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  1. With us Yanks it was perfectly functioning Bf 109's and FW 190's in tunnels under Geissen Depot.
  2. I think PsycoBuzzCut has spent too much time on forums where trash talking and putting down other user's opinions is the norm.
  3. Really nice mod! It captures the look of Baghdad in 2007. Which I'm sure applies to most of urban Syria as well.
  4. The AN/TAS 5 that is the Dragon night targeting system is a thermal sight.
  5. Yes. I may just have a fuzzy memory of the time. But IIRC the unionized, long haired Dutch Army was actually only one brigade and the rest of the Dutch Army followed standard type military regulations.
  6. My unit in 81-84, had the old style Vietnam era flak vests all stacked up in a storage room. But that literally was the only place I saw them. We never used them, even on field exercises or alerts.
  7. Yes it is. US troops would be using M16A1s which had full auto.
  8. Absolutely, this applies even to the in game versions of the Bradley and Abrams. There were no CITVs in the Cold War era, the commander gets the same view as the gunner via his sight extension.
  9. And there is also BC for Bradley Commander. Although in the CW time frame it would have been used for Battalion Commander as well.
  10. Even in 1989 when I started my last tour in Germany there were some Bradleys still painted in plain green camo. When I first arrived my unit was just turning in their plain green M2s for forest camouflaged M2A2s. So the green was around for a long time.
  11. Well then, if you think about it BFC won, because that's the policy on advance release dates.
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