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  1. They told you no such thing. This has been pointed out to you before.
  2. Of course. When a player advances to the next mission of a CM campaign they make a post about it on the forum. Everyone knows this.
  3. I would choose to not have the AI pick my force.
  4. Just be aware that each formation costs 50 points.
  5. Not true. As noted, 76mm APCR will kill it frontally. APCR becomes available in July 44. QB price changes made to CMBN will also be made to the other WW2 games and vice versa. You may not care about the other games but some people do.
  6. And 4 King Tigers are (arguably) much more valuable than 5 JPz IV/70s. And 4 Sherman 76s are more valuable than 5 Sherman 75s. And 4 IS-2s are more valuable than 5 T-34/85s. And so on and so forth. Because the price difference between one model and the next tier up model is typically a fraction of the cost of a single unit moving up or down a tier will not dramatically change the number of units you can purchase. There may be a good argument for increasing the intervals between unit prices, particularly in the upper half of the scale.
  7. I don't understand why you are calling the JPz IV/70(V) a "Hetzer". The Hetzer is a JPz 38. And for 65 more points you can buy a King Tiger. Even better gun, even better armor 😙 76mm APCR will kill it from the front. So will 90mm when it shows up. So again, whether the JPz IV armor is effectively a lot better than StuG armor or just a little better than StuG armor depends on what is shooting at it.
  8. Thanks. But I should point out that the Panzer IV/70(V) is about 60 points more than a StuG. If that's "nearly the same" then StuGs and Panzer IVs are also nearly the same 😋
  9. You might want to check your numbers. The most expensive StuG is nowhere near 344 points. The cheapest (StuG IV in Red Thunder) is 284.
  10. A limitation of the system is that it does not take into account the opposition. By-in-large I agree with you, but if you were facing British forces comprised of a typical mix of Fireflies and Sherman 75s the KT would not neccessily be a bargain since the KT turret front is vulnerable to 17 pdr APDS and the 88mm gun is massive overkill (that you still pay for).
  11. "Regular" Shermans are not cheap only because of the gun. They have thinner upper and lower hull armor than late model Shermans. The armor is also of lower quality. Late model Shermans are not so cheap, even with the mediocre gun. FIreflies are based on early model Shermans with bad armor. They are also penalized a bit for having only one machine gun.
  12. I believe there is always one standard rarity model of Panther.
  13. You wouldn't want real life cost to factor into game cost. In RL a Panther tank was only slightly more expensive than a Panzer IV.
  14. It happens if the game is installed to a non-default location.
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