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  1. You've told this same story about 5 times now and its still wrong. Games should always be looking out for the good constructive criticism, there is nothing wrong with changing your game based on it as long as you do it responsibly. I guarantee you Steve doesn't agree with this ridiculous anecdote you drag out whenever someone has a minor criticism or suggestion.
  2. Hes a classic Nazi apologist, all he can offer are whataboutism's.
  3. Yes, the last stand of the "glorious" Wehrmacht! Fanatics, 15 year olds and old men who were either forced to fight by threat of death or made sure that the suffering continued needlessly for the last few months. Luckily your line of thinking is finally dying out now that our understanding of the war has moved on from Guderians memoirs. Christ. Edit: And those "Red bastards" you speak of were the true heroes, they endured the whole sale slaughter of their families and countrymen to finally destroy that disgusting organization and naziism in general. I'm no fan of Stalin but I ha
  4. I initially wasn't going to purchase RTV because I didn't think the time period was that interesting, but from the amount of work that's apparently gone into this I think ill play it anyway. A lot of that stuff probably isn't necessary, but it does show passion and care on BFC's part for units that don't get mentioned at all in history (unfortunately) and that granularity is why I bought CM in the first place. Hopefully BFC has learned some lessons from it and we can go back to a more "normal" schedule after this release!
  5. Just keep telling yourself the game will be out tomorrow and eventually it will be true 😀 Maybe today
  6. JTAC's are usually embedded with army units so its just a matter of that being the TOE. Plus they can be used to call in artillery and drones, so its not like those guys don't have a job when there isn't any air support available.
  7. I don't check this thread for a day or two and all the sudden were posting about anime and Girls Und Panzer. Everyone feeling ok? Does this mean BF is working on a Girls Und Panzer expansion?
  8. Awesome! I love seeing CMANO being used in concert with CM.
  9. I think you may be in the wrong forum, but I'm also probably the only person on this forum that can answer this question I'm reading Hyouka right now, the Anime was great and I needed more!
  10. True enough, these usually don't go anywhere for better and worse. I didn't mean to imply you were a Nazi fanboy, just that you are using some of the arguments I see everywhere.
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