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BIG hand for the modders!

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It took just a bit over a year to reach the same amount of mods and stuff as the Shock Force has after 5 years! Thanks to you the visuals of the game has been improved a lot which makes an already excellent game even better! Not to underestimate the original work from BFC but the modders have made a huge boost to the game!

I have loaded huge amount of mods (Z folder is 4GB) and have not thanked the makers of the individual mods, so hereby I thank you all and hope you keep up the good work!

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Yes, thanks to all who have donated their time to improve the game experience. Here is a shot of just a taste of some really great stuff out there that I especially recommend to all the movie maker grogs out there. Shown is Drakenlorde’s muzzle flash + Vein’s tracers (comes in 3 sizes with the largest being shown). This combo gives the most realistic effect depicting firing weapons, and looks so totally cool especially at night. If you are not using you are missing out. Also, a special shout out thanks to Marco Bergman for offering his graphic contributions to greatly improve Vin’s animated text mod which is also shown. Salute Marco.


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Totally agree..Three cheers for all modders who are dedicating all that time in order to enhance our gaming experience expecting NOTHING in return except a kind thank you. They deserve our complete respect.

A big thank you to the AWSOME fuser whose vehicles are just FABULOUS, JUJU and everyone eles on the lists.

I would also like to express my gratitude to all those modders who i read are working on the houses - I have seen the pictures and the work is definately outstanding - keep up the good work.

Maybe one day we would find someone who can actually mod the trees if that is possible.#

Thanks folks for your kindness.


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I'd like to add another heart-felt "THANK YOU!" to the modders. It's amazing how much some of the better mods can enhance the game experience. Please know that your work is greatly admired and appreciated.

Here's a list of my favorites:


--EZ's US Uniforms (the earlier pack, I usually use 1st ID) for regulars and Veins Airborne mod for airborne. EZ's US helmets are superb.

--EZ's German Uniforms (from the second pack that also has US, but I like the orig. US pack above better, so I just use the Germans from this one). Veins Germans is also an excellent mod for regular German inf.

--Veins Flames. I'm in love each and every time the flames start dancing up on a kill!

Excellent further additions that are always in the Z:

--JuJu's Tweaked UI.

--Veins Explosions and Smoke, Small Arms and Muzzle Flash, Tank Muzzle Flash, Tracers, and Skies.

--Aris's Terrain Mods.

--Lt. Smash's WWII Floating Icons.

--Mord's Immersive American Voices ("Son of a ...!").

--Dietrich's German Voices

--Veins Support Chatter.

--Mike's Vehicles of War Sound Mod.

I rotate some others in and out. Aris does outstanding work, but my personal taste is for less weathering on my vehicles than he likes. I'm actually quite happy with most of the stock vehicle textures. I usually just rotate in a couple of Aris's for variety.

I haven't found a weapons sound mod that I prefer to the stock sounds. The ones I have come across so far tend to have a reverb effect that isn't my thing. Also, the stock weapon sounds seem to have more natural relative volume and placement in the 3D world. I love the ones I list above, though!

For readers viewing this who haven't tried these/any mods, you should really check them out. It's just amazing how much they enhance the game!


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