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  1. I fear not AstroCat, it was annoying indeed, coding gurus may know something about it, not my competition for sure!
  2. Thanks guys, M4A3a2 75mm is already done, now it´s time for his 76mm brother.
  3. Let´s have a little fun once again,... (I know,...it´s not historical, but what are modding tests without some fun? ) First ever M4A3a2 I try to mod, click on he picture for a real size teaser
  4. Ok, thanks for pointing that out. Will ceratinly fix it and add more content soon. Glad you liked it, it is a very hard mod to make.
  5. It´s one or the other, or endless combinations of both.
  6. The time has come....Ladies and gents...enjoy the ride,...nuff said! http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=4038
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