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  1. The news about multiplayer and steam...is huge. (understated, and now undergoing a move to prevent undermining a mostly underground game and avoid dunderheaded replies. (<- Yeah, I know, but I was stumped.))
  2. @The_Capt OUTSTANDING AAR! Nothing to add...you've said (and done) it all. Thanks.
  3. Wow. Stunning. "Games" have come a long way.
  4. Bil, Outstanding approach/analysis and ability to share it with us. I am biased towards the Deep Strike Option: I think it gives a better location for any follow-on maneuver or support. Just my .02.
  5. A glorious charge for the Motherland! Strike the capitalist warmongers! Or something. Perhaps your follow-on echelons can send up a few tank regiments? The Americans will run out of shells before you run out of tanks! You DO have follow-on echelons, don't you?
  6. This is an excellent essay on how these tanks seem to balance in the game. The T-64 should be treated with a LOT of respect, and not just a little fear, by the US player. When you do get frontal hits on a T-64, it seems to take several strikes to destroy it.
  7. My understanding is that the M60 TTS was a much better sight than the first generation M1s, when it came to thermal imaging. I can't speak to reliability.
  8. Gotta add this: the period depicted is awesome. Meaning, literally, filling one with awe. The amount of arty and air and the damage they can inflict, as well as the numbers involved, and the Soviet T-64 vs the M48/early M60, new ATGMs, makes every encounter a very touch-and-go event. If you get cocky...you die. And once the dying starts, it just keeps going. Look at how any vehicle spotted in this AAR has died. Sure, they're just BMPs and M113s, but the accuracy and deadly effect of munitions...and the number of shooters...is what makes this a well-balanced period. Soviet numbers are offs
  9. @Pete Wenman, having fought on this map about 6 times (or more?) in the testing process, I have to publicly extol your map-making skills: this one is great! The LOS are tricky, due to the elevations and woods. When Bil comes out of the woods on his right, at the base of the valley, he will be exposed to the The_Capt's base of fire in the woodline. Both wood lines: on either side of the highway bridge. Conversely, where Bil set up his TOW launcher (the M150 that got hit) that hull-down position is great for overwatch on the open area on Bil's right, from the valley bottom UP to The_Ca
  10. Bil's plan: Obviously, you are bypassing the resistance! Hit him where he's soft. It looks to me like you're making a flank rush and will attempt to attack MOSCOW! Once there, your forces will topple the war-mongering Soviet ruling cabal, AND gain control of their distribution network. This move will simultaneously knock out two of the three legs needed for them to prosecute the war. After you occupy the Kremlin, Dolbach...all the Dolbachs...will fall into your hands. Color me impressed.
  11. No, that was me in my first CMSF play with AAVs stuffed full of Marines: I found out that the game engine has no limitations on how many red crosses it can display simultaneously. For that knowledge, I thank those Marines. But, back to this AAR: the opening graphics defined the Soviet approach. Teeth and hands scrabbling at eyes...or somefink. I like the Maskirovka baked-in from the outset. Remember, comrade, we can always send you more men and tanks: we cannot make more time.
  12. Moar! People's Soviet delegation is watching you. Send moar reports or we will send more delegations!
  13. Sagger needed ~500m (<-- totally from memory: possibly 300m?) for the operator to get it fully under control. So, inside of that range (whatever it is: again, 500m is a distant recollection), they could hit targets, but it was much harder. Once past that distance, it was much easier to guide.
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