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  1. ...What does that have to do with pervitin?
  2. I never said every German soldier was a war criminal, but if this is a hill you want to die on go right ahead. I'd imagine those numbers (if they're correct, I don't have them in front of me) don't account for those who died and the many crimes that were forgiven or unknown due to the Cold War. If they knew about the holocaust and what other units and their fellow soldiers were doing (Which they almost assuredly did) and said nothing they are complicit in my opinion. That goes for any Army that wages a war of genocide, they all received the general orders and knew what was expected of them.
  3. 🙄 Yes, no other soldier displayed bravery like the German soldier, definitely not the Russian soldier who literally fought for the survival of his people. Who knew that if the Germans succeeded a genocidal campaign would be carried out to kill or enslave every single Russian in his country. I don't even know what to say about your comment on American soldiers, your sweeping generalization is just funny to me honestly. I'd imagine though that the ones who encountered the concentration camps or heard of them fought pretty damn well against the bastards who enabled it, that's good enough for
  4. It really is. Its amazing how 99% of people start out thinking that the Germans were these unstoppable supermen, just goes to show you the power of pop culture when it comes to stuff like war.
  5. Yup its a great example to bring up when someone tries to hit you with "ThE VicToRs WRitE hiStoRy". I wasn't immune to it either, I also fell under the spell of the big cats and the valiant but hopeless fights in the east when I was a kid (hell when I was posting on this forum in like 2012). I'm glad I snapped out of it though and I have a much more balanced view of it all now.
  6. Oh boy I can see where this is going. Pull up thread!
  7. Can confirm. Just failed to qualify last week, couldn't hit a 300 to save my life! 😄
  8. That goes for Russian MLRS as well dude, I'm not trying to just limit BLUFOR because "haha America has the best stuff Russia sucks!" I just don't think it would lead to very engaging game play when the entire map gets annihilated 5 minutes in. You're right though rocket artillery like BM-21 could definitely be included as it isn't as powerful, but I don't know enough about it to say whether or not its still used in front line Russian units. As for the Abrams I don't think its that unfair in all honesty, maybe the acquisition of targets could be slowed down a bit but its optics package and
  9. You can find all 5 stages of grief in this thread, and they repeat ad nauseum. 😄
  10. There are munitions the MLRS can fire for fire support, and they would fit with the scope of the game but there are already assets that are similar enough to it in-game.
  11. An MLRS can delete literally a kilometer of ground, which is basically 3/4 to 1/2 of most Combat Mission maps. That doesn't seem very engaging to me honestly. And it does not take that long to reload them, I won't give you the exact times but its no where near two hours for a reload lol.
  12. Wait...did a release candidate get tested or are you adding more to game now? Regardless, it looks great. I can't wait to play these!
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