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  1. Hi guys! After a long hiatus I want to get involved with the CM community again and I want to make a Campaign AAR Series. Now I found out my old image hoster Photobucket has taken my old pictures hostage and a paywall installed. So I need a good reliable and free (I am literally poor) image hoster, any suggestions? Cheers Morbo
  2. LOL, I deleted that part of my post because I didn't want to hijack the thread. Sorry!
  3. I think that was not on purpose. It was on Peleliu IIRC. The reason for the overstating of kills was, at least in part, due to the extremely confused nature of the battle and the fact that the US overkilled the light Japanese tanks so extremely that it was impossible to count the wrecks afterwards. They had litterally been shot to pieces. @ John Kettler: Yeah, it was an astounding feat. I read about it in the Osprey Volume coveringOperation Nordwind. Also very informative second video! Military (non)visualized is a really good channel despite the hideous German accent that
  4. I just started playing the Canadian campaign. There I experienced this, too. Spotter was a 'veteran' FO with a laser designator, Aircraft was an F/A-18 D with iron bombs, target was a single house designated as point target, It had nothing to do with the aforementioned theories: there was no AA, no other aircraft interferring, target was in perfect sight and painted with a laser, target was in the middle of the map. Two passes, two bombs dropped - no effect.
  5. Thanks, Ithikial! You saved me from getting mental at some point in the near future - I had just started "The Khabour Trail" in its old version. Would have been a bad suprise... Good idea, will check! Update: The NATO module campaigns are NOT in the master installer as of yet.
  6. Hi guys! Long time no see. I just bought CMSF 2 upgrade, on 17.12.2019. My question is: are all remade campaigns included already, or do I need to download this one (and maybe others)? By the way, to have CMSF 2 now is adream come true. 🥰 Cheers Olf
  7. Cool! I just had a CMBN Battle wher this issue first showed itself in all its horror (been playing more CMSF lately) and am happy to see it is already adressed. Thank you guys!
  8. Yeah, I got you on your first point. My point, why I like this movie, is that older movies often show a sanitized kitsch-version of what I read in peronal war-memoirs and certain historical works. Not so 'Fury'. A common statement of front-line soldiers was and is, that they expected war to be bad but are shocked at how gross it really is. This movie tries not to be nice to any audience group and that is good. It shows incidents which I call realistic after all I learned about war. About racism - I am German, so I don't care about racism in the US that much. But thank you for the movie-ti
  9. Being virtuous and inspirational three months after the expected end of the war (christmas), the Huertgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge was quite difficult for the front line soldiers one might think... Saving Private Ryan is a hate-fest against Germans.
  10. Hi Sly! A great scenareio indeed! Played it as Germans against a dude from "The Blitz" and he whacked the hell out of me. After 2/3 of the time I was so desperate about my grave losses that I thought "To hell with it, I just storm the first objective and call a CF afterwards!" I knew, I would loose with only one objective under control. But I just couldn't take it to have lost so many dudes without even reaching the first village. When I did, all of a sudden my opponent called a surrender - I won. He couldn't take it anymore to see his units getting shredded... Intense.
  11. Haven't written something in a long time... Even though I will propably get a lot of Flak for it, here's my 2 cents about Fury: Basically I think they got the look and feel, as well as the psychology quite well depicted. The tactical situations are outright crap. On the upside is of course the production design, which is detailed to the max - it depicts a US Army which is fed up with war and worn out from unexpected losses. Thus the rag-tag appearance. Then there is the psychology, which from my stand point is pretty well depicted. What some here call clichés is real
  12. Map structures (trees, houses, walls) are generally too strong in CM. A 75mm grenade would certainly put a hole in a brick wall, but you need 2-3 in CMBN. Example: shoot a 75mm HE or AP shot against a tree - the round is 1/3 or even 1/2 the diameter of the tree trunk but the tree just won't fall, even after multiple hits.
  13. You are not out of the effective range of a fragmentation hand grenade (100m +/- ) after throwing it (30m +/-). That is why the SOP is ducking after throwing.
  14. Steel Division is Airland Battle in WWII. Not realistic (No unit and command structures? C'mmon!), but nice battle p*rn and fun action.
  15. Do you mean a hand grenade? Hand grenades have an average of 50-150 grams of explosives. That is not as powerful as you might have imagined. Most hand grenades kill by concussion and/or fragmentation. These are very effective against flesh but not much against brick and even less against concrete. On top of that, an explosive device placed against a blank wall will cause hardly any damage because the pressure of the explosion will seek the easiest way - straight away from the wall. It will just make "pouff". Basic principle of physics. To overcome this, the explosion needs to have a
  16. @user1000 Where is the trick you mentioned? You don't even need to dismount the Halftrack crew, just let the M20 crew board as passengers. I prefer to give tha Bazookas carried by Halftracks to infantry squads which don't have one, as they usually have a GI trained on the thing, who can put it to use more effectively. @Erwin Good idea. I just happen to have a match where I have one Panzerschreck-team without ammo an one with rockets but the gunner + launcher bit the dust. The way it is now, both teams are useless in their intended role. Furthermore, in the same match, I desperat
  17. "The Scottish Corridor" is still a bad memory to me in that regard. I went mental when I read the second last missions briefing... Along the lines of "defend with THAT against THAT onslaught?!? You kidding????"... Then the "last" missions sent me flying again ("God dammit, finish already damn campaign!!!")... Just to be awarded with a "bonus" mission which tasked me with even more impossible goals... I was totally pissed off by the time it ended, even though I won. I must say I think Paper Tigers campaigns are ill-designed: they are just too freaking long and get harder and harder over ti
  18. You nailed it! Found the problem (had to save in 24-Bit format) and now it works. Thanl you all for your replies!
  19. When you use OCOKA this way of attacking lends itself as the only one feasible way - in fact I played this scenario EXACTLY the same as US in a PBEM-match and my opponent never had a chance. Good job @ user1000.
  20. Hello guys! I try to create an overlay for a map I want to make, it doesn't work. I have the correct file-name (Special Editor Overlay) and the correct file-format (.bmp). Still, it appears only as black in the editor. When I try Combattinmans .bmp file it works perfectly. Anyone knows what the issue might be? Cheers Morbo
  21. It was a bit too sensitive in the past, yes. There must have been a change, look at my description below. I am talking of "regular" and "veteran" units with normal morale that take incoming MG42 fire from a location 100m away and passing withing 1m of airspace keep on hunting until hit.
  22. Hi guys! I just tested the v4.0 upgrade on my CMFB installation (Yay, CMFB works again thanks to upgrade!) and found the hunt command to be quite unresponsive compared with the behaviour in older versions. In fact, infantry units don't respond to enemy small arms fire until they are directly targeted or take casualties. This also goes for infantry units that actually take supression! I wonder if this is sort of a bug, or if the BF guys changed the responsiveness and overdid it unintentionally? Besides this rather small problem: upgrade 4.0 rocks! Cheers Mo
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