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  1. of course it's you who is right just that be white !
  2. c'est top @JM Stuff!! it's true that it's great! even if sometimes it makes you sad to see how much it has changed.... comparator test 1950 with 2006-2010 but even 2000-2005 and 2006-2010, you see the carnage on the hedges and apple trees !!! Sometimes I have more of the image of Normandy from my childhood in the game than in current reality I don't know which one to choose !! texture 1 and 2 from @Lucky_Strike or
  3. https://remonterletemps.ign.fr/comparer/basic?x=-0.517592&y=49.132866&z=13&layer1=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS.1950-1965&layer2=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS2006-2010&mode=doubleMap must look at the site "Go back in time" it also allows you to see the density of hedges and apple orchards. you can see the 1950 map to identify important roads file:///C:/Users/pc/Desktop/DC_SCAN50_Historique_1-0.pdf
  4. there is a relatively well developed national road network plus some major departmental road may be tared. here is a website on the michelin map http://cartesmich.free.fr/ww2.php on this German map taken from the Michelin maps of the time (sorry I did not find larger) the red roads and some yellow are tared the official width of the roads at the time is 6m and more for the national (RN) and 5 -6m for the departmental (RD) the secondary departmental or communal roads are 3 to 5 m wide RD or RC I like the first 2 textures there is no macadam road in Normandy for a long time the only examples that I saw, was in the south of Italy and in Cyprus this one was not that much dust and I found them more pleasant to drive than the tarred one filled with potholes. Concerning the cobblestones, I am only talking about the Norman example. There are only a few stone quarries on site capable of providing hard stone to make cobblestones, they had to be brought in from afar. The large city having a railway had enough means to bring the cobblestones but the farther one goes from the station, the more transport made the cost of the latter unbearable. for some other regions of France cobbled streets were the rule because it had the raw material on site
  5. I modified the map, it is that of @George MC in Wittmann's Demise, a curious sensation as if I was retouching the mona Lisa with my brush
  6. thanks slippy here even if the connection between the RM and the DR is not very nice, the appearance of the 2 roads is quite realistic
  7. No, the thank you, it's for you guys! @JM Stuff @Lucky_Strike The management of roads depends on their interest. The one useful to towns or villages are managed by it (route communale , RC on the maps) That allowing the economic life of the departments depend on the department (route départemental, RD on the map) and finally that of national interest, by the French state (route nationale, RN on the map like the famous RN13) In 1944 only the RN, national road were tarred Falaise Caen; Cherbourg Caen. It was 2 lanes road. George MC in his "Wittman Demise" is perfectly right to represent it as the RN 158 near Cintheaux the color is correct because the tar was covered with gravel as Lucky says: Is this like a kind of aggregate stuck onto a tarred surface rolled flat with a large steamroller? I'd imagine it was simply applied every couple of years or so straight on top of the old surface. The other roads, which are called departmental roads (RD), were not much narrower but were covered with white macadam. In this aerial photo from the 1950s, in vertical, the RN 158 (Caen Falaise) is dark because it is tarred. We see departmental who join it in white, covered with macadam In the communes according to their importance and their wealth, the roads and streets were either paved, or tarred or covered with macadam. When I got interested in this subject I interviewed elders and many did not remember what the roads were like and I had some difficulty finding the truth. The only thing that people remembered is that punctures were common because roads were littered with nails, the nails of horseshoes which were still heavily used by civilians and German armies !!! here the appearance is good but it must be white (mixture of limestone and lime)
  8. it has "plus de gueule " with the traces of tracks yes that's it! a priori in 1944 the Normandy roads were in good condition, little road traffic (only the Germans and the administrations had cars) and the German authorities for strategic reasons took care of the road network you guys are good !!! on the other hand if I can allow myself @Lucky_Strike don't leave you detoured from your tree project, it's too great and important !!!!!!!
  9. @JM Stuff has already been in the Red Army !!!! I am not convinced of this mod for CM Normandie or possibly for certain scenarios or campaigns concerning Goodwwod Cobra or the Falaise pocket on the other hand it is in my opinion essential for muddy roads CM Final Blitzkrieg with tank imprint for the autumn and winter fights I was interested to know what the roads of Normandy looked like in 1944 The majority of the dual-track roads were tarred and the original color shade in the game is pretty much the real thing, slightly pink (I even looked at an abandoned stretch of road from the 1950s to get the color) although I think that like today there was a many shade of color no paved road except in big cities and still not everywhere, especially in squares the streets of towns and villages were generally tarrred the countryside and the secondary roads were covered with MacAdam, a mixture of limestone and white lime I tried a rainy road but that need to load the mod according to the scenario or to make a rain tag what was missing are the famous trackprints if @JM Stuff can make relief imprints in the mud then and in particular for CMFB it will become essential
  10. yes it would be cool if we could put the rear stripe officer and non-commissioned officer band on US helmets officer non-commissioned officer
  11. ha ha congratulations !!! this battle is a nightmare: Hamburger hill, "Le Chemins des dames" I myself had the impression of climbing the slope under the fire of the enemy in the middle of the ricochet of the bullets on the rocks, hell !!! your drawing is superb hurray hurray
  12. There is no tactical interest in riding the captured Panther, just the fun, the feeling of power and that stoast of revenge and freedom after 5 years of oppression. In a few moments they will pay a lot for their youthful unconscious!!!
  13. I've been very busy lately and I didn't have time to play or post pictures luckily @kohlenklau made micro scenarios and @JM Stuff set the mood merci les gars !!! ambush ! anti tank grenades fly a second ! onslaught !!
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