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  1. ha ha! when you play against the AI it doesn't matter! On the other hand in H2H it happened to me to use them but not to occupy them ... but my opponent has to maneuver well to flank them, the poor one!🤣
  2. Wow, that's great news a big thank you to 37mm too for having this idea! Strange that the author stopped, so can be a catastrophe in real life ...
  3. I am talking about your animated images !!! I have read your advice I am now trying to apply it !!! c'est pas gagné !! maybe my sentence doesn't make right sense "while waiting to understand how does lanl" can be more precise 😁
  4. i dont understand! it work one time and now it don't want 🙄 probably I had not modify the file 🤔
  5. Just something spotted but which requires testing !!! with blender 2.79 open mdr file, after, saved in Blender file this can be opened in a Blender 2.92 with the new functionalitys you can then reopen it in a 2.79 blender to convert it back to MDR, normally !
  6. I find that anti-tank guns always have a great look the ZIS 2 is one of my favorites (with the pak 40) while waiting to understand how much does @IanL ZIS 2 in action ! I like modeling the gun is not yet in place, a new shell is already ready
  7. i found U304(f)-3 @Hapless small precision the mod of @umlaut corrects the default I still can't find U304(f)-7 ?
  8. where to find u304 (f) -3 and u304 (f) -7? or on what date? I only find u304 (f) and u304 (f) -10 in cm Normandie logical that it appears in gray here is the file of the interior. just to duplicate "u304 (f) -interior" and baptize it "u304 (f) -3-interior" so that it appears
  9. Superbe !!! Thanks Umlaut I take this opportunity to advertise and thank you for one of your vehicles with whichI do fast battles, only to contemplate !! it magnificent panzer flack 38
  10. stay here!!! a mod is made to be shared
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