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  1. An infantry support gun has been needed since, well, they've been around. The WWII 75mm and 150mm Regimental Cannon were gradually superseded by the various SPGs to tote those big 150mm's. Today? Well, thinking in naval terms, I like the idea of a land-monitor. I envision a support vehicle, in US terms, to aid the mounted infantry. There are some very good breech-loading 120mm mortars, in turrets. They are capable of direct fire (flat trajectory) and indirect fire with precision. Toss them on a Stryker or a Brad (or its replacement), add some vertical launch Javelin-ERs (a six pack?),
  2. I find that, when leading my men, if I have a low-cost victory and all (or most) survive, I have a cold beer and look back at what happened. When my men die and suffer needless casualties and fail, I have a cold beer and look back at what happened.
  3. Occasional typos are a thing. Illiteracy reflects poorly on the writer. Its or it's. You're or your. Could have or could of. (And by posting the above, I've put a bullseye on my back. )
  4. As stated, this is a known bug. To avoid it, set shorter movement paths. This will tend to keep the men together and none should get stuck. Also, break down into teams. (The pathing uses teams. A squad path is based on the teams in that squad. Breaking the squad down simplifies the AI "problem" and "solution".) If it DOES happen, stop all movement orders. Then, take a single point movement command with an endpoint in-between the split team. E.g., if 3 men are up by a wall and 1 man is back at the previous turn's start, 100m away, the start point will be the geometric mean
  5. I'm going to use your statement as an example. Don't get upset. "Drop down immediately": so, when 6 men are behind bocage (or whatever) and 1 man is close to the enemy and 3 men are in the middle of the open street, you want them all to "drop down immediately". You know, and I know, that would lead to issues. The one man who is close will die. The 3 men in the open will die, the 6 men "back there" will drop and not contribute any suppressive firepower or spotting that could've aided the rest of the team/squad. Bad idea. "when taking fire": what does this mean? Bullet striking flesh?
  6. Dude. How did you score that "CM Beta Tester" title? I know I've been behind in my dues. Is that it?
  7. Oh, and one more item: the internal tracking system is approaching 10,000 items. I'm not going to see how many are open, how many are bugs, uniform errors, the wrong location for the PzVII b A7 (experimental) smoke discharger, or other such items. Each could be called a "bug". Can you imagine a forum with 10,000 separate threads??? The tracking software does a great job. It is far better than having some sort of open list (that would have to be managed, updated, etc.). Just wanted to give you a sense of the scale involved.
  8. Hmmm....can't say I never noticed that definition, but you did. I'll toss it into the internal Beta Hopper and see if it gets spit out as a bug, or if the manual gets changed. Thanks.
  9. As a beta tester (mention this because it's not obvious in my sig Edited to add: woot, I changed my sig. ), I will say that there are lot of issues reported as "bugs" that are really design decisions with which someone disagrees. I understand and sympathize with the user who sees something and doesn't know if it has been reported or not or if it's a bug. (Without a deep search and the time it takes to do one...no snideness meant: this is reality.) Other things are not bugs. They're something misunderstood (either historically or gamewise). But, some of the known, internal, bugs are pret
  10. He was, and will remain, an icon for all things early CM. He set a great example.
  11. A hide with a covered arc usually allows intermittent spotting. I'm not sure if it is applicable to this specific instance, but it would be interesting to set a short (50m?) pie-wedge covered arc towards the target while also Hiding.
  12. I do not have any experience firing a Thompson. However, despite it having a 10 1/2" or 12" barrel (depending on model), the muzzle velocity I've found online is listed at about the same as a 5" 1911. Having fired a 1911 many times, when trying for 100+ yard shots, the drop is...significant. I would think the effectiveness would be pretty good out to 50 yards. Somewhere between there and 100 it should drop way off in effectiveness. Anyone with just partial exposure would be pretty tough to hit at 100 yards, unless they stayed there as the shooter walked the rounds onto the target.
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