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Thanks! Here is one more: A Firefly waits in a hull down overwatch position overlooking the eastern outskirts of Buron, having just knocked out a German Jagdpanzer

"It says here that a lot of men fire their panzerfausts too early." "Yes, my Heinrich has the same problem."  

During a rollercoaster year, one thing that has kept me happily distracted and occupied has been CM:BN and Paper Tiger's incredible Scottish Corridor campaign. Has been great fun commanding (and often

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Just finished my first PBEM game ever, it was awesome.

We played La Fière causeway (june 6th), this scenario is really nice. To the author (Michael Snyder) if you ever read this : Thanks for making this scenario!


My opponent tank running on an AT mine:


After they remained hidden to let the enemy approach my troops open fire as the germans are trying to cross the bridge:


After playing "catch me if you can" this panzer was knocked out by a bazooka team, the crew is escaping.

(a lot of luck for me on this action I must admit):


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Failure to wear the chin strap is against regulations.

Luckily the commanders head got ripped off when his APC got hit, i dont want to know how mad his superior officer would have been if he came back without his hat.

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Here's hoping BFC fixes the blasted bridge code! I had one of mine almost do that in a scenario, but I noticed it in time. Stalled out on a single line RR bridge part way across. Was lucky to eventually be able to reverse and get my jeep recon back. Really annoying I couldn't use a perfectly good, unprotected bridge to broaden my recon screen. Consequently, my losses were considerably heavier than necessary.


Why? It looks like a pretty good hull defilade position to me. Wonderful shot!


John Kettler

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