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  1. Well, it of course takes time and resources to model all of that stuff, and to date there really hasn't been that high of a demand from the IL2 community for more detailed night operations. Do recall as well that all of those fancy radar sets in the original IL2 were implemented after 1C transferred the rights to further content development to Team Daidalos.
  2. @BFCElvis, any way we can get these two screenshot topics merged?
  3. So, what is it you're wanting / hoping to see changed?
  4. Not everyone here is an armor geek that knows all the ins and outs of imaging technology on modern armored fighting vehicles.
  5. On Chrome, some of the colors blend in too much - for instance, the blue arrow at the top right-hand side of a quoted message is practically invisible. I only knew that it was there, because this forum software is used on other websites that I visit.
  6. That's my stance as well. Aside from some very, very minor user interface modifications that I created myself, I run all the CM2 titles as-is with the default textures and sounds.
  7. Steve, as I posted in another topic, the BFC logo is also cut off at the top of the screen on Chrome on Android smartphones.
  8. @Battlefront.com, @BFCElvis, on Android smartphones, the BFC logo is cut off at the top of the screen.
  9. People need to remember that the British military adopted a philosophy of "steel, not flesh" by the time WWII came about. The horrendous casualties of WWI drove that lesson home quite brutally.
  10. Mods? I'm not seeing any problem with this vehicle.
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