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  1. Thanks. Glad you like them. Yeah, I could do it but it would defeat the purpose and wouldn't tell you anything. There'd just be a US flag for airborne, armor, infantry and armored infantry. You wouldn't know what was what at a glance—nothing to differentiate them from each other. Ditto for ALL the other nations and their formations, roughly four of the same flag/symbol for each. Mord.
  2. It's on CMMODs III but if I remember correctly you made it under the old file names. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure they need to be renamed. I know your old US uniforms all need to be renamed. Now that Martha's taken care of lets see some Muj textures on that model swap I just did! Mord.
  3. Replied to your email. Everything looks really nice, just need some explanation as to what's being modded. There's so many mods now I don't know what is what. But going by what I saw, it's great work. I gotta split but I'll check back later. Look forward to seeing more. Mord.
  4. That was the real reason we revolted. King George was stingy af with the Charmin. Get between a patriot and his two-ply and next thing you know...revolution. Enjoy. Mord.
  5. Better make it quick, my code has a hair trigger and loves nothing more than spending its days abusing toiletries. Mord. P.S. If you need any more files let me know. It's a PIA not being able to explode the brzs.
  6. Sent. That'll be 150 US dollars. I want it it small unmarked coinage (dimes, nickels, and Susan B Anthonys), preferably dated between 1958 to 1979. D mint only!!!!! Anything less and the code I hid inside the bmps will activate and vandalize your bathroom. Mord.
  7. There was a set of dedicated buildings specifically for constructing your own factories. They even placed rubble doodads throughout the floor tiles inside the buildings. Mord.
  8. The rights should be crowdfunded, then given to BF, then they could update it and little old CMA wouldn't be the red-headed step child anymore. Something could be done. WTF does Snowball care? They abandoned the game about five seconds after they released it. They probably don't even remember it was made. And a dude in another thread said one of the guys had died. Mord.
  9. You can find some of his stuff on CMMODs but a lot of it is in his own dropbox or some such. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1155 Works with all titles http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=446 @Vein dude needs a link to your files. They are historical. Mord.
  10. C'mon. Elvis offered up a subject changer now let's move to the new subject. Mord.
  11. Drop the B***S*** arguing and enjoy the picture. Where's @kohlenklau he's only been pining for the friggin' thing for 9 years. He finally wore the boys down. Mord.
  12. My guess was that it was a possible mod tag, but if it's a stock campaign the only way that would happen is what you suggested (which never occurred to me). I completely forgot that unis can be assigned in the editor! I was baffled how a tag would've got there. DUH! Good call! Mord.
  13. No problem, any time. I've been modding the game for 12 years and adding mods for 20, so it's easy to forget that it can get confusing for people. Believe it or not though, it's way better than adding mods in CMx1. You had to make back ups of everything because when you add something it would over write the original files. And all the wav and bmp names were numbers. GIANT PIA trying to remember what number series went with what. If you had CMFB you would have run into this already, but I forgot that BN has no seasonal tags outside of maybe mud and RT hasn't got to that point yet.
  14. Here's his Italian stuff http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1923 Here's a link to some of his FI winter and tropical Mods. I'm not gonna leave it up for long so grab it now while you can. http://www.mediafire.com/file/m4qbbg5wq4qzni8/Vein%27s_FI_German_Uniforms.zip/file You can tag him and he'll pop by and give you a link to all his mods. Mord.
  15. Seasonal mods should show a bracketed mod tag on the end of the file name. So if you wanted to use the same uniforms you just down loaded in the fall or winter you'd make copies of each bmp and add the mod tag to the file name. Mod tags may not have been in vogue when EZ made that mod or he didn't bother with them. Winter version is: smod_german_lw_para-tropical_soldier_uniform [snow] smod_german_lw_para-tropical_soldier_uniform 2 [snow] etc. Those only show when there is snow on the ground. I am not sure what autumn is. It might be smod_german_lw_para-
  16. If there are say five variations of a uniform, each a different color, Black, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, and you wanted all uniforms to be Orange, you'd make four copies of the Orange uniform and give them the names of the Red, Black, Pink, Green files. EX: You really like tropical uniform 2 smod_german_lw_para-tropical_soldier_uniform 2 you make four copies and make one "smod_german_lw_para-tropical_soldier_uniform" "smod_german_lw_para-tropical_soldier_uniform 3" 4, then 5. There are five variations in the mod you down loaded. Now lets say you found another mod and
  17. Yep. My fault. Duh. Was in a hurry. Pretend I wrote "Aris Panther A" and "Camo Panther A". I personally try to only use one z folder for testing because if you have multiples it ends up defeating the purpose. I have my base mods that I always use, as in won't be replaced until I find something I like better. I use the single z folder to test new mods and the mods I am working on. If I find a new mod I like I'll add it to the base folders. Just much simpler and you always know what you have and where (most of the time). Mord.
  18. You don't need a Z before any of your folders. I explained what the Z Z Z folder was for in my post above. When Combat Mission is started the game will load ANY graphics/sounds etc. that are in your mod folder to temporarily overwrite the original game files. It will always do this as long as there are files in the mods folder to use. The highest letter of the alphabet always takes precedence in the loading order. So, if you have TWO mods and they are in folders named "Panther A" and "Camo Panther A" the one titled " Camo Panther A" will always be chosen over the other because C
  19. It has to do with the way the different models are shaped and their stances, I'd imagine . Also if they changed the height they'd need to write LOS code for the variation, hence why we don't have varied heights among units. Mord.
  20. It's not even close to being as complicated as it may sound. There's no programs involved. If you want a clean mod folder create something like this. It's simple. I have a main folder for each Nation and style of effect in game. Then under each I have a sub folder. In those sub folders are the actual files extracted from the zips. (Except for vehicles, I create one more sub folder named after the vehicle) As you can see in the first pic I have one Z folder where I'll put anything new that I want to check. That Z
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