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  1. I've been modding CM for almost 14 years, Often to the sound of me cursing and swearing about issues just like that. Taking a closer look at the rest of the vehicle I see what you mean. Getting all dots to be the same size is possible but no doubt a huge timesink and not worth (or fun) doing. I've learned to live with all the issues CM seems to throw at us modders. I also should have known better before asking the question in the first place.
  2. Beautiful! There's one thing, though. Bit of a pet peeve to me, but it's obvious by the dots on the barrel that that particular section is stretched and the dots look like ovals. Is that fixable?
  3. And thanks to you for posting them. Looks awesome!
  4. Bloody hell! This just gets better and better. I would love to see a few more before/after pictures, please!
  5. +1 from me. This looks stunning! I more or less decided not to bother with terrain mods in FB, but I may have to change my mind now.
  6. That's because CM has never featured train cars. It's Umlaut magic! How did he do that? That's for him to reveal...
  7. Yeah! or you could have a closer look at the pics in posts 380 and 382...
  8. Thinking outside the box is the new rage. Bravo Umlaut!
  9. Marco, you can upload a preview picture, but only after the mod is released. Very annoying, that.
  10. Nice pics. It's cool to see there are actually players who use one of the optional skins. I was always afraid they were a wee bit in-your-face.
  11. As a matter of fact, It had me fooled for two seconds!
  12. Possible Battle 1 SPOILERS ahead!! I'll say! In my game A Co. had about 7 or 8 men left standing (if you can call it that) at the end of the scenario. Most of them wounded and pretty much all of them cowering/broken or panicked, you name it. But, by golly, they made it into the trenches. Even in their broken state I had the battered remnants of the entire company storm that ridge. I felt it was far better to chance that almost futile seeming assault than to have them just sit and die on the beach, like the rest of their buddies. I'm never that gung-ho with my pixeltruppen, but in this cas
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