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Thanks! Here is one more: A Firefly waits in a hull down overwatch position overlooking the eastern outskirts of Buron, having just knocked out a German Jagdpanzer

"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

During a rollercoaster year, one thing that has kept me happily distracted and occupied has been CM:BN and Paper Tiger's incredible Scottish Corridor campaign. Has been great fun commanding (and often

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John, here's the solution to your screenshot ennuis :

1- Take a picture using PrtScr or Fraps. Paste it into Paint or a multitude of other apps/programs.

2- Save it to the desktop.

3- Upload the file using a program like this:


There are many others.

4- Select a forum-friendly size like 800x600.

5- Select 'thumbnail for forums'. Press 'copy to clipboard'.

6- Paste it into your post.

7- You're done!


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Thanks Baneman and John. Aris gets the credit for the camo. BTW, about 1 minute after this shot was taken, a Sherman knocked it out. A frontal shot no less. Just bad luck, or good depending on your perspective.

I feel your pain - the only time I've tried using a Tiger in a QB, it lost the gun to the first enemy shell. Hello movable MG pillbox :(

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Scenario: Platoon Patrol by Patrick T. Ware

Sergeant Jarett, having lost his squad while moving towards the ford, now getting some respite from enemy fire from the remainder of his platoon still in cover, prepares to throw the last of his smoke grenades in the direction of the enemy that cut down his men.


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