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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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(Military historian writing of the battle, ref your 1st pic)

"For once the GIs got their tank ID right. It WAS a Tiger, and it subsequently ate them!"


Marders are cool, but are what JasonC refers to as "eggshells with hammers." Your hammers certainly worked!

Decades ago there was a WW II German vet named Kurt Fischer writing for a magazine called AFV-G2. He wrote a series of articles based on his direct experience as a Panzerjaeger. One of his accounts was specifically about a Marder engagement in Russia, an action in which the Marder platoon leader not only carefully determined the critical ground and sited his subordinates, ran the entire platoon engagement by radio. "Adler Ein und Adler Zwei, hier ist Adler. " Fischer was Adler (Eagle) the platoon commander. Many of the AFV-G2 issues are available online, and if you can find some of his stuff, you'll love it. If you're simply a treadhead, you'll probably go nuts anyway.


John Kettler

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