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  1. That is a valid point. But I have played a number of scenarios in which after the fighting has moved on from an area I've been forced to have small teams moving around in my rear rendering buddy aid ten minutes or more after the fighting has moved on. It Would be good to have medic teams for situations like that.
  2. I respectfully disagree. It works, but you are peeling men from squads to tend to wounded or have to leave a squad in place while they tend to wounded instead of using them to fight. Having dedicated medics would free the troops up to fight. That's one of the reasons medics were on the battlefields in WWII, isn't it?
  3. Perhaps I'm just dense but I haven't seen a thread dedicated to suggestions on the expansion "packs". It's really like to see medics added to the game. Particularly in light of the fact that you can save points by tending to your wounded.
  4. Scenario: Platoon Patrol by Patrick T. Ware Sergeant Jarett, having lost his squad while moving towards the ford, now getting some respite from enemy fire from the remainder of his platoon still in cover, prepares to throw the last of his smoke grenades in the direction of the enemy that cut down his men.
  5. When your FO's RTO is taking shots, your FO is wayyyy to exposed! (Not a criticism, happens to me way too often!)
  6. Has anyone had a problem with a saved game from v1.1 after the upgrade? Thanks
  7. That didn't really strike me as unrealistically depressed. They were designed with hull down fighting in mind. Also, I don't think I'd call it "gamey" unless the player scoured the map beforehand looking for slopes he could do that on. If one came upon that position during a battle, using it would be fine in my book!
  8. @ Battlefront ... If that is your real name... When the new games come out, will you be offering the collector's boxes? I ask because the combat mission games and manuals are the only ones on my desk, and due to the longevity with which they stay on my PC I like the idea of having the nicer boxes to look at.
  9. As far as purchasing the upgrade packs themselves - any chance that once purchased you will be able to re-download at future dates - when you get a new pc for example? Like STEAM? If not I guess dedicating a flash drive or cloud space to the purchased upgrades would be the way to go... Also... While I have your eyes... ANY chance at all for a NATO v. Pact game - Reforger, Fulda Gap '85, that type of thing? Seems to me this engine would be fantastic for stuff like that. I am prepared to say "please"... Jumping back to the present game, it seems like you could implement medics ve
  10. If player A purchases the upgrade for CMBN & CF, but player B does not, will they still be able to play by email together? In other words will the save game be compatible between the two versions? I plan to buy it as I am an avid fan. Some of the guys I have talked into buying the base game and remain lukewarm about it may not.
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