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  1. Hi Apache, It's really simple. You have to drop any optional folder into the Data/Z folder, not the Juju UI folder! Optional folders are all named so that they are always loaded after the main mod. And thanks, Wodin! :-)
  2. I've been modding CM for almost 14 years, Often to the sound of me cursing and swearing about issues just like that. Taking a closer look at the rest of the vehicle I see what you mean. Getting all dots to be the same size is possible but no doubt a huge timesink and not worth (or fun) doing. I've learned to live with all the issues CM seems to throw at us modders. I also should have known better before asking the question in the first place.
  3. Beautiful! There's one thing, though. Bit of a pet peeve to me, but it's obvious by the dots on the barrel that that particular section is stretched and the dots look like ovals. Is that fixable?
  4. And thanks to you for posting them. Looks awesome!
  5. Bloody hell! This just gets better and better. I would love to see a few more before/after pictures, please!
  6. Sadly there are only two 'states' of weapon slot icons right now. Green (okay) and yellow (light wound). The red cross for WIA/KIA you mention is most likely due to Vin's animated text. Otherwise it would simply say 'casualty.' Good idea though, but nothing we can do anything about, I'm afraid.
  7. Thanks guys! FYI, I've fixed the Real Time Go button location. It totally sucks it's too close to the timer panel, so I had to compromise the button background a little. You can rightclick and download the single default panel file below. For one of the ten options containing that file you're just going to have to download the whole mod again, I'm afraid.
  8. Just got home from work and checked that double RT Go button thingy. Turns out that in this game BFC chose to relocate that button for RT play. Why? I couldn't say. But in the end I should really have tested that file. So, my bad. I'll fix it tomorrow, though! Thanks, niall, but like CMFDR above I don't really understand the issue.
  9. Teehee. How embarrassing. I'll get that fixed tomorrow, whatever it is. When you quit you indeed go to a (the) 'funky' splash screen, which is the only screen in the whole UI that is unmodded. So what you see is normal, I think. Screenshot away, though. Better safe than sorry. And that's why we write readme's, Timmy!
  10. Thanks guys! Odd. The RT panel is graphically the exact same panel as the TB panel, only with the play buttons covered up. Can't check this because I'm at work right now, but does anyone else see this? Screenshot perhaps? Edit: I have to admit I've never even tested the real time panel. It seems very unlikely but could it be that the go button is in a different location for RT play?
  11. Gentlemen, After more than two months of work it’s finally ready for release: As of this moment ‘Blitz UI’ is available for download at CMMODSIII! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank kohlenklau, mjkerner, Ithikial_AU, PhilM and CMFDR for their testing and advice. I was going to write some more, but who am I kidding. Nobody’s read past that first line, anyway. Enjoy!
  12. T-minus 12. give or take half an hour...
  13. +1 from me. This looks stunning! I more or less decided not to bother with terrain mods in FB, but I may have to change my mind now.
  14. Thanks Derfel. Sadly all on-screen text is hard-coded and has never been part of my mods. It could be modded, however, by editing the strings.txt file. I wouldn't know how to and I've been warned this file is best not touched. At all. And if somebody could even pull it of it'd need to be updated with every patch, AFAIK. Here's one final teaser. A comparison shot.
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