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  1. I agree with you and understand where you're coming from. I definitely wasn't trying to say that you guys don't work hard at fixing stuff...just that it takes a while and it isn't surprising you will see comparisons to other companies. And yes that anecdote is something I'm very familiar with 😉.
  2. Proud was probably the wrong term but it was more directed at other commenters not Steve.
  3. The frequency of patches is way higher at other game companies (at least one a week at a lot of them) with similar amounts of developers. In comparison you can expect 1 patch a year with BFC games, I'm not sure I understand how that's something to be proud of. Now Combat Mission doesn't have anything game breaking really (which is absolutely something to be proud of) so I don't expect a patch a week but its always a surprise when something small takes a year or more for a CM game.
  4. Cold War isn't coming out this week/weekend so I wouldn't get your hopes up for F and R either.
  5. Those guys were usually forced at gun point to fight anyway, so you can either decide to get killed fighting the Russians or by some fanatic that decides to hang "traitors".
  6. ...What does that have to do with pervitin?
  7. I never said every German soldier was a war criminal, but if this is a hill you want to die on go right ahead. I'd imagine those numbers (if they're correct, I don't have them in front of me) don't account for those who died and the many crimes that were forgiven or unknown due to the Cold War. If they knew about the holocaust and what other units and their fellow soldiers were doing (Which they almost assuredly did) and said nothing they are complicit in my opinion. That goes for any Army that wages a war of genocide, they all received the general orders and knew what was expected of them.
  8. 🙄 Yes, no other soldier displayed bravery like the German soldier, definitely not the Russian soldier who literally fought for the survival of his people. Who knew that if the Germans succeeded a genocidal campaign would be carried out to kill or enslave every single Russian in his country. I don't even know what to say about your comment on American soldiers, your sweeping generalization is just funny to me honestly. I'd imagine though that the ones who encountered the concentration camps or heard of them fought pretty damn well against the bastards who enabled it, that's good enough for
  9. It really is. Its amazing how 99% of people start out thinking that the Germans were these unstoppable supermen, just goes to show you the power of pop culture when it comes to stuff like war.
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