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  1. Happy to answer here, but putting it elsewhere would be better. Achilles and other US TDs had their AA MG on the back of the turret. If you have a target back there, yes, they'll shoot it at them. For more discussion, perhaps a copy and paste into its own thread would be best?
  2. @Drifter Man Thanks for doing and for sharing! Some good stuff in there.
  3. @Zloba, congrats on your new addition to your family! And also on your newborn. In many games when you select difficulty levels, the game changes the characteristics or the numbers of your enemies. Not so in this game. Instead, the different difficulty levels affect artillery/air response times and, most importantly, how spotting is dealt with (both friendly and enemy). It may seem counter-intuitive, but I suggest you start on Iron mode. That mode will allow you to see what each unit sees and it will give you a much deeper understanding of what's going on with the game. For exam
  4. It is interesting to play the Brits and the Commonwealth. Between their manpower shortages in the latter stages of WWII, the lack of squad-level firepower, and the tinker-shop nature of so many of their vehicles, they're quite the challenge. They force the player to marshal one's support, maneuver to advantage, and cautiously feel out the approaches. A squad made up of 2+2+3-man teams is not very good for assaulting. Contrast that with the CMSF2 USMC squads. But, that makes it all the more satisfying when your PIAT takes out the two PzIVs blocking the road. (Yes, SPOILER REDACTED I'm loo
  5. Well, you can always take it out of the Z folder and put it elsewhere. Later, put it back in. I have a folder, "All CM Mods". It is subdivided into other folders. I drag and drop into my Z folder as desired.
  6. The various iterations of loading/unloading and movement, as these orders pertain to either passengers or crew, can be confusing. @Freyberg has hit the nail on the head for this unit. Let us know whether it ends up working for you. And Merry Christmas.
  7. By splitting up your post, the numbering scheme you used has been thrown into disarray. I've found that if I select "Show All Movement Paths" (one of the various hotkey selections), it is pretty obvious when I do this. Yes, I have done this. Yes, many of my men died before I learned that lesson. They were grateful that their sacrifice was able to help me. Otherwise, be very aware of how many of your units are orange (selected). First, I agree. However, after a LOT of experience, I've gradually discovered what hedges, bushes, walls, fences, and hedgerows are passable
  8. Bil, as usual, makes a very good point. Attacking where the enemy is weak is a key tactic. Given that most enemy positions appear strong, you can create a weakness by isolating that one spot upon which you wish to concentrate your overwhelming force. In CM, this is done by suppression and smoke. Once you break the integrated enemy position/setup, then exploitation is much easier. And, again referencing Bil, it forces the enemy to react. If he's reacting, you've won the OODA loop. The rest is up to your pixeltruppen.
  9. Also, the game may be using the OLD resolution. Go into the Battlefront game's folder. You'll find a "display size.txt" file. It will have three numbers in it, e.g., "1920 1080 0". You can reset them to "0 0 0", or just delete the file. Then, open the game, Menu/Options, select "Desktop Resolution". That should reset the game to your new desktop size.
  10. Yes, he did, but to give due credit, he did say it was a 210 ton vehicle.
  11. It's a command failure kind of thing. Obviously, your men were afraid of the StuG and what it could do to them if it saw them. Quiet as a mouse... You need to make your men fear YOU more then they do the enemy. I will occasionally order a machinegun nest be charged, just so they understand what's what. (Kidding aside...yeah, we've all been there and it's frustrating as all get out.)
  12. Well, the M829A4 (and previous variants) have a muzzle velocity of over 5,000 fps. That puts these rounds squarely at the threshold of the hypersonic regime. (Mach 5+) (Sigh: okay, it takes ~1658m/s to reach Mach 5. (Mach is dependent mainly upon Air Temperature: it slows as the temperature drops. Atmospherically, the temperature stabilizes ~35,000 feet. So, Mach gradually reduces in speed from Sea Level up to 35,000' and then stays pretty constant on up from there. Sea level, standard day, Mach 1 ~ 335m/s.) Where was I? Ah, yes, the M829A4 round and hypersonics. Given the various
  13. Checking Spielberger, the later PzIVs all have 50mm of turret face armor, inclined at 80 degrees. The mantlet (called "roller mount") is also 50mm, curved. As can be seen on the US Army's 37mm penetration tables, this puts the PzIV at risk of turret penetration somewhat beyond 500m.
  14. An infantry support gun has been needed since, well, they've been around. The WWII 75mm and 150mm Regimental Cannon were gradually superseded by the various SPGs to tote those big 150mm's. Today? Well, thinking in naval terms, I like the idea of a land-monitor. I envision a support vehicle, in US terms, to aid the mounted infantry. There are some very good breech-loading 120mm mortars, in turrets. They are capable of direct fire (flat trajectory) and indirect fire with precision. Toss them on a Stryker or a Brad (or its replacement), add some vertical launch Javelin-ERs (a six pack?),
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