. Time to add some DLC's.
  2. I've heard of this. When I go to my Orders every purchase is broken down separately. Where is the all-in-one download?
  3. After removing some CMBN files from desktop and installing the modules and upgrades, it works.
  4. I've uninstalled and deleted my precious saved games and really old mods removing any potential conflicts to install and starting over. Getting the same result each time.
  5. Excellent can't wait to try it out and thank you.
  6. Jagtiger should be sitting back at range as a mobile ATG and not approaching at close range. Any kind of flanking at this range and it's dead.
  7. Booyah! Judicious use of your armor (notice how I spelled it correctly) flanking with both groups of Shermans. Checking your waypoints to not over expose your armored assets is a good calculated risk. Thanks for all you put into this.
  8. Nvidia it is. Removed Aris' clouds. Good eye thanks for the tip. Tree foliage and in general brighter map.
  9. Played through. Was fortunate caught (7) IS-2 advancing (flanks exposed) to (4-5?) experienced Tiger crews at ~1200m. Russian crews never got off a shot in their direction. The carnage. Russians tank crews recognition was always slow and ended with a very uneven battle in kills. Had not one of the Elite Tigers lost LOS it would have been 20-0. German - 19kills Russian - 1 Fantastic map and interesting scenario as I play very few long ranged battles. Thanks for the map.
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