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  1. Another trick is to blind the ATG with smoke. In that particular battle I did that and was able to move my infantry close to the guns and kill the crew.
  2. That is probably because also the ammo of the neighboring unit is counted there as each mortar are able to use each others ammo. When they go separate ways they are not anymore able to use the other units ammo and therefore screen shows only half of the ammo. If you move them close to each other again then the ammo should "double" again.
  3. *** MINOR SPOILER ALERT**** For example the first one where I command the XXX corps and particularly the one with paras where I had to capture the island behind a bridge. That was very hard, had to restart it few times but had to adapt a tactic which didn't include hugging the dirt in the ditches
  4. The problems I've been facing are with the Nijmegen campaign. And in this scenario which I'm playing has quite open terrain and basically only cover is the ditches and as they don't seem to work properly my troops are being slaughtered while they can't get into cover...
  5. Not sure if this has been discussed already but I have had big problems of using the new ditch in the MG module. They seem to be quite deep and should give good cover to soldiers but instead seems to be death traps.... Or am I doing something wrong as the pixeltruppen are manning them totally wrong... When I order them to the ditch squares I would expect them to take proper cover in them but now they expose themselves very badly... And when I order them into the ditch and give them hide command I would expect them to crawl to the deepest bottom of the ditch but no, they just lie in the edg
  6. And wasn't it that because the SF was forced to be released by some big company (can't remember which one though...) on a pre determined release date and not when BFC saw the game to be ready and releasable? And now they try to avoid the same thing happening again.
  7. Last year (June) BFC posted that their plan for the next 12 months is to release Normandy module 2, Eastern Front 1 and Shock Force 2. I think the Fortress Italy was not mentioned there and came as a nice surprise soon after. Steve specified the plans that during the next year 6/2012-6/2013 their plan is to release 3 base games and 3 modules. Now after that year has passed we've seen 1 base game and 1 module but not any of those that were mentioned in the initial Road Ahead (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=104854) Hopefully the Market Garden is soon to be released but
  8. I don't think so... The trailer seems to be a teaser for a announcement of that module and not the release yet. Though I really hope I'm wrong and we to get to play that soon
  9. How many people actually will need more than 10x dl's? I have downloaded each of the titles once and have a backup (or two) of them and never re-downloaded a copy. Of course it's understandable that backup's get destroyed every once in a while, but 10+ times??
  10. I think this movie must be a big event as it has been posted on both forums
  11. Have you been able to replicate that problem with the save game you have? Or is it a random occurrence? If yes, i think it might be pretty hard to locate if that happens twice a year... And if the problem (even though annoying it must be) is not more frequent than that, isn't it possible to replay the turn?
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