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    AlexUK reacted to BarendJanNL in Requesting small changes in the AI interface   
    I know about F&R, upcoming CMFB and CMBS modules and the government contract, but it would be good to get an up-to-date overview of what is currently being worked on and what Battlefront is planning on for future releases or even an CMx3.
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    AlexUK reacted to Dan Dare in Fire and Rubble Update   
    yep...that will be surely welcome from all of us poor little desperatly waiting guys...
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    AlexUK reacted to umlaut in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell - it's here!   
    Finally, they are here - and man, were they worth they wait!

    I´ve just downloaded and tested the mod set on a few of my own scenarios (because I know in detail what they are supposed to look like). And what a huge difference! Amazing and beautiful work. 👍👍👍

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    AlexUK reacted to Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell - it's here!   
    Thanks Vergeltungswaffe.
    This is why we do it ...
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    AlexUK reacted to Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell - it's here!   
    Thanks Peter, much appreciated 👍
    Mod God 😎 I like the sound of that - I want to have it under my name in the sidebar, how'd I do that, like your, err, Throbbing Member
    Honestly, it just makes me happy that you folks get to enjoy something you already love doing just even more so.
    I can get an early night now and have god-like dreams ... 🥃
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    AlexUK reacted to Vanir Ausf B in Porsche King Tiger is missing from quick battle   
    It has been.
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    AlexUK reacted to akd in SPOTTING ISSUES   
    Not sure what you are expecting to get patched here?  I am looking into the equipment of the Fire Support Team to determine if they should have a thermal optic in addition to their laser target designator, but that's not a bug per se.  Everything else seems to be working as expected.
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    AlexUK got a reaction from CaptainTheDark in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    Can we view it after it is finished? Caught mention of full battle replay in the works
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    AlexUK reacted to Roter Stern in Syrian Army tutorials and best scenarios for H2H   
    That was my experience playing H2H back in CMSF:1 days.
    While it's still possible to have fun as Red, it's either from the hopeless comedy of "10 min into the battle and my entire tank company is already on fire" or the occasional rare events such as "an Abrams parks next to a KO'ed BMP3 just as it detonates with the power of an areal bomb, KOing the M1".
    My advice is to try playing Red-vs-Red - that's what we did with my few buddies a decade ago and it was a blast! Truth be told, other than running through the campaigns and some community scenarios I rarely play BLUFOR.
    The beauty of RvR (and CMSF in general) is the huge variety of formations to pick from. Two types of UNCONs, Militia, Reserve Army, Regular Army, Mechanized, Airborne, Republican Guard, and nearly BLUFOR-equivalent SpecOps. Huge variety of equipment as well - T-55/62/64/72/90, BMP-1/2/3, BRDMs, BTR-60, Shilka, and of course the trusty Hilux.
    Primarily however, it all comes down to lack of Javelin doom-sticks in every ISC, lack of thermal optics in every MRE Happy Meal, and lack of MBT armor made from unobtanium that can magically stop a sabot round from a 125mm cannon.
    While RvR scenarios aren't very numerous, Quick Battles actually work out decent even with automatic unit purchase. If you end up playing QB's and picking your own forces, don't always go with the "default" BMP-2 Mech Infantry. Mixing and matching will provide a surprising amount of battle variety.
    Militia cannon-fodder supported by SpecOps platoon with Attack Helos? That sounds fun. Buying a ton of Static T-54's when defending because they are dirt cheap? Yes please. Adding an extra 4-5 RPG teams to each of your infantry platoons? Who needs IFVs!
    I just wish QB's had a option for "Any Red" force composition - so you can mix UNCONs with Syrian Army units.
    p.s. And this is why I think a Red-focused module for CMSF would be amazing.
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    AlexUK reacted to Bulletpoint in Some thoughts on "Target Armour Arc"   
    I understand well what you are saying and it makes sense in a rational way. I just don't think average soldiers in WW2 could always keep their cool like that. You're in a platoon of what, 30 really young guys? They haven't slept for days and they have been shelled and maybe lost friends. Now suddenly Germans walk past. Who knows if there will be a guy with an MG. Who knows if the next moment, they'll spot you and your mates?
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    AlexUK reacted to Bulletpoint in U.S. 37mm Antitank guns   
    I've seen Greyhounds knocking out Panzer IV's frontally from 600m plus.
    The Panzer IV is a rubbish tank in this game, IMO. Probably it's modelled correctly - I honestly don't know. But you need to play it as an armoured car because it's so fragile.
    The only real problem I have with it is that it seems way overpriced in terms of points in the game for what you get.
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell   
    This would make such a different to stock CMBN. Do developers ever adopt a mod and incorporate into the base game? 
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    AlexUK reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in The British Forces Campaign - Highland Games   
    The old flowchart is for the SF1 version ONLY. While the order of the battles and what happens next has not changed, the rest, refit and resupply variables have been modified to reflect the updates in the game engine since SF1. 
    While I understand you were disappointed to encounter the exit zone error playing the updated SF2 campaign, this advice makes literally no sense. The updated campaign file is based on the original campaign, meaning the exit zone error was, and still is, in the original SF1 campaign. Not only will some one playing the original campaign run into this issue, they will also miss out on all the other updates improving the campaign. 
    I did a speed run of the campaign last night as your comment about this being a bug in the campaign needed to be checked. I ceasefired in the setup phase of every battle not requiring a victory to move on. There was only one battle needing a minor victory to advance. I kept the tanks out of the battle as much as possible and did not suffer any tank casualties. In the Counter Attack battle, I started with 1 tank on the map and more than 3 tanks arrived as reinforcements. Since all the tanks in this particular mission are core file units, you must have suffered a tank casualty in a previous battle.
    As for the British platoon HQ units being unable to call for artillery, this is a game engine issue and not a campaign specific problem. The issue has been reported in the official channels and should be fixed the next time a patch is released. Knowing this problem exists, and the importance of timely artillery and air support, I can only recommend doing your level best to keep any Forward Observers alive. There is nothing further I can do on this issue as any further work is above my pay grade.
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    AlexUK reacted to Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell   
    Bocage textures are almost done, and we nearly have Sycamore trees ...
    A pretty view ... sigh, remember the summer ...

    ... and without ReShade ...

    ... just RockinHarry's movie shader
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    AlexUK reacted to Bulletpoint in TRPs are now really cheap - intentional?   
    I also spent most of my CM years playing scenarios, where TRPs are rare and prized assets, so it's only now I realise they are so cheap in quick battles. This changes a lot for me, because I prefer playing infantry based defence. I think cheap TRPs change the dynamics of the game and basically make it a game of artillery and tanks.
    I used to think there was this cool dynamic where you had to choose how to use your arty. Preplanned strikes are instant, surprising, can hit any place on the map, and can do airburst. The downside being that you have to be clever enough to guess where your opponent might be.
    Calling in arty later, you need LOS, it takes time and spotting rounds, and it can't be airburst unless you have access to specialised artillery. With the preplanned, you could delay it so it would be mind game between you and your opponent if any arty would be incoming and where and when. To me, these kinds of choices equals good fun.
    But with cheap TRPs, it seems nearly all good defensive positions can be covered by quick airburst artillery, and it means infantry defence becomes a lot less feasible. Of course, it also goes the other way - the defender can also use TRPs. Which turns any objective zone into a big meat grinder. A lot less focus on good infantry work, fire and movement, suppression, etc. Each infantry team is basically just a scout and bait for the other's artillery.
    Maybe most players don't really run into this, as many play meeting engagements without TRPs. I just think maybe there are some gameplay balance dynamics that could be adjusted a bit here.
    But as I only discovered this now, these are just some initial thoughts, not a criticism as such. I will play some more games to see how it works out.
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    AlexUK reacted to Falaise in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
    some german vehicles
    The panzer IV Nathalie

    luck, on the slope, the shell hits the top of the armor !!!

    the panther smashes the wall

    lost in the tall grass

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    AlexUK reacted to RepsolCBR in AI intelligence RT versus BN   
    Apart from the eastern front i'm actually longing back to Normadie...
    Hopefully we will see some new scenarios and campaigns depicting the Normandy fighting that take advantage of all the modules and the vehichlepack...as well as all the improvements that has been made to the editor and gameplay...
    It is currently quite a different game compared to when the original Normandy stuff was made...
    Could be intresting 😁
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    AlexUK reacted to MikeyD in Why is CMFB a separate title and not a CMBN module?   
    Normandy hedgerows are impassible to vehicles and need dynamiting to get through. Bulge battle hedgerows (and hedgerows in every other title) are just roadside brush than can be easily driven through.
    Historical Bulge battle didn't have impassible snow drifts. They didn't get that blizzard snow we see in all the picture books until January when the Germans were already on the run. The deeper the snow in the game the more road types disappear until there's no more roads on the map. Scenario designers rarely use deep snow in scenarios because its a pain to fight through. Troops get exhausted almost immediately. Freezing temps have one benefit. The ground freezes and the chance of vehicles bogging drops sharply.
    CMSF2 players often complain about troops exhausting themselves too quickly (carrying all that body armor in extreme heat) but its nothing compared to troops trying to move fast through deep snow in extreme cold conditions. 
    Wanting CMFB part of CMBN is mere sophistry. What would be the point? They'd charge you the same for it, anyway. Literally all of the art is different. the TO&E is different, even the tree types are different. Plus making it a module would have obliged purchasers to buy CMBN first. Just want the Bulge title? You'd be out of luck.
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    AlexUK reacted to benpark in Fire and Rubble Update   
    It would also be interesting to play any game saves from others- something like a saved scenario, 25% of the way in (or around when everything gears up), for instance. Like the player is 2nd in command, suddenly thrown into the action (and in charge of adapting someone else's plan).
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    AlexUK reacted to Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell   
    That’s a shame. I did try extra marsh doodads last night whilst I was working on them, they didn’t appear in-game either. So odd that the bocage leaves work. I guess extra bocage textures were something that perhaps BF toyed with when they were first making CMBN.
    I have started making extra bocage textures and the results are quite promising so far. Have now got four bocage textures which, combined, do start to make the bocage look more varied.
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    AlexUK reacted to Combatintman in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Fine - sit there and imagine Steve rubbing his hands thinking 'let's bid for a military contract just so we can delay the module for a couple more months.'
    I agree that a comment was made that said that COVID had allowed BFC greater focus on development but those of us that create content and kick the tyres around things have had other concerns as outlined.
    Stuff happens and RL is complex - this has been a difficult year for most if not all of us.  My wider perspective is that I'm lucky to be alive and therefore banging on about whether a game module is going to release in the next few weeks or not is very much lacking in perspective.  So yes it is about perspective and as I've explained I've got a lot more skin in the CMRT module game than you will ever have.  Mine is a sh1t tin of work, yours is, when you're going to spend 50 bucks or whatever it is going to cost.
    So - you're looking forward to the module ... trust me, we get it but please let's have less of the conspiracy theories about why it hasn't been released.
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    AlexUK reacted to Bulletpoint in Fire suppression from small arms discussion   
    I wish this were better modelled in the game. Even when using HUNT orders, it often takes a very long time for infantry to go prone when fired upon. 
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    AlexUK got a reaction from Eicio in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    Seems like a major change in direction. I hope it works out for the company.
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    AlexUK reacted to zmoney in CV90 and Dutch Cam   
    IMO, for what its worth, the firing rate may need to be adjusted in game. I think a lower firing rate would cure the CV’s from blowing through all their ammo to quick.

    But I could be wrong. I really love those vehicles. Just an observation for the designer of the CV by chance they’re monitoring the battlefront forums lol, you should include some kind of ATGM system on the vehicle. That would make it a truly dominant vehicle.
    id like to say again to BFC bravo for this latest patch, IMO the game is really close to perfect now. Thanks to all the Beta testers as well. 
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