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  1. Check your main folder for CMBS. Look in the data folder to see if there are ,brz files that don't belong there, such as ones from other CM games. I've had this problem in the past, and it was a .brz file from CMBN that somehow ended up in my CMBS data folder.
  2. They can split into two teams. The Platoon Leader leads one and the Platoon Sergeant takes over the other.
  3. An excellent book on a very complex and difficult subject.
  4. You can't, but after you D/L and install the game you can add it to Steam. Which will give you access to the Steam Community pages etc,
  5. I've been playing Tank Crew since it was in pre release, and it does have AT guns, artillery pieces, (you can't call for fire though), HT mounted infantry, MGs, 2 campaigns, (Kursk from both sides) that have 10 missions apiece, and air support. It's the best WWII tank sim since Panzer Elite IMHO.
  6. In my old company, yes. That was D Co 4/7 Inf (Mech). The FO rode with the PL, The Medic rode with the PLT SGT. Fun Fact: Our entire Company FIST team, lived in our barracks and stored their vehicle in our motor pool, but were actually on paper assigned to our brigade artillery.
  7. Speaking as a former mech soldier, there is one FO per platoon plus a FIST team at company level. The platoon FOs are usually SPCs, and the Company FIST team comprises a LT, a SSG and a PFC/SPC RTO, who ride in a M7 Bradley FIST/V.
  8. We would collect up all the brass and links and put them back in the ammo crates they came from. The supply sergeant would then return them to the issuing ordinance unit for disposal.
  9. Depending on the game, I mod almost everything. The biggest exception is CMSF2 where I have the stock buildings and US armor because they look great straight out of the box.
  10. I've had a similar experience. During the first night of the 91 ground war it was pouring rain on a moonless night, even with the night vision devices we had it was pitch black. The only light we had was the flashes of our own artillery as they did fire missions off and on all through the night.
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