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  1. No, it's been possible for years. Maybe since the beginning.
  2. Yes. I don't know when, but I have played the demo scenario twice so it's a matter of time.
  3. No such plan ever existed, and they have been explicit about that.
  4. I just tested the M2 and M3 Bradleys. The 25mm cannon will fire through smoke. In the reported example you can see the gunner is trying to fire a TOW missile.
  5. One minor change that didn't make the readme: The off road rating for the Studebaker truck was bumped up.
  6. Something I have been doing for years is saving a copy of the hotkeys.txt file to some backup location so that every time I patch (which is a lot for beta testers) I just copy/paste to get my keybinds back. The same file is universal for all CM games so you just need one backup copy for everything.
  7. All of them, IIRC. But only under Guards.
  8. Yeah, it's all about hitting the turret. Or getting a side shot. Even the King Tiger can't penetrate the front hull.
  9. Reported The flamethrower teams are available, albeit only under the Armored Infantry tab. I think that is correct. I've reported the missing FO teams. Reported I'm not seeing this. I see options for JPz IV, Hetzer , StuG and Marder. I think BFC may have changed their minds about the availability dates. In Red Thunder the Hetzer (early) is only available through August. Beginning in September the late version is the only one available. Final Blitzkrieg starts in October. Reported.
  10. A small correction to my earlier statement. The Porsche KT is not a base game unit. It's in the Commonwealth Forces module. The Henschel KT is in the Market Garden module.
  11. Nah, I don't see it and I have all the Normandy content installed. I think people are conflating the two KTs. The Porsche KT specifically says "Porsche" and is only available in July and August.
  12. No. Either you misunderstood or they were mistaken. The Porsche KT is missing from QBs for everyone.
  13. What?! No. The bug has nothing to do with the module. I told you to buy the module to get the Henschel KT, which you had claimed was also missing. It's only missing because you don't have the module.
  14. I understand there is a bug you have reported and that I have logged in BFCs bug tracker. I also understand you have an axe to grind that seems to go far beyond one missing unit. I just have no interest in that.
  15. Like I said, the missing Porsche KT in QBs is a bug. If you want a refund you need to contact BFC's customer support.
  16. Yes it's a bug. Yes it will be fixed. Soon. The missing Stug III (latest), also. Good catch. If you mean the Porsche KT, it's on the bug list since I think that is a base game unit. If you mean the Henschel KT, it's there if you buy the module.
  17. While I agree the information should be in the manual it has been discussed publicly before, albeit a long lime ago.
  18. Not a bug. It's a rare and unfortunate consequence of the Combat MIssion LOS/LOF rules regarding vehicles, number 4 specifically in this case. Friendly vehicles never block LOS/LOF for other friendly vehicles. Operable enemy vehicles block LOF, but not LOS, from friendly vehicles. Non-smoking KO'd vehicles do not block LOS/LOF for friendly or enemy vehicles. Non-smoking KO'd vehicles block LOF, but not LOS, from any unit as long as the targeted unit is not a vehicle (ie: tank shooting at infantry or infantry shooting at infantry) Smoking vehicles block LOS and
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