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  1. Despite all these years and tests of all kinds, we still discover or confirm things, that says a lot about the depth and complexity of this game. I love reading this kind of test thank you Drifter Man
  2. me if I had been a tanker, after a passage in a training camp and the same experience with the tiger target I would have asked to be transferred to the infantry or navy !!!!!
  3. next time i deposit a copyright it always reminds me of this photo of a pzIV of the Das Reich with the bullet holes to the left of the main gun
  4. how dare you criticize or question the veracity of these photos taken at the risk of his life by a war correspondent who did not shave for 3 months.🎅 are you insinuating a plot of the Chinese, the Martians or Macron? Look at the clouds moved, that do not lie !!!
  5. yes luckily because the battle drags on june july august
  6. As I looked at the "bocage test" map of Lucky Strike, I said to myself that it was a shame to leave this pretty little corner of France to the invader, I then injected a company of liberator with a few vehicles. in the tall grass they move barely visible other infiltrates among the hedges applying the doctrine devellopé by Teddy Roosevelt for the 4th infantry division the progression is done under the devastating fire of an M16 AA The infantry supports the tanks It's not enough !! nobody comes out alive the liberation wil
  7. The Allied HQ had to conform to the reality of the facts. The inability to exploit a British breakthrough and the need to use Atlantic ports forced the placement of troops. Evolution is only the adaptation to the German reaction while keeping the guideline The Panzer Division was the only one with an offensive capability, which is why in fact the British found themselves forced to stick them, as they were deployed in the most suitable area to accommodate such an offensive. The Allies did not expect to fight the decisive battle until they were truly able to do so. It was Luttich who r
  8. I have been director of the Montormel memorial for 20 years now Museum which maintains the memory of the battles of the Falaise-Chambois pocket Originally from Falaise, my mother suffered the fighting and 4 members of the family died during the events. If I am explaining this to you, it is to make you understand that I have a certain legitimacy to put forward the following. The pocket fights are a consequence of the initial placement of the various armies and the chain of events that culminated in this battle. Contrary to what we naturally imagine, the initial goa
  9. Yes it is an excellent site, it allows you to discover scenarios and campaigns Among the options that I prefer is the fact that we can select by time or size among other things it is really practical. The many details also allow you to find or refind a battle. I use it from time to time just to choose an idea for a scenario played! I also like the simple and functional presentation. Here is a good opportunity to thank you Lanl for your work.- an SF2 would be welcome we should recheck all the broken links and find the missing scenarios so that Bootie installs them on his site an
  10. thank you UMLAUT, I am remake a mod month by month but Lucky gave so many bmp, the possibilities are so great that I take a little time to refine it. yes exact with the diagonals and the relief, a good number of LOS and LOF are grayed out when one tries them that does not prevent the fighting but the whole of the squad does not benefit from line of sight it is necessary to divide it and seek the zones of visibility like on the in RL it's a lot of micromanagement and therefore reserved for small battle with very detailed maps
  11. yes only the M4A3 (75) W i like Busting the bocage, luckily Warts is here with his big Panzerfaust 😁
  12. I had to look for what moobs is that's good I don't have !!!
  13. Without breasts, without hair and with a little beard I vaguely resemble this.😉 I did not know the second photo, it is superb the editor allows a lot of things!
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