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  1. Read the book a long time ago. It's pretty good. https://www.amazon.com/No-Better-Place-Die-Ste-Mere Mord.
  2. I'll gladly accept the praise upon me and the bunker but that wasn't my mod, M1A1TC made that. I think I incorporated it into the old Civil War mod for SF1. Mord.
  3. Bootie, did you receive the Globe, Anchor and Palm SF2 mod? If not let me know and I'll resend it. Mord.
  4. Hey, I do have them! The one friggin' place I didn't look for them was in my actual A-Stan install because I forgot it was there. This is what they look like: You will absolutely not insult me or hurt my ego if you don't want them after seeing the pic! They look like crap. I wish I had made a template back then though, I could fix them up real nice now. Mord.
  5. No. Sorry, I don't see them anywhere. But trust me, you don't want them. They are complete crap. They were the second portrait mod I ever made and absolutely horrible looking. They weren't even on par with the Normandy or FB portraits that are still on Greenasjade's. It's not being hard on myself either, they were objectively bad. LOL. Mord.
  6. That works for me because it's the one I always use. JuJu's biggest design flaw, and trust me I know this one personally and painfully, was making all those options. And I think I can speak for him when I state; that we get so caught up in the creating, we want to have options on top of options for the players to enjoy. But somewhere down the road we have to update that sh** or make one for a new title! Then not only do we want to match what we did before (can't be less than!), we want to improve it, maybe add extra and lots of new dazzle and shine. Then when there's four titles (my case seven), and we're going on the third or fourth version of the mods, we sit back and whisper to ourselves..."My god, what have I done?" Followed by a soft cracking sound in our brain LMAO! The tragically ironic part is that 90% of all that extra effort won't ever get used by the players. It was and is, blood, sweat and tears for some phantom dragon that we are chasing. Moral of the story, Ithikial, save your sanity, less is more. And thanks for doing this. Mord.
  7. Thanks. It's gonna be a while. I still have to finish the Normandy portraits. That shouldn't be too much longer. I've been bouncing back and forth between modding FoG II Medieval and the various CM titles to keep me from completely burning out. But I'll get to Cold War eventually. Get yourself one of these. The price is right. No man should have to sacrifice one CM game for another! GIVE ME HARD DRIVE OR GIVE ME DEATH! LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR! https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-BarraCuda-Internal-Drive-3-5-Inch/dp/B07H2RR55Q/ref=sr_1_1?crid=20EALWF4H7TXW&dchild=1&keywords=2tb%2Bhard%2Bdrive&qid=1622588833&sprefix=2TB%2Cstripbooks%2C181&sr=8-1&th=1 Mord.
  8. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don't make silhouettes. I could but there are enough guys that have had them covered over the years that I never bothered; JuJu, Marco Bergmen, Scipio, and Steppenwolf have all done them. My main focus has always been portraits. Mord.
  9. That's the Steam version. Matrix/Slitherine whoever, hasn't released their version of the patch yet. Hopefully it is fixed though. Mord.
  10. Ok. Finished these up for @GhostRider3/3. Bunch of different sizes and locations for the Abrams and the Flatbed. Humvee has one size. Should be enough to make everyone happy. Didn't add them to any green or camo vehicles because I didn't think it would look right or realistic. Kinda like they were shipped over to Syria super fast before they could be converted to the desert colors. LOL. Yeah, the splash screen sucks but I didn't feel like selling it any harder. I hadn't planned on doing this so it's all off the cuff. Still took me 4 hours though! Anyway, hope they do the job. Mediafire Link until Bootie posts them. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hivwqlu4q0afkwk/Mord%27s_USMC_Globe_Anchor_%26_Palm_Tree_Mod.zip/file Mord.
  11. Yep. They show up but the BMPs are slightly different than SF2's. Mord.
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