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  1. Hey thanks Michael, And happy new year and world wide hangover day!
  2. Hello guys, I've been traveling a lot the last week for the holidays, seen the 4.0 engine news, but was there a Christmas Bone thread this year that I missed? Been looking here and there in what little time i can and haven't seen one yet.
  3. Chris, I've created a twitch channel and have been streaming some World of Warships to setup and practic live streaming. Thus I was wondering if you'd want to do a CM multi player live stream sometime? PM me if you want to discuss details.
  4. M12 American SPG, uh I mean best TD....Best American TD:D Got a nice flanking movement in on this poor Jg IV/70 with the good old M12.
  5. Chris, Just putting in a request for whenever you get the time to play the CMFI scenario Beyond the Belice. as played from the US army side. Thank you & looking forward to the stream! P.S. nice work on your streams thus far & to you & all of BF great job on CMRT!!
  6. So can anyone tell me about potential mobile flame weapons for either side we might see down the road in a future module or pack? Didn't the Germans employ a Flamethrower equipped Hetzer variant at one point? What all mobile Flamethrowers seen action during the Mid 44 to wars end time frame? (Other than what will be released in Red thunder of course)
  7. Good question, especially for the V3.0 upgrade for CMBN & CMFI with all of those American tanks with pintle mounted .50 cals.
  8. Thanks for the responses guys! So how do we we know if our light AA has downed an enemy CAS aircraft? Can AA even shoot down enemy aircraft in game, or is it mainly used to harass & drive them off the battlefield? Thanks again!
  9. With the addition of AA guns being able to shoot at aircraft in version 3.0, will heavy AA guns also be able to engage aircraft? Guns like the German 88mm or Russian 85mm? Or just the light AA platforms able to engage air targets? Another quick question, how will we know if our AA guns have shot down a plane? In the post battle summary only or will we be able to tell in battle? Thanks
  10. I'm going to guess it'll be handled just like the M-10 TD, somebody in the turret will man it....but it really won't matter, because the rear MG will never be used, your tank will almost always be facing the enemy. Plus by mid 44 German Infantry AT weapons will tear apart an IS-2 if they get anywhere behind or to the side of the tank. Also I doubt the IS-2 crew will be able to spot much in terms of concealed infantry to the side or rear of the tank...thus in my opinion I doubt that rear turret mounted MG will get much use in game.
  11. Ya getting a V3.0 upgrade with no corresponding pack with new flame units would kinda be.......like getting a new bicycle with no tires!!!
  12. +1 Will any packs be released at the same time as V3.0 upgrade for CMBN & CMFI or will we have to wait for a bit after the 3.0 upgrade to get flame weapons?
  13. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'm slowly starting to learn the Eastern Front! I was wondering, between mid 1944 to May of 45, will the Soviets get any Mobile AA platforms? I have searched Google & haven't found any WWII mobile Soviet AA platform that were used during the war. I found a couple WWII era prototypes and post war stuff, but none of it seems to have been used during the war. Did the soviets have any other mobile AA weapons during the war? Did they receive any from lend lease? thanks
  14. Well I might be wrong, please correct me if I am. Doesn't Red thunder & it's future modules eventually cover from summer of 1944 until May of 1945? If that is correct, then here is my question. What new content might we see in the Modules? I'm not talking about scenarios/campaigns....of course we'll see them:) I'm curious as to new units/orders of battles, & what new weapons we might see. I'm not by far an expert on the eastern front of WWII but, from the looks of Red Thunder annoucment it looks as though pretty much every weapon, AFV that was in service from mid 44 thru may
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