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  1. This is my opnion: No 1: Expansion of Combat Mission Games to VE-Day on Both Fronts: 1944-1945 No 2: Enhanced Modding Support No 3: One Engine - CMx3 No 4: . Blitzkrieg: 1939-40 Thanks
  2. Made a ticket about four hours ago but still no reply unfortunately. Once I would be able to download the games, what should I do to download the games entirely and updated without having to patch them. if I should buy Game Engine 4 - would this engine be included in the download and then triggered once i insert the new Game Engine 4 code.
  3. Why cant I download my games from the Battlefront site - usually I used to go to my purchases and download from there. Now I cannot - can someone explain please.
  4. Thank you very much for your kind attention and patience, much appreciated, S
  5. Thank you so much for your prompt reply, very much appreciated. Please rest assured that I did fill a ticket on the website and, I have to admit, the only thing I did not insert is the Licence Key Number since I was not so keen to send that. Regards, S
  6. My order number is 00303305 if you require this information.
  7. Gentleman, has the CD Version of CMFB been shipped ? I sent a ticket on this matter a couple of days ago and I have had no reply yet. May I please highlight that I have been a client of your esteemed Company for many many years as you might acknowledge from your own data and I have never had any issues with deliveries in your respect. Can you please indicate to me what is the status of my order and take action to respond to tickets sent to you since I do not believe that clients must refer such matters on these public forums. I hope I have a response as soon as possible from whoever is responsible since it has been almost two months since I placed the order (23 March 2016)
  8. You were always wonderful Fuser ...you are just being sarcastic
  9. Is a Final Blitzkrieg Collectors Edition going to be released please ?
  10. Aris, by any chance, would you be modding the king tiger please. Thanks
  11. Aris - thanks very much for everything - the 505 decal is awesome. How is the cat coming along mate ?
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