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  1. I have to be careful because of the NDA. But essentially it's that units in real combat during WW2 did not provide a continuous play-by-play on the position and status of every single enemy unit they can see to every friendly unit they are in contact with. If they can actually see an enemy the enemy can at least potentially see them back, so getting on the radio to tell Lt. Scrub "you know that Panther that was parked next to the barn? It drove 120 meters to the southwest, stopped and killed 3 of my men. Thought you'd like to know" would usually not be a priority. If course that doesn't m
  2. This is actually not a bug. Units with information about a particular enemy unit will share that information with friendly units in C2 that have no information about that particular enemy unit, but once that happens the receiving unit will have to rely on it's own eyeballs to update position information as there is no continuous tracking and updating of position information via C2.
  3. You are half right 😉 The Russian blog was referenced in this National Interest article.
  4. https://zen.yandex.ru/media/gurkhan/2a82-pushka-est-i-pushki-net-5c4cb5e8c7776100ae885e79
  5. Spotting checks are random and therefor can produce outlier events. The game's been out for a while now. We know this is not how things usually work.
  6. The Germans were loath to add any weight to the turret since it was already heavier than the traverse mechanism was designed to handle. From a post-war French report: "The turret traverse drive is not strong enough to either turn the turret or hold it in place when the Panther is on an incline of more than 20 degrees."
  7. They tried to. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2-germany-panzer-panther-ausf-f/ TL;DR: After a year of development the first redesign got rejected. The second redesign was accepted and set to go into production in early 1945 as the Panther F, but it was too late.
  8. In 1976 the US Army estimated the first shot hit probability for a Soviet RPG-7. Panzerschrecks and Bazookas were fairly accurate weapons. The US Ordinance manual lists the dispersion for the M6A3 Bazooka rocket as 6 mils, which comes out to about 1.6 meters at 300 yards (274 meters), so accuracy was dependent on the operator. Real world combat accuracy is anyone's guess, but the in-game results don't strike me as unbelievable.
  9. https://combatmission.fandom.com/wiki/House_Rules
  10. I was making a general statement, not referencing any particular example. Some Soviet troop have AT grenades, some don't and the ones that do have limited numbers.
  11. Frankly, the ability of infantry to close assault still-mobile tanks without any anti-tank weaponry is not particularly realistic under any circumstance. It was hardly ever done in reality.
  12. Well after testing this it looks like there is a fair degree of randomness. I actually thought it may be a bug since I kept getting extreme cold if I saved the map in the editor and then went straight into the QB menu, but always got cool temps otherwise. Then I got a few cool temps after saving in the editor which blew my theory up. I never did get "cold", which is odd. At this point I can't tell if there is a bug or if it's just randomness. I'd have to generate a much larger number of QBs to be statistically significant.
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