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  1. It is and always has been. There are things you can do to stack the odds in your favor, and it sounds like you did that to a degree. But in Combat Mission, and I would argue in real life, doing everything the right way doesn't guarantee success. Of course, the corollary to that is sometimes you can screw up and still win.
  2. Equipment loses, yes, but casualties are probably less lop-sided.
  3. Oh this is the SF2 forum. LOL. I thought it was Cold War.
  4. The LOS tool tells you how far you can see well enough to plot area fire. In dense fog or other severe weather the distance at which units can be spotted will be similar, but on a clear moonless night those two distances will be different by hundreds of meters.
  5. To the best of my knowledge Bradleys did not have reactive armor before 1988.
  6. It was also the subject of a lengthy debate in this thread last week. Apparently the notion of urban combat equalizing casualties ratios is not unique to Russian propagandists.
  7. Thanks! Interesting tidbit from Tatariagmi re: casualties in urban fighting. https://twitter.com/Tatarigami_UA/status/1758206754767200691
  8. Grant was also lucky that the Confederate commander (Johnston) caught a bullet early in the fight.
  9. The things is, Grant had no intention of fighting a battle at Shiloh. The Union generals thought the Confederate army was 20 miles away and were taken completely by surprise.
  10. The CM1 games leaned heavily on WWII Ballistics- Armor and Gunnery by Bird and Livingston. Most CM2 results are still very close to their data but it appears BFC have migrated away from that in some areas. For example, CM2 does not use Bird and Livingston's shatter gap model (CM1 did).
  11. Now we know why you've been a captain for 20 years.
  12. BTW, to echo @Anthony P.s excellent points above, the guy in the video has a website (linked in the video description) containing a wealth of Soviet primary source material. But he is absolutely not an impartial investigator. He presents information that supports his narrative, ignores everything that doesn't, and is hostile to anyone who questions the data.
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