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  1. On Chrome, some of the colors blend in too much - for instance, the blue arrow at the top right-hand side of a quoted message is practically invisible. I only knew that it was there, because this forum software is used on other websites that I visit.
  2. That's my stance as well. Aside from some very, very minor user interface modifications that I created myself, I run all the CM2 titles as-is with the default textures and sounds.
  3. Steve, as I posted in another topic, the BFC logo is also cut off at the top of the screen on Chrome on Android smartphones.
  4. @Battlefront.com, @BFCElvis, on Android smartphones, the BFC logo is cut off at the top of the screen.
  5. People need to remember that the British military adopted a philosophy of "steel, not flesh" by the time WWII came about. The horrendous casualties of WWI drove that lesson home quite brutally.
  6. Mods? I'm not seeing any problem with this vehicle.
  7. Nope - rather because it is hard to hit a man-sized target at anything beyond 200 meters.
  8. The Germans had long given up daylight divebombing attacks with Ju 87s by 1944.
  9. Yes, these photos have been around forever online. Nothing new or unusual, despite what you may think.
  10. The Fw 190 D-9 shouldn't be in the game, because there were none of them in this theatre of the war.
  11. Why are you posting this stuff in this particular forum? The off-topic (read: non-CM discussion) section is down below.
  12. Leadership has nothing to do with troops' ability to aim.
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