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  1. These demos are great! Except for "Breaking the Bank. Its kicking my butt...damn 30mm AGL's. But I have not lost yet... I can't wait for the upgrades. Good job!
  2. I've seen this several times. What I'm REALLY interested in is where that guy came from who ran from behind that tank?
  3. I generally don't mess with mods, but those look great! Thanks!
  4. Is the explosion graphic a mod or is that original graphics? That looks great!
  5. I need to apologize for this in advance...I could not resist. T-64 Harlem Shake
  6. Do the squads tend to still run in a column thus increasing their chance for one MG burst to nearly take out the whole column? That's the only reason why I split squads; so that my troops don't die in bunches. I hate splitting my troops. Its too much work but it is necessary.
  7. I find this thread interesting. The Soviet style of combat just might play into my hands...not that I am proud of that. I have a couple of questions. Does this mean that during scenarios or campaigns we will not see force preservation (Friendly condition %) as a requirement to meet victory conditions? Im still trying to understand how the limitation is felt if the designated Company that takes the trenches but continues on to fight and advance. Is there something that happens "under the hood" when the objective is taken and the Company that first touches/occupies that object
  8. Yes. There is a "pack" expected. MG is the last in this series. But there will be a "pack" with random stuff and not necessarily specific to MG or Normandy. Here is a link which breifly discusses it. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=112578 There are discussions at length around here some where which is a road map. I'll let you find that.
  9. With that in mind, I was going to suggest c3k shove his truck right at the end of the road and in between the hedges and the boundary effectively cutting off an advance from the "edge of the world". But I was not sure if I was crossing a line. I can see its far too late for that now.
  10. Middle ground...quick turn around with comments on the screen. I love comments on the screen. Im in it for the entertainment value. The 27, 8 x 10 glossies with circles and arrows...do help alot.
  11. I've been getting this too. The only way I found to solve it for now is to delete some saved games. That seems to work. Don't know how or why. All that I know is the problem started when I attempted to save a game during "Bloody Dawn". I had already saved 24 times and was on my 25th attempt (+1 from a prior scenario) when I received the out of virtual memory report. I restarted the game and attempted to restart the saved game from the 25th save file but it did not work. I tried to restart the same 25th save file twice. I noticed the last saved file (25th file) was half as lar
  12. Jeez. This is a shock. Usually when I go away for a long time, I see good news. It takes a big man to take up such a task and an even bigger man to know when he is beat. Back to beta group!
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