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  1. Thanks guys that did the trick. Brz's are busted
  2. Can you give me guidance on how to do that. Im still learning this iMac lol
  3. Ill keep that in mind and see what time allows. It sucks not being able to open brz files on a Mac though. Really puts a dent in what I was wanting to do. Wonder if battlefront has any plans to remedy this.
  4. Thanks Sgt. Squarehead good to hear from you guys. It has been awhile. Glad you got some use out of my Korean campaign project. I lost most of it when my pc went whacky, idiot here didn't backup properly and just didn't have the fortitude to go back and redo it again. The H&E project you guys are working on looks great I have been following it on the threads.
  5. Thought about giving some campaign design ideas a try but you know me and how aI like to mod stuff in my content so will have to rethink that a bit. Hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Hey there. Yes its been awhile. Switched to a Mac for other purposes and was reloading CM stuff to get back into it. Well that sucks you cannot edit brz files was going to play around with modding some vehicles in Cold War but guess that kinda kills that idea lol.
  7. Where do you locate RezExplode on a iMac
  8. Hi guys I am still around and follow the threads from time to time. Just havent been able to devote any time to CM of any title for awhile. Lot of other projects and work happening. But glad to see people are still cussing my campaigns lol, even noticed a few on youtube from different titles. Maybe soon I can put something together for SF2.
  9. Thanks MANoWAR for the kind comments. Yea the decision to let go or hold is one of the dilemas war throws at those who must fight them. The story will be revisted later in the campaign. Glad you like it so far. Michael
  10. Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I had to go through a relocation move so been tied up with that for a few weeks. Still waiting to get home internet hooked up but hope to get back on track with this project soon. Thanks for the continuing interest.
  11. I Just recently discovered your work. I'm in the middle of the "Mountains of Allah Campaign" and loving it.

    I thought ( last couple of years) that the scenario depot was the only place to find new content. And now I find all of your content in the MODs forms.  I just gotta say..Great work!!  I started reading all your past posts so I saw your request to Bootie to upload.  I would love to see all your work In one place.  Keep It up my friend!!



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    2. Daveoreno


      I have all Combat Mission games and addon’s except Italy and shock force (so far).

      Just a quick question. I just started the forth mission in the Mountains of Allah Campaign (Assault on Haya-Yurt) and I don’t see an asset that can call in the Hind Gunship strikes.  Perhaps a dedicated FO is necessary. Or perhaps I’m not playing the most recent version.  Anyway I really love the immersion I get from your modded campaigns.

    3. dragonwynn


      I will check on that. I thought I had that in on the latest version but may be mistaken. Glad you are enjoying it. I have quite a few campaigns for Red Thunder and Normandy so not surte which ones you have played. Let me know what you have played and I will send you the links of the others.

    4. Daveoreno


      Thank you so much. But by reading all your posts over the years I think I have tracked  everything down. I just wish my wife would tell me to spend more time on my PC ; )


  12. For those of you who tried my Mountains of Allah Campaign or the scenario Cat and Mouse in the Promka you should have most of the files from the winter mod as both these were designed with snow terrain.
  13. Thanks guys. Im using the Ukr T-64 BV which is pretty close to the T-62 and will model in the campaign the Chonma-Ho MBT. I was surprised to find in my research that the Pokpung has modeled after the T-72's and was upgraded with technologies of the T-80 and T-90 tanks. Its no slouch but I am sure its not even close to the T-90 on the battlefield. It was interesting none the less. And only one unit in the NK army is equipped with the Pokpung and its the 105th Seoul Ry-Kyong-Su Guards Division.
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