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  1. Here's a good example of the kind of disgusting person Erwin is.
  2. Breach kits are designed to be placed on doors/walls, not C-wire.
  3. I think this is a major overreaction to a very basic fires principle. By your logic CW shouldn't have fires that can be told to wait 25 minutes because within those 25 minutes they could be needed elsewhere. This isn't some hard coded doctrinal thing that we all follow to a "T", its a modifier to allow precise timing for fire missions. Its just a tool that we can bring out if a situation dictates.
  4. Ok, I'm going to ignore all the talking down you did to me and simply say that your opinion on whether or not a command like AMC is a good idea in a peer-peer conflict means nothing. The reality is is that its a tool we use in the modern US Army for fires and I think it would be a good idea to include in CM to increase artillery flexibility in the modern titles.
  5. Its also extremely unrealistic for a spotter to have to constantly correct a fire mission they just fired at a position, infact you shouldn't even have a spotting phase in most modern CM titles. CM has many abstractions relating to artillery that aren't completely accurate. And every time you delay a fire mission for a certain amount of time you are pre-registering a fire plan, especially if you use multiple batteries that you have available.
  6. I work in a brigade level TOC as a fire control specialist and I can assure you that "At My Command" is absolutely something we train with, one of the battle drills I did a few months ago involved it. Also "waiting for Fred" is extremely common for any fire mission, an FCO will always give the order to fire as far as I know, fire missions do not just go off whenever the guns are ready unless its an immediate suppression/immediate smoke mission. I understand that on a fluid battlefield you want your batteries to be flexible, but if we are talking main effort here holding a platoon of howitzers for 20 minutes is not crazy or unreasonable if the situation dictates it.
  7. In the artillery world we have many different "modifiers" we can add on to a fire mission to tweak it for whatever the situation requires. One of the most common is "at my command" which is exactly how it sounds. The guns will range in on a certain spot (adjust if necessary from a spotter, if TRP or known point this shouldn't be required) and wait for the FDC's fire control officer to give the order to fire the mission. Right now in CM all we can do is add a certain amount of time until a mission starts which isn't always desirable. I figured this might be a reasonably simple change that would be a major improvement for artillery.
  8. The A-10 is a sitting duck on the battlefield, the F-35 can fight its way in, jam, and engage targets extremely accurately at range.
  9. Hey Attorney, you completely misunderstood.  I didn't say anything negative, just pointing out that in the CM community there has been no effort to depict females or gays in the military.  Wargamers are typically a very male chauvanistic group.  We need to be more open...

  10. What about them Erwin? They're human beings and they deserve to be able to do what anyone else can in the US military. The only thing your good for is sitting in your chair and bitching about people taking jobs or something, luckily your backwards disgusting opinions are all very unpopular with most of the country. Keep your bigoted views to yourself or find some obscure dirty hole on the internet where you can whine.
  11. I'd much rather see other countries in the time period that CMCW is about rather than backtracking all the way to WW2 again. It seems like a huge waste of potential doing that.
  12. No. They can be created by messing with the terrain in the editor but there are no place-able fortifications for AFV's.
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