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  1. LOL... No idea. There's an ass-ton of vehicles in Tukums. A lot of them were shooting. Last time I played it was a year ago. You're digging deeper and deeper into a comment. Not much there to dig.
  2. Halftracks, armored cars, others. It was especially evident in Tukums, from CMRT.
  3. Hmm. Other vehicles do. (Of course, why don't shermans (for example) engage. Something to look at...)
  4. AA: Any vehicles with AA mounts (machineguns, cannon) will stop any movement order (it'll show "Pause") and they will engage the aircraft (if able). This is for WWII. So, if your TCs are unbuttoned, you have a chance of shooting down the Jabos. For modern, dedicated anti-air assets will engage. (<- I'm not sure if they'll stop moving to do so, or, if they're moving if they can engage.)
  5. Agreed. You don't happen to have a savegame?
  6. Check the ammo? Some of the German 7.92 is SmK, armor piercing. (I think I got it the abbreviation...right.)
  7. Splitting can be beneficial. As noted by others, it depends on the unit, the mission, the terrain, and the adversary. Does that help? I'll split when moving to contact. I get more locations from which to spot the enemy (sneaky LOS and units hiding behind stuff), and the dispersal protects my men from incoming HE and MG. Sure, they lose some combat effectiveness. But, if I split the first two squads, leave the third "whole" and behind them, I'm able to find the enemy, pin him, and then maneuver as needed. Don't fear the split. But be judicious in its use.
  8. Excellent "!first ever!" post. Here's an upvote, and kudos for sussing out something that will be in the patch.
  9. Referencing the "Bug/Glitch" thread, on May 5/6 you asked about a savegame showing slow bailouts from the Vulcan/M163.

    I mantissed this on March 3rd. Mantis 8788. With savegame.

  10. Better too many than too few. Thanks.
  11. LOL...those dark reddish brown blemishes? My men covet those "Honor Marks". Frequently, I've overhead them as they discuss the likelihood of their achieving such exalted status. "Gor! I wonder what lucky sods won't return from THIS mission!" is not uncommonly heard. Lucky indeed...
  12. Crap. I think you're exactly correct! Back to Reading Comprehension 101 for me. Guess it's time to get some volunteers and yellow up some squads...
  13. Lightly Injured = yellow? There is no buddy aid for that. "It's just a flesh wound." Their speed/endurance/ability to carry are reduced. Otherwise, good to go. Wounded = Red. Yeah, sometimes it's tough to get to them. A face command (and some time) will help. Their buddies need to spot them and then move there. Suppression and morale may play into that response time. (Look for a stationary team/squad to have some members get a "moving" status.) Otherwise, try moving to the adjacent square and FACE back toward the WIA. As a last ditch effort, use a few Pause commands and a SLOW. The turn (Wego) should end with your team/squad crawling across the location right on top of the WIA. At the next turn Command Phase, delete the rest of the SLOW. That drops the team right on top of the WIA. Finally, KIA get resolved in just a few seconds. Some WIA can get buddy aided for up to two full turns (in my experience).
  14. Downloaded. Because...the Cold War is going hot.
  15. I know what you mean. But, here's some inside ball: you've heard all the "gotta test to make sure a 'fix' doesn't break something else", right? My contribution to CW is very small compared to the incredible work that others have done. But, here's a sample of what I put into this. There was a question about spotting. (This is the type of observed behavior followed by rigorous testing that discovered the infamous Tiger gunner sitting sideways issue.) In order to dig into the particular issue in CW, I created some tests. In the course of these, I entered, individually and by hand, 13,500 data points. Pause, look, type, tab: repeat thirteen thousand and five hundred times. Let me repeat that: 13,500 individually entered data points. Painful? Oh, yes. The result? The game rocks. Now, if there were patches released each week, they would NOT get this type of detailed testing. (There's a game, not naming it, but has to do with Commanding air and naval stuff, in a Modern setting, at an Operational scale, that releases patches (and beta patches) pretty frequently. You can pretty much bet that each one breaks something. A sonar fidelity increase means ballistic missiles don't get intercepted.) I'm a gamer, like you. We all would like a perfect game. Or, a better game sooner. This is how it is, and it works pretty darn well... Ken
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