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  1. Congrats guys! This first test pilot goes well may allow for another and so on. Best wishes for both parties involved. Time to add some DLC's.
  2. I've heard of this. When I go to my Orders every purchase is broken down separately. Where is the all-in-one download?
  3. After removing some CMBN files from desktop and installing the modules and upgrades, it works.
  4. I've uninstalled and deleted my precious saved games and really old mods removing any potential conflicts to install and starting over. Getting the same result each time.
  5. Excellent can't wait to try it out and thank you.
  6. I'm still leary of switching over mainly because of my CMx2 collection that is comprehensive.
  7. Jagtiger should be sitting back at range as a mobile ATG and not approaching at close range. Any kind of flanking at this range and it's dead.
  8. Booyah! Judicious use of your armor (notice how I spelled it correctly) flanking with both groups of Shermans. Checking your waypoints to not over expose your armored assets is a good calculated risk. Thanks for all you put into this.
  9. Wiggum this is a fruitless pursuit you're making, and you know it. You stated your opinion (as have countless other times) just leave it at that. It goes from a suggestion to outright trolling.
  10. Steve has stated the preorder process may not be as long because the game is basically done.
  11. Well played sir. Before I clicked on it I knew where this was going.
  12. I like Bil in what could be a rout. Armor spotting can be fickle and cost you 1 or 2, however he has (13 tanks?) and is adept at getting them into good overwatch/hulldown positions. With Shermans at range can handle any infantry thrown at him. Curious to see how 90mm performs against Jagtiger and overall.
  13. Indeed. The map is everything practically. It sets the tone for battle and fun factor. Moreover we the player can easily alter many things other than terrain and elevation.
  14. Nvidia it is. Removed Aris' clouds. Good eye thanks for the tip. Tree foliage and in general brighter map.
  15. I've always viewed FI as another if not excellent platform to battle the hated Jerries, aside from unique Italian weaponry.
  16. Great pix yes. Enjoying this and great map also. So unforgiving it is no matter the range or perceived cover you think you have. Good luck going forward.
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